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Trump Wants 'Angry' Voters to Send Message to Dems


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At President Trump's recent rally in Kentucky, he urged his 'angry majority' to send a message to Democrats by electing the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Kentucky.

According to Fox News:

Fox News: “At a rally on friendly turf in Kentucky Monday night, President Trump urged what he called an ‘angry majority’ of voters to send a powerful ‘signal’ to Democrats and the world by handing the GOP a big victory not only in Tuesday's gubernatorial race there, but also in the pivotal upcoming statewide elections in Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The result of the showdown in Kentucky -- as well as Tuesday's gubernatorial race in Mississippi and state legislature races in Virginia -- could serve as a barometer this week on whether Trump still has the ability to rally Republicans at the voting booth amid Democrats' ongoing impeachment inquiry. Top Democrats have acknowledged that Trump's influence helped the GOP sweep key House special elections in North Carolina in September. Amid chants of ‘USA’ at Monday's rally, Trump repeatedly sought to leverage his accomplishments in office, including energy independence and historically low unemployment rates, to boost Gov. Matt Bevin.”

President Trump has taken an active approach to the 2019 elections and is doing all he can to get Republicans elected as he gains support for the White House in 2020.