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The first Day of the Biden Corporation is off to a very busy start. Many executive orders needed to be over ridden and the CEO was ready with pen in hand. Rescinding, rescinding….and then of course 1776 Report canceled from the White House web site along with anything Trump and We The People, replaced with WE THE PEOPLE CORPORATE RULINGS.

The surreal event just didn’t seem all that patriot, nor did it have any pomp and grandeur. At least that was my take. The gaslighters on fake news said it was the bla, bla, bla and best they ever saw.

What the press failed to report was the message from France praising President Trump and railed in a professional manner about the coup to steal the election. Well, Biden’s off on the wrong foot there…and I’m sure the whole world is watching with popcorn to see just how far he will be able to go on his corporate leash?


After all, it is now common knowledge that one of the sister corporations, the one that funds the stuff also known as the Vatican has had their coffers all but emptied and so has the Italian government. The entire nation is running in circles and the government heads have resigned. So far including the Italian mafia over 300 in Italy have been arrested….leaving Italy in a financial shambles that looked dire until yesterday it righted itself a bit leaving Conte in power, but, with a tighter rein. We’ll have to wait and see where this goes for it’s still broke. Italy’s Conte survives no-confidence vote to stave off government collapse – The Washington Post . Where ever the gold in the vaults have gone is anyones guess, and then there are other issues within its secrets. Vatican risks going broke slowly, former treasurer Cardinal Pell says | Catholic News in Asia | | Licas News ; Vatican risks going broke slowly, former treasurer Cardinal Pell says | Catholic News in Asia | | Licas News

Biden is ready to write checks and send big bucks to governors, nations, and rev up a war while he halts oil production at home and gets us back into the middle east energy wars. He has rolled up his sleeves ready for the games to begin. I think they are called the Hunger games. At least his entertainment today gave that impression.

The Biden Corporation had a bit of the hunger games and super bowl half time as Lady Gaga presented her version of something…dressed right out of the movie and singing the national anthem. By the way she sang the song beautifully and her voice was lovely. That’s true.

When she was preparing, Mike Pence was there to assist, handing he the microphone. How sweet.


Don’t even ask me to explain the photo above, for although I liked the movie, I’m not sure I want to live it. My answer would be strikingly shocking for most ears to hear. But we seem to have Lady Gaga and the hunger games stars saluting their new CORPORATE OVERLORD in the land of something? Certainly not under God. It wasn’t your typical coronation, that’s for sure. Perhaps they were just getting ready to see who would be sent out in this years games. You know, who gets to eat and who doesn’t sorta thing.

But, hey…I really have no clue as to what this meant or the meaning they intended to send. It’s like the innocent spirit cooking thing…I have no idea what they mean or don’t mean by eating food that looks like human body parts and babies. It’s one of those elite upper class things that they do for fun and people who question it all are crazy conspiracy nuts.

The CEO also held his first press conference today. It looks a bit high tech but hey, he’s on the cutting edge and enjoys censorship. He can unplug any questions he wants. It’s fool proof for the new corporation.

Why didn’t Trump think of this?

Meanwhile, President Trump sent his letter to the new CEO as is custom. Now, I am told this was the letter, so before anyone fact checks me and starts to hollar…I make no claim as to the authenticity of this letter, I merely present it for you to see and consider.

Meanwhile in cities outside of the corporate grounds the protestors that Biden called a myth, and fake news called peaceful, were conducting their own form of support. I was told that once there was a new CEO over the corporation and now because of that, all the protests would stop. Well, this is just the first day…so I’ll give it a little longer before I make any real judgement.


While all the excitement of the peaceful protests took place, there were people who gathered to hear the departing speech by the President Trump. Quite a different crowd.


Later in the day when President Trump was escorted to his home in Mara Largo there were some mobs of patriots there to do some very dangerous waving. (sarcasm)


The streets were lined with people cheering and waving as he passed in his motorcade.

Trump leaves White House, says 'It's been a great honor'

Earlier in the day, President Trump departed the Whitehouse on which looks like Marine One with the presidential seal on the front. Which is the BIGGEST CLUE OF ALL!

