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NEW Military Tribunal Transcripts~CVINE ANALYSIS~Rulings to Stop Suppression

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The BIG question everyone has..."Is this it? Will there finally be justice?

The answer is YES! Q and Q+ Promised. After today's report, you will understand why Q said, "You Have More Than you Know"!

9/11 Military Tribunal Transcripts June 2019~CVINE ANALYSIS~Rulings of Suppression Following is a Report of the KSM et al Military Tribunals for the Month of June 17 – 21 .

In a previous analysis we created a report and video for the first two Open Session proceedings on June 17th and 19th.

You may view that HERE:

This report here and the attached video will cover the remaining latest Open Sessions on June 20th, and 21st PLUS provide a newly released, but redacted transcript from a Closed Proceeding for March 26th with critical information. AND at the end, we will put together all the pieces of information you have and you will see the whole picture.