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Meet Trumpís Most Powerful GOP Allies


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  • 2019-05-23
  • Source: TTN staff
  • by: TTN
  • Gage Skidmore ( Via Flickr

    Trump has many powerful allies that are ready to help out in 2020 as the Democrats have their war chests filled by New York billionaires and Hollywood big shots. These groups want to help keep America great and are ready to protect the president from the unending wave of baseless attacks from the left. Here are some of Trump’s wealthiest donors:



    1.) Future45

    Gage Skidmore ( via Flickr

    Future45 has raised a plethora of money for Trump, in the 2018 election cycle, the group quickly amassed $6 million to get Trump allies in Congress. The group is still bringing together it's funds and trying to elicit more so we can keep Trump in the White House for another term.



    2.) Committee To Defend The President

    Gage Skidmore, Via Wikimedia Commons

    The Committee to Defend The President is all about promoting Donald Trump and his agenda, the group has already raised $1 million in 2019. In the 2018 cycle the group raised $9 million and spent $4 million on helping get Trump allies into office.



    3.) America First Action