“After a presidential inauguration resulting in a change in office, the outgoing president is provided transport on a VC-25 aircraft to their home destination. The aircraft for this flight does not use the Air Force One call sign because it is not carrying the president in office. Whether the call sign was on or off, I do not know, however, shouldn’t Marine One have been reserved for the CEO of the Corporation? Trump leaves White House, says ‘It’s been a great honor’ (

So have fun with that one, and again…I make no disclaimer as to whether it was or was not proper to leave with the CEO’s plane…I am merely pointing out what happened today. The article in the link calls it MARINE ONE and the only time you call it MARINE ONE is when a seated president is on board.

So, that’s the run down on a part of today’s behind the scenes events the news doesn’t show you. We’ll bring you more updates as time ticks away.

Pray for one another and stay safe!

Dianne Marshall


D.C. is fenced off and  the President is never going back to the White House. But not for reasons you may be thinking.

Fear not, there will be a new capitol built and an end to income taxes paid to the tax collectors of the Corporation that is now in the hands of a new administration. They went to all the trouble to steal a corporation whose assetts are in the process of being seized.  Most did not see this coming for they did not even know their nation was a Corporation. But, it is indeed but now, no more are the states subject to it. Please read on to understand  the nature of the battle we are in.

Meet the thieves in the light of day. So proudly they claim what is not theirs to take…or is it?

In 1871 a sedious act was performed by the Government.  A coup was made to rewrite the constitution and put WE THE PEOPLE in all capitals, under a new corporate contract transferring the United States of America into the new Corporation of the United States of America which transferred  the power of We The People and the constitution over to the new corporation. When they did that, it placed the citizens in the United States as property of the Corporation which was centered in Washington D.C..  This action made Washington D.C.  a FOREIGN ENTITY on American soil of sovereign states. It was established through a loan from the Vatican when D.C. was transferred into a city-state, and this corporate entity then ruled over the people. Citizens rights were taken from them in this process. No one realized this.

When they did the broker deal to get the loan from the Vatican, they did so via the Bank of London. At that time, they transferred all the property in D.C. Columbia over to the Corporate entity of D.C. a foreign corporation. (See BACK STORY below in this article).

The forming of this corporation in D.C.  is of major importance to understand, for when President Trump signed an executive order in 2018 on Election Interference/Fraud for entities both foreign and domestic, it outlined how assetts would be seized.  The President and the people knew and had the proof that a coup transpired out of the Corporation of the United States of America along with other foreign nations and was ignored by the Corporation in D.C.. They continued with their illegal steal, and the military is now in the process of seizing the assets of this foreign  country  known as THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.   It appears that President Trump’s executive order was actually directed at the Washington D.C. corporate swamp/cabal all along.  D.C. is now walled in and filled with military guard.

President Donald J. Trump has moved out permanently for he cannot be president over a Sovereign Nation in a Foreign land, which is what the White House and Capitol are.  President Trump was voted in by We The People. Not the Corporation.

After  Donald J. Trump exits the White House, D.C. will be locked down because it will not be possible for a foreign ruler to rule over a sovereign country, therefore, the foreign ruler must be locked out. In this case, that would be this new  administration.

Amid personal turmoil, libel lawyer Lin Wood goes on the attack for Trump

Now you see what is meant by Lin Wood’s shouts that we are in the second revolution.

We are literally watching the reclaiming of the United States of America. What this means for We The People is many things. One of them is no more IRS. Watch and see how this plays out. It is a genius move.  God is in charge of this nation and is now leading his elect to restore this great nation called by his name.


The City of London (that is the square mile within Greater London) is not technically part of Greater London or England, just as Vatican City is not part of Rome or Italy. Likewise, Washington DC is not part of the United States that it controls. These three entities have one goal and that is to do away with the old world order of sovereign nations and usher in a new global world order under one government rule under the iron fist of the cabal.

These sovereign, corporate entities have their own laws and their own identities.They also have their own flags. Seen below is the flag of Washington DC. Note the three stars, representing the trinity of these three city-states, also known as the Empire of the City. (There is also high esoteric significance to the number 3.)

The government of the United States, Canada and Britain are all subsidiaries of the crown, as is the Federal Reserve in the U.S.. The ruling Monarch in England is also subordinate to the Crown. The global financial and legal system is controlled from the City of London by the Crown.

The square mile making up the center of Greater London is the global seat of power, at least at the visible level.

Washington DC was established as a city-state in 1871 with the passage of the Act of 1871, which officially established the United States as a corporation under the rule of Washington, which itself is subservient to the City of London.

Corporations are run by presidents, which is why we call the person perceived to hold the highest seat of power in the land “the president.”

