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Still Report #639 - Cruz Now Faces Birther Lawsuits in 6 States

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FW:  Feb. 27, 2016

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ABC News is now reporting that Ted Cruz is facing an ever-growing list of challenges to his qualifications to run for the presidency. Lawsuits are now pending in at least 6 states.

Federal lawsuits have now been filed in Alabama, Utah and Texas. State lawsuits have been filed in New York, Vermont and Illinois.

Cruz, who has admitted being born in Canada to an American citizen mother and a Cuban citizen father, is considered to be unqualified to serve as President according to a very specific requirement placed into the U.S. Constitution that demands that the President must be a “natural-born citizen.”

This is a higher standard than, for example, the requirement to be a member of the House of Representatives, which requires that a member have been:

“… seven Years a Citizen of the United States….”

For Senators the requirement was raised to:

“nine Years a Citizen of the United States….”

But in Article II, Section I, the bar is raised a good bit higher for the President and Vice-President:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen … and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Obviously, the intent of the Framers of the Constitution was to set a higher standard for the President and Vice-President by requiring that he or she be a “natural born Citizen.”

Why? According to Prof. Mary Brigid McManamon, a constitutional law professor at Widener University’s Delaware Law School:

“The key … is the assumption of allegiance to one’s country of birth.”

She quotes James Madison, known as the father of the Constitution:

“It is an established maxim that birth is a criterion of allegiance. . . . [And] place is the most certain criterion….”

As Professor McManamon explained in an article in the Washington Post on Jan. 12th:

“Cruz is, of course, a U.S. citizen. As he was born in Canada, he is not natural-born.”

“Because of the senator’s parentage …. Cruz was naturalized at birth.”

“However we feel about allowing naturalized immigrants to reach for the stars, the Constitution must be amended before one of them can attain the office of president. Congress simply does not have the power to convert someone born outside the United States into a natural-born citizen.”

Such is the case with Ted Cruz. As his birth certificate shows, he was born in Canada.

According to Professor McManamon:

“Donald Trump is actually right … Sen. Ted Cruz is not a natural-born citizen and therefore is not eligible to be president or vice president of the United States.”

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.