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Mossad Riddled NSA Fingered Infiltrating the CIA and Destroying 9/11 Evidence

Tom Heneghan

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By Tom Heneghan
(left) NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland
(right) CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia

It can now be reported that the shoot 'em ups in Colorado that took place today is part of a MKultra FBI Division 5 attack on the American People.

As the secrets of 9/11 are about to be revealed and the foundation of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate begins to crumble, the forces of evil that occupy America are utilizing WestStar satellite laser technology and high level frequencies to set off incidents like today in Colorado as well as the previous tragedies at Columbine and the D.C. beltway sniper.

This technology has been developed and perfected at Area 51 outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

Most of the alleged gunmen, i.e. lone wolves, have been infiltrated by FBI Division 5 in Denver, Colorado and are easily manipulated patsies who are then used for these black ops.

It is no coincidence that these events have been happening during the period of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family rule over America.

Remember folks, it was within the past week that the unelectable Hillary lesbian IN-THE-CLOSET Rodenhurst Clinton announced to the United States that it was about time the fun starts.

The "fun" has clearly started.

As Hillary continues to collapse in the polls, the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate can be expected to further lash out with violence against the American People.

The Bush-Clinton occupation government is having cold sweats as the secrets of the 9/11 BLACK OPS are about to be revealed. Jay Rockefeller

It can now be reported that Senator Jay Rockefeller has uncovered as many as 25 more incidents of shredding and destruction of videotaped interrogations of alleged 9/11 suspects, i.e. patsies.

Item: Rockefeller has also uncovered the NSA-MOSSAD infiltration of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with the high probability that it was the NSA, along with the Inspector General's office of the Justice Department, that ordered the destruction of the evidence.  Kenneth WainsteinKHAZARIAN Jew and MOSSAD agent

It should come as no surprise then that the Khazarian Jew and MOSSAD agent Asst. Atty. Gen. Kenneth L. Wainstein, head of the Justice Department's national security division aka MOSSAD division, is in charge of the alleged inquiry concerning the obstruction of justice that clearly took place.

Note: Rockefeller is also examining the role of Vice President Dick Cheney and current CIA Director and former NSA chieftan Michael Hayden in covering up the criminal activity linked to the MOSSAD-riddled NSA infiltration of the CIA.

Item: Rockefeller engaged in a shouting match this afternoon with MOSSAD asset Congresswoman Jane Harman, Democrat of California.  Rockefeller accused Harman of lying about her knowledge about the criminal activity that took place inside the CIA with the destruction of relevant 9/11 evidence. Representative Jane HarmanKHAZARIAN Jew

The Khazarian Jew Harman, an unelectable Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton stooge, is currently proposing new legislation giving the Bush Junta broader ability to spy and harass the American People. Joseph LiebermanKHAZARIAN Jew and MOSSAD agent

Her co-sponsor in the U.S. Senate is Khazarian Jew and MOSSAD agent Joseph Lieberman.

Question: Has Rockefeller, Democrat of West Virginia, requested that Harman be immediately detained for questioning concerning her obstruction of justice and possible perjury.

Note: Another cover up artist is Khazarian Jew and MOSSAD asset Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California. Dianne FeinsteinKHAZARIAN Jew and MOSSAD asset

Feinstein, another supporter of unelectable Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, rejected today Democrat of Delaware, Senator Joseph Biden's call for a special counsel to investigate the crimes that have been committed by the NSA and CIA.

P.S. It is clear now that 9/11 suspects like Zacarias Moussaoui were actually tortured into confessing to crimes that actually had nothing to do with 9/11 at all.

And it is clear now that evidence and transcripts, which would have led to the acquittal of these alleged 9/11 suspects, were destroyed by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Remember folks, these Arab suspects were nothing but patsies and stooges with the real 9/11 criminals and TRAITORS tied to the NSA itself. Michael Hayden

Reference: It was the NSA and TRAITOR Nazi Michael Hayden that triggered the massive espionage dragnet against the American People and the U.S. State Department when the NSA discovered that the U.S. State Department was in possession of the PRE 9/11 French Intelligence warnings to America that the NSA ignored.

Reference: French Intelligence had intercepted Israeli MOSSAD cables out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in which Israeli MOSSAD assets were instructing the activation of their MOSSAD-Al Qaeda cells in the United States to go operational.

Note: The command and control order itself "THE TIME IS NOW, THE MATCH IS HOT."

P.S. So folks, we now see why Harman, Feinstein and Lieberman want to cover all of this up.  Their loyalty is to Israel NOT the United States.

How dare you, you conspiratorial

tyrants and kings and notable queens!

P.P.S. Again, don't be fooled when Neo-Nazi Michael Hayden says that the tapes were destroyed to protect the identities of the covert agents.

Today on CNN's Late Edition Senator Kyle, Republican of Arizona, said "…that makes no sense since the CIA has the technology to black out the faces of the interrogators…"