The fact is the president is nothing more than a figurehead for the central bankers and transnational corporations (both of which themselves are controlled by High Ecclesiastic Freemasonry) that really control this country and ultimately call the shots.

Washington DC operates under a system of Roman Law and outside of the limitations established by the U.S. Constitution.The Unholy Trinity of Globalist Control: The Vatican, The City of London & Washington D.C. – (

Washington D.C. Flag

Vatican Flag

The Papal States are the territories on the East Coast of the former United States under the sovereign direct rule of the pope, from the fall of the United States around the turn of the twentieth century to the present. The Papal States are one of the regional powers of the Chesapeake Bay, controlling the city of Washington, as well as much of the surrounding area. Several towns, baronies, and other holdings outside Washington are also held by the pope, creating an intricate network of holdings which pay tribute directly to the pope.

The Papal States were born out of the former United States, viewed by the modern world as an ancient empire and continent spawning government. Following a violent coup in Washington, the Papal States were established by Chester Hale Fitzgerald, built on the beliefs of a new religion, which would later become Unionism. The Pope claims however that his power originates from the American Empire, which supposedly granted the first pope complete power over the empire via the Donation of Lincoln, a forged American imperial decree. The document has since been used in support of claims of political authority by the papacy.  Know your history…read more here:

Flag of the City of London

So how are these three cities ultimately connected? We must first go back to the Knights Templar and their initial 200-year reign of power. You see this in the flag of the City of London. Read about the flags of all Foreign entities here:

In Conclusion: The Corporation called Washington D.C. is now a foreign entity on American soil of sovereign states. It was established through a loan from the Vatican when D.C. was transferred into a city state and this corporate entity.  It is now under seige for interferring with the elections of We The People of the United States along with the Vatican and the other foreign nations who interfered, such as Germany, Italy, China, et al.  They are now an enemy of the state and their assets shall be seized. Our miltary has already been taking down the giant as we have witnessed while all eyes were set on the voter fraud.

The word is in a shake down….

Italian Government has resigned:

Poland Government has resigned:

Russian Government resigned except Putin:

300 Italian politicians and police charged along with Italian mafia:

The entire Kuwait Government has resigned:

Dutch government of the Netherlands resigns:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down:

Malaysian Government steps down:

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild died at 57:

Estonian Prime ministers fired:

Obamagate documents  declassed – fully loaded with incriminating facts:

25,000+ National Guard and Military in DC and 10 state capitols guarded and locked down:

Washington DC in lockdown and panic:

Who is this attending the inauguration at the Corporation of the United States of No States?
And look at Gaga inside the Apotheosis (raising to the ranks of a God) Capitol Dome. Do you really believe the founding fathers would have authorized the Greek and Roman gods to be painted on the dome of the rotunda? Do you believe they would have Artemis’s goddess of freedom on its’ dome? Do you think George Washington would have wanted a statue of him posing as Baphomet in the capitol dome raising him to the ranks of a god? ALL ANSWERS ARE NO!

The entire corporate capitol grounds have been laid out by secret societies in the shape of a pentagram that honors the god they follow, that of Baal sacrifices of children. Sad, but so very true. All that is hidden shall be revealed.


So be patient and remember what Trump has said, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

And for those who think this is a bunch of bull crap, to you I quote the famous line from the epic film, Gone With The Wind….. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

Why don’t the naysayers google…..and see the corporations new website! It takes you to it.

May God speed be with each one of you as this storm blows through, and may each be kept safe in Father God’s mighty hands as he performs his work, a marvelous work!

Dianne Marshall


While mainstream fake news wants you to believe all is bottomed out for the Commander in Chief….it has not been as they have said.

It has been as President Trump has said…THE BEST IS YET TO COME!


The Lord is watching all things.

Numbers 6:22

22And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 23“Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, ‘This is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them:

24“The Lord bless you and keep you;

25The Lord make His face shine upon you,

And be gracious to you;

26The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,

And give you peace.” ’

27“So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them.”



Dianne Marshall


For He will give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.  | Bible prayers, God loves me, Angel quotes

These are days of vengence, destruction, weeping, pain, and sorrow. These are also days of repentence, mercy, redemption, joy, and triumph. Who are we to battle between one another like the children of Israel in the wilderness yelling at Moses (America’s Trump) and blaming him for not saving all of us from our misery that was brought upon us by our own complacency. It is surprising how many have given up on our Moses, the one Kim Clement called God’s David and prophecied all of this would take place, and so far it has to a “T”.

