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Bitter Truths About the 9/11 Mass Murder Operation

Christopher Story

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Excerpt from World Reports by Christopher Story Friday 9 May, 2008

Among those murdered on 9/11 were over 650 members of the staff of the money-broker Cantor Fitzgerald, holder of a sizeable portfolio of original derivatives contract documents, which were destroyed along with the firm's New York personnel. The destruction of the contracts eliminated the imminent prospect and danger of part of the fraudulent finance carousel being terminated, thereby removing immediate impediments to the further creation of hidden, untaxed fiat money proceeds from stolen contracts and by means of other financial fraud operations.

The Editor does not believe the official tally of approximately 3,000 9/11 victims. His reason for this scepticism is that when he attended at our New York branch office in Midtown Manhattan in the second half of October 2001, the stench of rotting flesh was nauseating, even though Ground Zero was perhaps two miles away from our office. There could be no possibility that 3,000 rotting human corpses could have been responsible for that stench. In February 2002, when he again attended at the New York branch office, the stench had hardly abated at all, depending on the direction of the wind. It is said that Staten Island became almost uninhabitable for some time, so horrible was the pervasive smell of rotting flesh.

The Editor's opinion is therefore that the 3,000 figure is fabricated, and that the probable number of those murdered in that abomination could very well have been as high as ten times that number. This suspicion was further supported by the impossibility of obtaining any authoritative figures on this subject at all, although we tried for several months to do so.

We recall that by November 2001, all enquiries about casualty rates and about the numbers of staff at businesses located in the World Trade Center were conspicuously leading nowhere. Further, by the end of 2001, significant numbers of US operatives who had been involved or "in the loop", were reported to us to be "drinking heavily". Their sleep was probably haunted, too.