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Trump Fires Shot Heard Round The World With Planned Embargo, Blockade Of North Korea


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This is big. This is huge. This should teach the little brat on North Korea a lesson and prove to all the liberals that there are still things we can do to try to tame the situation.

Liberals are defeatists and fold at the nearest sign of trouble.

According to The Guardian, Trump is set to make a bold move against North Korea.

The United States plans to introduce tough new measures including an oil embargo and in what will surely cause huge controversy – a partial naval blockade of North Korea.


These plans will be introduced to the United Nations for a vote so they are not a certainty, although Trump could order the US military to do it without the UN if he wanted.

According to the report, the draft United Nations resolution authorizes naval vessels of any U.N. member state to inspect North Korean ships suspected of carrying banned cargo.

Any ship can do this but Trump added one important aspect – he is authorizing, or the UN eventually will but this is what he wants, the use of “all necessary measures to carry out such inspections.”

This means force because as everyone knows any attempt to board or divert or threaten a North Korean ship could, or most probably would, trigger an exchange of fire by the North Koreans which will be answered.

And that is how things start.

The UN resolution that the Guardian saw claims the oil embargo bans “exports of crude oil, condensates, refined petroleum products, and natural gas liquids to North Korea.”

Basically North Korea will be cut off from outside oil products which will hurt. Bad.

Additionally the resolution includes “a prohibition on buying North Korean textiles and will put an end to the hiring of North Korean nationals because the regime uses the foreign currency earned through these to support its prohibited nuclear and ballistic missile programs.”