The moans of those who have thrown Trump under the bus like the RINOs have. The scoffing jeers (although less harsh) resounding like the left against good people. Perhaps he is hidden from your demands the same as God’s plans for you are hidden? Perhaps in his hiding, God is doing a bit of testing to see who has faith in him, and who deserves a leader such as his David? I say repent, hold the faith, and find yourselves worthy of the gift that is about to appear after the storm.


It is way past the time for those down hearted to turn to God for redemption and to strengthen their faith. For it is God almighty that will perform the miracle. This nation belongs to him. We belong to him. What are we doing to be deserving of mercy and grace? What are we doing to prepare for the day of the Lord to do his miracle? I have heard whispers and some shouts that NOW WE ARE ALL DOOMED BECAUSE TRUMP DID NOTHING TO SAVE US! These are the words of the devilish minions who enter into human minds when they are gripped with fear and lacking faith during times of testing and peril.

Seek the Lord and he will comfort you and stand still and behold the salvation of the Lord. Again remember that when the people were chased by the armies of Egypt and the sea was before them…many lamented and beat their chests shouting false accusations at Moses – for they believed he took them out of Egypt and foolishly led them to the sea to die.

EXODUS 14:13-14


Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever.

14 The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

I say to all that are having a doubting moment and railing against what we do not know nor understand. Quarreling amongst one another gains nothing. Rather, instead read the Bible – it will reknew your heart and give you strength to mount up with wings like eagles.

Remember miracles happen only when there appears to be no other way out…


Dianne Marshall

Dr. Gina Will Discuss Her Private Talk With Trump On 1-19-2021!

Dr. Gina RAV @RealAmVoice stated on January 18. 2021 at 7:17 PM, “Just hung up the phone with the President. I’ll talk about it a little more on my show tomorrow night. This country will wake up to realize a devastating loss on Wednesday. He is the best thing that ever happened to this country!”

Does anyone have a clue what she may be getting ready to talk about? I do!

Gina Loudon, MA., MA., Ph.D. is the President of Programming and Senior Anchor at Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV). 

Dr. Gina was selected as a Woman of Influence in Media by the Miami Israeli Consulate, and traveled to Israel studying business, economics, social policy, and faith issues.

She was selected by Lara Trump as national co-chair of Women for Trump, serves on the Trump 2020 Media Advisory board, as well as co-chair of Florida Trump Victory. She currently serves on the board of directors at Chula Vista Christian University.; and is a bestselling author and her latest book is Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy.

Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy: Loudon, Dr. Gina,  Schnaubelt, Teri, Hannity, Sean: 9781978607743: Books

You can hear what she has to say about her talk with President Trump on http://Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV).


Pray for America and pray for the innocent.

Dianne Marshall

Laptop Letter…

There was a laptop confiscated in the Capitol Building. Many of them on January 6, 2021. There were a lot of revealing things found. Here is one of them.

Did they really think people were that stupid? It appears the one who wrote the letter did. Now I ask you, do you really believe President Trump who knows EVERYTHING is going to do nothing when he has everything still at his disposal?

Remember Portland …what is she planning in D.C.?

What the heck is going on in Portland? - CNNPolitics
Shambles: America's Preparations for Civil Unrest – The Chant

Dianne Marshall


On November 2, 2020 President Trump signed an executive order  executive order to establish a 1776 Commission to advise the president on how America’s founding story should be taught in schools, an effort that was criticized by some historians and educators when he first addressed it in a speech responding to the 1619 Project and other efforts to change how American history is taught. The executive order established a 20-person 1776 Commission under the Department of Education to help the president promote “patriotic education.” 

The following excerpts from the Executive order addresses key issues of the day that have been ignored and festered into an undermining of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the governing rights of WE THE PEOPLE:

“Against this history, in recent years, a series of polemics grounded in poor scholarship has vilified our Founders and our founding.  Despite the virtues and accomplishments of this Nation, many students are now taught in school to hate their own country, and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but rather villains.  This radicalized view of American history lacks perspective, obscures virtues, twists motives, ignores or distorts facts, and magnifies flaws, resulting in the truth being concealed and history disfigured.  Failing to identify, challenge, and correct this distorted perspective could fray and ultimately erase the bonds that knit our country and culture together.”

