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Outside Groups are Giving Trump Unprecedented Help

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Outside Groups are Giving Trump Unprecedented Help

As President Trump approaches the 2020 election outside groups are pitching in to give him a hand. The spending by these groups looks to be unprecedented.

According to Open Secrets:

Independent expenditures for multiple hybrid-PACs advocating for Trump’s candidacy totaled over $1.27 million since the start of this year. As outside spending for former President Barack Obama at this time in 2011 only totaled a few hundred thousand dollars, the ongoing push for Trump is an unprecedented blitz in outside spending for an incumbent president.

And the three outside spending groups dominating this effort are all linked to the same man.

Dan Backer, principal attorney for the law firm, signed off on spending for two of the groups which are clients of his firm: The Committee to Defend the President and the Great America PAC, according to FEC records.

The Great America PAC spent $821,280 since the start of this year, with the Committee to Defend the President spending $441,038.

The other group helping the President's re-election campaign is the America Fighting Back PAC. This is a newer pack but is still spending money to further the President's chances.