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Tracy Turner

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Sept.12, 2014


by Tracy Turner 9/12/2014


Barrack Obama’s Constant State of Cognitive Dissonanceis a good read on both the state of Obama and the American way, a perpetual state of we must have clean nuclear and we must have Apache, Cheyenne, Sioux, and Navajo cancers. America is doublethink and doublespeak. You are all safe from Fukushima; we are tracking Bluefin tuna migration via Cesium 134 and Cesium 137. Box cutters and Jet fuel, 9/12/01 we escorted the Bin Laden’s safely home and Michael Chertoff escorted the Dancing Israeli’s to Ben Gurion Airport.


The wicked Republicans and their banksters destroyed America financially, so the trust Democrats need an additional amount of trillions for the self-same banksters to bailout left rather than bailout right.


Wikipedia is a study of Psychic Dissonance, Cognitive Dissonance and Spiritual Dissonance: Genocide via WMD including Depleted Uranium is a sin, immoral and genocide is illegal under the U.N. Law and Geneva Convention. From Wiki: “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” auri sacra fames Iraqi Oil Company Map...


During one of the above ground Nevada Atom Bomb tests, John F. Kennedy asked an advisor “where is the radiation going, right now?” He was answered, “a big funnel shape with fallout all over the center Midwest and expanding as it falls on the eastern states (paraphrased). Kennedy wept. While Fukushima fallout was all over Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Utah, and the Midwest, Obama ordered all radiation sensors shut off and gave his famous “you are safe” Plumegate speech. Kevin Blanche got AML a month later and has since watched 7-8 of his AML bone-marrow-transplant friends die. But Obama told Blanche, “You are safe”…


Obama's official policies are case studies in cognitive dissonance: Time spent on Constitutional Amendment Rights of U.S. Adult men = 0% time spent on Abortion and contraception = 5%. Time spent on Gun Control 5%, time spent on Disability Rights of Mentally Ill = 0%.


Time spent on the rights of Uranium miners, trackers, loggers, overfishing by raising quotas = 5%, rights of Native Americans = 0%. Time spent on Blacks treated unfairly in Federal jobs = 0%, LGBT issues = 15%. Time spent on HIV - 15%, time spent on PTSD Vets = 2%. Obama’s time on Hollywood values aka media monopoly including policies for Internet non-neutrality, gays, women’s rights = 7% men’s rights = 0%.


Ronald Reagan and Senator Lugar were considered to the right or center of aisle by most people; Obama is far to the right of both and people who don’t read refer to him as “liberal” – this last creates psychic, sonic, spiritual and cognitive dissonance.


I wish I had $10-20k for every time Obama has said, “we gotta prevent another 9/11” but has not uttered one word about what truly, really, completely explained by science not greed ideology happened that day. When will he say, “we gotta find out what really happened on 9/11?”…


When is TV going to stop pretending the 9/11 Truth movment does not exist and has no validity when it is thousands of times more valid than the dead Kennedy's...

Enduring Freedom

More on Cognitive Dissonance:


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