“The recent attacks on our founding have highlighted America’s history related to race.  These one-sided and divisive accounts too often ignore or fail to properly honor and recollect the great legacy of the American national experience ‑- our country’s valiant and successful effort to shake off the curse of slavery and to use the lessons of that struggle to guide our work toward equal rights for all citizens in the present.  Viewing America as an irredeemably and systemically racist country cannot account for the extraordinary role of the great heroes of the American movement against slavery and for civil rights — a great moral endeavor that, from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Jr., was marked by religious fellowship, good will, generosity of heart, an emphasis on our shared principles, and an inclusive vision for the future.”

The commission delivered a report about the main principles of America’s founding story and supporting the government’s plans to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission January 2021 – is now available on the White House Website.

It sure looks as though the government is now in the process of going back into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE!

The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission is a very moving account based on defending the fundamental truths of human liberty proclaimed on July 4, 1776.

The following is the Table of Contents and a few pages of the Report. The entire report can be viewed by clicking here: The-Presidents-Advisory-1776-Commission-Final-Report.pdf (


America and the world has been watching a full blown display of a stolen election like a third world country, but it started before this election. We have all been watching lawlessness for the decades. Because We The People watched in shock and awe, and disbelief, then sighed and went about business as usual, we are now watching in real time what the result of complacency looks like. We have a full socialistic, communism in our face overthrow of the constitution, the will of the people, and those that will not lay down and roll over to the tyranny are threatened with having no employment, re-education camps, arrests, banned from airlines, even threats of taking away peoples college degrees!

The Biden elect administration along with congress and the senate on both sides of the aisle have lied, bore false witness, and all with all but starting mass arrests. It’s as if they don’t know what to do first – arrest everyone who doesn’t agree with communism or have a the inauguration. They have lost not only their moral compass, they have lost their minds believing they have all the power and they will rule the world. It’s like a very sick Sci-Fi where the takeover has to wall itself in to keep the good people out until they can authorize their Chinese deployment via their United Nations call for help to arrest good innocent people. Then they will make the children wards of the state beyond that of their education, they will decide how they are raised and who and where they are raised once they are weaned. Hillary is getting her village under the Biden deal.

But, I have faith that this nightmare on Pennsylvania street and inside their tunnels will come to and end fast.


Meanwhile in the midst of the chaos, LIN WOOD IS REASSURING AMERICA THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL SERVE FOUR MORE YEARS FOR THIS WAS A STOLEN ELECTION with both domestic and foreign interference. The insane lawlessness is coming to an end. But it will be a rough winter.

Wood tells us there will be no stolen election and there will be no communism and tyrannical government on Capitol Hill. There will be no FEMA CAMPS and arrests for Trump Supporters and Patriots. We will remain a free nation, under God, with liberty and Justice for all. But, in the process of freedom there will be some fireworks.

Lin Wood explains the process and cautions the people to stay calm, be safe, and let the military do their job.


Pray for our military and President Trump. God bless America THE LAND OF THE FREE!

Dianne Marshall

Update…they have stripped the White House Web site…you can read the 1776 report here: Copy and paste. file:///C:/Users/Dianne/Downloads/888e233f-1b81-4250-b02c-5832e9dc5932%20(1).pdf


Donald Trump Jr. showed his ticket to “The Storm” today and asked if you are going. It looks like a World Premier Grand Showing. Not sure if they will roll out the red carpet, but there are a few interesting things about it.

You can make of it what you want. I find the Adult Standard interesting as in the Standard Hotel. WWG1WGA Cinema Presents is interesting….along with the hash tags. He said to share it to support his father, President Trump. Just click on this and copy image and repaste somewhere you post!

No description available.
If you were lucky enough to get a cell phone ticket and you clicked on the barcode….you will hear this song!



Did you know January 19th is National Popcorn Day?

42 National Popcorn Day Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip  Art - iStock

President Trump also signed another Executive Order Today….

Executive Order on Ensuring Democratic Accountability in Agency Rulemaking


 Issued on: January 18, 2021

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1.  Purpose.  American democracy operates on the principle of the consent of the governed.  Regular elections for the Congress and the President and Vice President of the United States are designed to ensure that the officials responsible for making and executing the law are held accountable to the American people.  The President chooses Federal agency heads who exercise executive authority and implement his regulatory agenda.  The American people, in electing the President, thereby have a role in choosing the individuals who govern them.

