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Relatives of missing Malaysian flight passengers thrown out of press conference - Family members of missing MH370 passengers 'imprisoned” in hotel'

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FW:  March 24, 2014

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Family members of missing passengers burst into a press conference screaming for help, claiming that they have been imprisoned by Malaysian authorities.

By John Vibes

MALAYSIA (INTELLIHUB) — A press conference relating to the missing flight in Malaysia was crashed by family members of missing passengers, who were crying and screaming for help, claiming that they have been imprisoned by Malaysian authorities.

A handful of relatives evaded heavy security at the Sama Sama Hotel near Kuala Lumpur International Airport and held up a banner saying: “We protest against the Malaysian government withholding information and holding up search efforts.”

“It’s been 12 days. How can the Malaysian government not let us know of our son’s whereabouts?” one woman demanded.

“The Chinese embassy has been sending its officers to talk to us and make sure we’re fine every day, but not one Malaysian official has appeared,” she added.

Shortly after, security guards surrounded the protesters and forced them into a room where they were then locked in.

The relatives were then held back from reporters as they were led away to the hotel rooms where they are being held captive.

It is not clear how they were able to escape these rooms and enter the press conference, but it is likely that the Malaysian government will increase security.

Security officers grabbed onto one relative in front of journalists, and appeared to pull her away against her will.

Following the outburst, Malaysia’s acting defense and transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein expressed “regret” about the incident, which he promised to look into.

“One can only imagine the anguish they are going through,” Hussein said in a statement. “Malaysia is doing everything in its power to find MH370 and hopefully bring some degree of closure for those whose family members are missing.”

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