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Venezuela rumors

Jim Stone

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It has been speculated that the public has concluded Guiado and supporters in the U.S. tripped the power outage, and Guiado is not expected to be alive for more than the next few hours. GOOD FOR THEM.

General consensus is that Pompeo and others in the U.S. are responsible and are to be blamed 100 percent for all the problems the power outage caused, including deaths.

The American media can lie all it wants to the outside world about the "poor state of Venezuelas electrical infrastructure but that won't cut it when Venezuelans themselves are right there in the country, and clearly know they have up-to-date stuff. If Venezuela has any problems at all with energy infrastructure, it would be at the local neighborhood level, not main distribution, which they had totally up to date. Perhaps trees in neighborhoods were not trimmed back from lines correctly (maybe they are, who knows) or perhaps some of the neighborhood transformers are 50 years old (this happens everywhere, including the U.S.) but those types of issues won't trip a nationwide blackout. The bottom line is that whatever this problem is, it was not an infrastructure problem that caused it. Venezuelans are hard working people that would never let main distribution go to hell, no matter who was in power, even if it was old crap.

I don't like socialist systems because they are too ripe for abuse. However, in this particular situation, the MSM is "Trumping" Maduro, accusing Maduro of that which socialists (and they themselves do) when in reality, there's no Russian collusion and no crappy power system in Venezuela.

Obviously it is the popular thing to rip socialists because by and large they are crap, but in this case people need to consider other possibilities for this power outage, clearly, without question, with as many MAJOR, and I mean major 2010 and newer upgrades that have been done to Venezuela's grid, neglect of the system did not do this. The American MSM plus NPR are lying through a venom dripping tongue.

FACT: Maduro has not been around long enough to cause anything to go wrong with any electrical system. There are lines and transformers in the U.S. that have never had anything done with them at all since the PCB scare of the 70's and things are not going kablooey. Large electrical systems simply work, work and keep on working for decades. They are infrastructure. You don't rip out bridges every two years, and you don't do the same with transformers, generators, switch gear, and power lines either. The entire electrical story as presented by America's MSM in Venezuela is a total war mongering hoax.

Look, OH LOOK: Babies in INCUBATORS are DYING because Maduro neglected the electrical system. Let's all go down there with smart bombs and kick his @ss. Venezuelans will gladly give us ALL THEIR OIL in thanks after we "rescue" them from that horrible horrible man!


Maduro has now stated that the problem is a cyber attack underway that keeps interfering with efforts to turn everything back on. This would indicate that scenario 2 below is what really happened. In that case, all they have to do is find a way to stop the attack and they will get power restored. Obviously the problem with all of this is that for as much as things are networked, the virus or hackers are just going to go wherever they want, re-infecting cleared gear and/or simply switching it off. The fact a cyber attack could take it all out proves, without question, that it is not the outdated crap that the MSM is continuously spewing like the dripping infection they are.

"With all the lies in the MSM there's no way to know exactly what the people in Venezuela think of it all."

As far as the three huge substation explosions that have happened over the last couple years, these are most likely caused by either direct sabotage (someone throwing the right piece of metal on the wires) or a raccoon in the wrong place, getting an arc path started. As bright as they may be, the damage from those is not as bad as it looks in a Youtube video. The U.S. has the ability to kick off such explosions with a small drone that would never be noticed (something as small as a DJI phantom) dropping conductive strands into a substation. All one of those strands has to do is land right, and POOF. Arc welding does the rest.

Here is the line the U.S. is trying to push, straight from NPR:

"The blackout appears to have stemmed from a failure at the main hydroelectric plant in Venezuela, which has suffered from years of underinvestment. "

Problem: I don't call upgrading it's capacity from about 6.5 gigawatts to over 12 gigawatts, while replacing the old generators on top of it in 2010 "years of underinvestment". The real "infrastructure problem" venezuela had was that all of the larger equipment was replaced with the new stuff, totally susceptible to Stuxnet attack.

Obviously there are going to be lies from the U.S. with regard to this, the U.S. sure as heck is not going to admit what was done. It is beginning to come to light more fully now, here's a brief update based on the latest info, a guess, based on how bad the damage really ended up being:

Two scenarios:

Scenario 1: All of Venezuela's electrical grid was analyzed and put in a simulator. All the major transformers, circuit breakers, generators, were put in the simulation, which then ran precise scenarios for what would happen if Guri was pushed out of phase, and all other generating facilities were put out of phase with it, while all of the computer controlled circuit breakers were told by a virus to never trip. They modeled max destruction and had everything pre-routed to the worst possible outcome, where transformer A was at such close power output rating to generator B via the output from generator D (and it's spec plate) that all 3 would kill each other, one of them would not win. Ditto for generators between different power stations, that were connected to the same circuit. Once they had it all figured out, they then ran that program, which basically annihilated Venezuela's grid. It could not have happened if that grid was not state of the art, which it was.

"Then blame Maduro for not maintaining it correctly, spew like the worst troll in the worst comment section telling the worst lies, and hope to flip the people of Venezuela against Maduro."

Scenario 2: Once again, all of Venezuela's power grid was put in the same simulator, which, rather than destroy things, was programmed to instead front the illusion of the generators going out of phase at Guri, to explain why everything went dark. But really, in this scenario nothing happened that would take out the power to the entire country, other than a virus sitting in all the switch gear and controls, preventing anything from working. Maduro gets ousted, Guiado gets put in, and then poof, like magic, all the lights come on.

Take your pick, with how bad it is, it is one or the other.

The only constant in all scenarios is the U.S. gets the oil.

Jim Stone

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