However, some agencies have chosen to blur these lines of democratic accountability by allowing career officials to authorize, approve, and serve as the final word on regulations.  This practice transfers the power to set rules governing Americans’ daily lives from the President, acting through his executive subordinates, to officials insulated from the accountability that national elections bring.  This practice undermines the power of the American people to choose who governs them and I am directing steps to end it.

Read all of it here: Executive Order on Ensuring Democratic Accountability in Agency Rulemaking | The White House

I love Sec.4 !!!!!

Sec. 4.  Review of Existing Rules.    (a)  Within 90 days of the date of this order, the head of each agency shall review all significant rules the agency has issued over the last 12 years, and any other rules identified by the Administrator, to determine whether the rule was issued by a senior appointee.  For good cause shown, the Administrator may authorize an extension of the period within which an agency shall conduct such review.

Dianne Marshall

To those who said Don Jr. didn’t put this out…he did. He also put out a video. I only have a screen shot of it. Here it is.

You need to get the ap!!!!!
No description available.
No description available.


In the age of high technology and interdependence on a cashless society, we have been conditioned to rely on electronic communications whether we wanted to or not. Unless you were among those such as the Amish, who refused to adapt, we have all been herded into an electronic web and captured. So as the censoring started and we all were left with pieces of a puzzle putting the truth pieces together. We formed the corners and began finding the pieces that interlocked inside it. There are still many pieces to the puzzle missing in order to see the entire big picture clearly. But we have enough pieces to see that it is a picture of a great battle.

We cannot make a piece fit if it clearly does not fit. So the entire journey to discover the truth is one of frustration and patience. Yet the greatest truth is the only one who can save us from peril and destruction is the Lord God Almighty. That is the one truth that shall never fail and the truth we are to hold tight to as we are coming out of this chaos.

Yet, in our curious human form we are left to wonder and ask questions. God has the answers and in him seek. We are also to watch what is taking place for ourselves and we now see President Trump made another huge move, making a very large amendment to his Executive Order 13959. He has sent Nancy Pelosi a letter about it!

Read the Amendment and then ask yourself, if he’s leaving office in 7 days why does he keep making all these moves?

Appointing people to new positions, signing new Executive Orders….it doesn’t really make sense.

The answer of course, is I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

There has been a lot of disinformation and a lot of truth hidden inbetween. There are many who appear to be knowledgeable who are not. There are many that appear to not be knowledgeable who are. This is a different type of war, one we have never seen. This war pushes God’s people to press fast to him for it is a separation of the wheat and the tares.

As we move forward in this pressing of nations remember that the Lord Yeshua told us all the Kingdom of God does not come with observation, you cannot say lo here it is or there. The kingdom of God is within you.

 “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you ” (Luke 17:20-21).

He also told us how we ought to pray, he gave us the Lord’s prayer and in it he said to pray, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In Luke 16:16 that from the time the kingdom of God is proclaimed, that everyone forces his way into it. King James Bible, “The law and the prophets were until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it.”

This is where we are and the truth in the entire matter is God’s Kingdom is within each one of us, and every man is pressing into it that is called by his name.

So no matter what the events and battles on the ground and in the news will forecast, keep your eyes on the Lord and know that he has sent us a good man to lead us out of bondage. God always sends a warrior to stand in the gap for a repenting people. The purpose of chastisement is of repentance and a great awakening.

Pray today and everyday unceasing for the Lord hears our prayers and he is doing a great and marvelous work. Amen.

Dianne Marshall

Now The Ball Is In Trump’s Court

On July 16, 2018 at the summit meeting in Helsinki, Finland, the Russian President – Vladimir Putin gave President Trump an unusual gift. It was a soccer ball. An innocent gift considering Russia had just hosted the FIFA World Cup. It was presented  during  a press conference between Putin and Trump. The soccer ball was a 2018 FIFA World Cup “Official Matchball”. 

President Putin smiled and handed the ball over to Trump and said, “Mr. President , I’ll give this ball to you, and now the ball is in your court.” As President Trump smiled and took the ball, Putin added, “ All the more, that the United States will host the World Cup in 2026.” 

President Trump graciously accepted the gift and stated, “Thankyou that’s right. Thank you very much, we do host it.  And we hope we do as good a job.  That’s very nice. That will go to my son Barron.  We have no question. In fact, Melania, here ya go.” And he tossed the ball to her and smiled and said, “Okay.”


