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With the string of countless false flags, hoaxes, past, and current direct attacks on the people in this country, it should be glaringly obvious to all but those in a comma, that government in America can no longer be trusted, "nor should it have ever been". Furthermore, any attempts on the part of the people to rein this devilish instrument of death and destruction in, will not make it go away; likewise, there is no reforming something so monstrous, corrupt, and inimically vested to the destruction of honor, truth, freedom, and respect for all things living, and otherwise, making the only viable solution for the ridding of this scourage, and  bane of all bane's, the summary removal of it altogether, with the stipulation afterwards, that any such talk of resurrecting the Frankenstein Monster, be publicly and privately met with the most harshest response imaginable, just shy of  termination.