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Trump Takes Aim At Florida In Attempt To Repeat 2016 Success

TTN Staff

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President Trump is reportedly giving his campaign a fresh focus on the crucial swing state of Florida in an attempt to reproduce the success he experienced in the state in 2016.

As The Hill reports:


ORLANDO, Fla. — President Trump is pulling out all the stops in Florida ahead of November as polls there show him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden.

He’s changed his official address to Palm Beach. He sought to move the GOP convention to Jacksonville before backing away from the idea on Thursday. He’s visited the state since leaving quarantine conditions, and he’s said he won’t issue a national mask mandate — while Florida is the largest state yet to issue its own.

Trump is going all-in to repeat his 2016 success in the country’s biggest swing state, but polls indicate he has an uphill climb ahead.

Trump’s campaign has reserved more in television advertising in Florida than in any other state — a staggering $40 million in airtime, more than he has reserved in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin combined, according to an analysis of advertising data by The Hill.

The Trump campaign is also reportedly preparing to unleash a massive ground game in Florida to get out the vote ahead of the November election.