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Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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April 28, 2014

Dear Patrick,


Today I'm writing you to ask for your help -- and I'll get straight to the point.


I need you to make an immediate contribution to my re-election campaign.


Let me briefly explain:


If you missed my last appearance on Fox News, you probably don't know about how the Obama Administration is cooking the books when it comes to deporting criminals that are in the United States illegally.


Obama and his taxpayer-funded bureaucrats want you to believe they are deporting the most hardened criminals who are in our county illegally -- and they are playing with the books to do it.


In fact, they claim they have deported more illegal immigrants than ever before!


Let me tell you the truth.

The fact is -- day after day I see the same criminals back in my jail after I have turned them over to Obama's federal bureaucrats to deport.



I did a survey in the last three months and found out that of the over 1,200 illegal aliens in our jails, one-third, or about 400, that were released in the past have criminal records.


While I am arresting them... Obama's letting them out the back door.


Because I am the only one standing up to Obama and his fake numbers game -- his supporters are redoubling their efforts to defeat me.


That's why I need you to contribute immediately to my re-election campaign.


You see, while I'm fighting everyday to keep America safe, Obama and his supporters are doing everything they can to defeat me and toss me out of office.


And he continues to count on his most ardent supporters to keep me busy campaigning so I can't expose the Obama Administration's lies about illegal criminal aliens.


That's why I need you to make an emergency contribution to my campaign so that I can not only continue to arrest criminals who would cause harm to our country and citizens... but so that I can continue to expose the lies the Obama administration continues to spew to the American public.


Your contribution today will go directly to my re-election campaign fund. Follow this link to make a contribution right now.


We must continue fighting the lies and distortions and ensuring that I'm re-elected to continue fighting against the Obama Administration's open borders policies.


Without your help -- and those like you -- I could be overwhelmed with the negative attacks by the media, my political opponents and Obama's campaign machine.


Your support today of $25, $50, $75 or more will ensure I have the funds necessary to fight back and continue to fight for justice.


Together we can send a strong message that we must fortify our borders and deport the illegal criminals once and for all.


Please let me know you stand with me in this fight by supporting my re-election campaign right away.


Thank you for your continued support.




Sheriff Joe


P.S. Obama is planning on keeping me busy by campaigning so I won't bring light to his failed leadership and dangerous policies. That's why I need your support. Your donation today will go towards my campaign re-election efforts and ensure I have the funds needed to run a winning campaign. I will never back down from fighting for a better America -- I hope I can continue to count on you to do the same. Thanks.






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