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9-1-1 September 11, 2001

Angela M. Martin-Meyer

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9-1-1  was called today;

“Hijackers on board!” the voices would say.

These brave hearts stood as one to defy the menace,

but in spite of their efforts they were taken from us;

as one by one the ‘missiles’ were flown

into the Pentagon and the Towers,

the face of evil this world was shown.


From the Towers, the Pentagon and the planes

their loved ones they called …

to say their ‘good-byes,’ try to comfort them all.

As the phones went dead they could not hear our cries,

for the horrors that followed cannot be described;

when these landmarks collapsed – could have any survived?


As the days have gone by, through hope and despair,

we grope for answers – are any there?

Our Spirit cries out for retaliation and blood!

I think of Jesus’ words: “Return your sword!

An eye for an eye is no longer the Rule!”

But, would not fighting back only make us the fool?


There are men and women who have gone through the trouble,

Heroes, risking their lives looking for everyone’s loved ones amid the rubble.

As I watch fathers and mothers,

spouses, sisters and brothers

clutch pictures of loved ones, their hearts filled with sorrow,

my thoughts go to a promise of a better tomorrow.


I think of a world where a man plants a vine

and can sit in its shade and say: “This is mine!”

He will live in a house that his own hand has made,

and no evil shall touch him or make him afraid.

I think of a world without bloodshed and strife

where no man dare take another man’s life;

where man unto man will unite in peace,

and malice and strife will forever cease.


I think of a world where each man is his brother,

not esteeming himself above that of another,

where man unto man will be friend to friend

in a world without tears that will never end.

I look forward to a world where the dead will have risen

from their silent tombs that held them in prison,

to forever live, to love and caress their loved ones and friends in righteousness.


As this new millennium has begun,

this year dated 2000 and 1,

and we move forward to bury our dead,

in our hearts the hope of the resurrection our God has promised ahead,

for us, the living, the question is left to ponder, …

and we wonder, …

When will the hatred, this war be done,

that began with the events on 9-1-1?



Angela M. Martin-Meyer