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Ambassador Sergei Razov: China and Russia seek democratic multi-polar relationships among nations, supremacy of settlement of international problems with political and diplomatic methods

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     His  article  is  part  of  a  special  edition  posted ahead of an official  visit  of  Russian  President  Dmitry Medvedev to the People's Republic of China.

     "The  similarity  of  our ideas about world order fundamentals is a unifying factor. Both states call for strengthening the legal foundation of world politics, recognizing the multi-polar reality and democratizing international  relations.  A  just world order based on the supremacy of international  law  and  the  leading role of the United Nations and the settlement  of  problems  with  political  and  diplomatic  methods  are unconditional priorities of Russia and China," the article says.

     "Our  countries  have  practically  identical  views of a number of major international  and  regional  problems.  This  is  a  proof of the concurrence,  consonance or parallelism of our fundamental interests and a foundation  for  the  further  strengthening  of  the  Russian-Chinese strategic  partnership,  which is not targeted against third countries," Razov said.

     Russian  Trade  Representative to China Sergei Tsyplakov also wrote an article for the special edition.

     "The  general improvement of Russia-China relations to the level of strategic  partnership  and  cooperation, which was affirmed in the 2001 Treaty of  Neighborliness,  Amity and Cooperation, and the settlement of border problems  created  a  favorable  foundation  for  more  intensive economic contacts," he said.

     RIA Novosti issued the special edition in Beijing on May 22.