Immediately after, the fake media started a firestorm of gaslighting of what may be inside the soccer ball. Lindsey Graham tweeted scathing comments pointing to Russia Gate,  Syria and Iran. And followed up with devious chatter of not allowing the ball near the White House, even accusing Putin of having it , “bugged” with an embedded listening device. Warning Trump to have it immediately checked by security and more bla, bla, bla Graham speech that he is known for.

Graham gave away his not so secret standing with the Dems on his RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA participation. McCain would have been so proud of him. Wonder if he also feared what Putin may have told Trump about him? The media always covered but never reported any of Putin’s Press conferences. Especially not those on ISIS and the paid Obama mercenaries in the Middle East. And especially not the times Putin shamed Obama and Bush for their war on terror that gave them permission to declare war on any nation, any time, for any reason they declare. Now we know it is true the deep state embedded inside the system can even declare war on America, or so it appears.
Is it just me or does he look like someone got hold of him and told him what he better say? Not as cocky today and he looks like he’s choking on having to say it.
Comment regarding video above: Does anyone find it odd that the cyber checker sliced out the chip from a different Adidas soccer ball and stated that – you now all see the soccer ball presented to Trump was just a ball? Not saying the soccer ball presented was or wasn’t…but I am pointing out how ridiculous this proof that there was nothing in Trump’s soccer ball is. It’s like saying I might have a “bug” in the heel of my shoe and having someone tear open the heel of another shoe same brand, different color, and say…so now you see, there is nothing in your shoe.

The gift set off a media firestorm  with accusations that the ball may have a transmitter chip. CNN, MSM and fake news all reported suspicions. One headline at the Root stated “CNN -Yep, That Soccer Ball That Vladimir Putin Gave to Trump Had a Transmitter Chip.” MSM and Dems were all in an uproar over the gift. It did have a chip. But later it was reported that the ominous gift had the same as every Adidas ball of that model . Who told them that? It appeared to be their own fact checking conclusions. Or were they now trying to drop the attention they gave it?

Video above: Q followers had their own take on the soccer ball. The topic went viral in their community. But to think this was done in the open? Right in front of their faces? That would definately be the only way Trump would enjoy it the most. But, that doesn’t mean it did. I’m just reporting what took place. In case you missed it or just listened to CNN.

Q posts were speculating a different view which then the news either dropped the story or began reporting that the model incorporates an NFC chip that provides customers with “exclusive” content. Showing that by tapping a mobile phone to these NFC-chipped balls, the Adidas website explains, users will be directed to the “Telstar 18 experience”

 So what was Graham and the press so afraid of finding in the soccer ball that made the gift consume the media for weeks?  

What was Graham and others so afraid of? Could it be that there was a gift being passed that viewers didn’t know about but the deep state feared?  After all, Putin had toyed with the idea of giving Trump the gift of Snowden a year earlier. Could the soccer ball be a trojan horse filled with a bunch of terabytes of much sought after information?  Or was it just a ball?


Which brings us to the next question. How many knew that Barron Trump was a computer genius? How many caught the meaning behind the gesture that the ball would go to Barron? Now we all know it went through a security clearance, and we can assume that if it did have a transmitter the right group would investigate that and not his son Barron. But, knowing how Trump always gives us clues, I am sure if there was anything to it…indeed that would be a gift of great importance. Who else at the time might have thought that?  Who were the ones having a panic over it? Could they be identified as the same ones panicking now?  

It has since been rumored that the ball contained a numerous amount of terabytes of  NSA information that Snowden had acquired. But that was just a rumor. And no one knows any different and no one ever will.

Pray for America and sound the Shofar. The journey is historic and THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Dianne Marshall


As the hearts of the brave beat faster and faster and the weak lose a few beats, God is watching all things. Who holds the future man or God? That is the biggest question to be asked on this day. If you look to man to save you, don’t get in the way of the lions, for God is calling his lions out to the forefront to expose all that has been hidden and reveal the naked truth for all to see!

The video below explains the road less traveled. It is a must watch this day. For those who have been sleeping, or just to busy to take notice over the last four years…now is the time to see what has taken place and why the lion roars!


Why do they need the military to guard the Capitol?

Why is D.C. on lock down with armed guard check points on every street for any and all exiting?

Why are national guard at so many U.S. State Capitol Buildings?

Why are those at the Capitol in fear?

Why are those who fund ANTIFA/BLM/and paid actor groups in fear?

How many of the ANTIFA/BLM/and paid actor groups been arrested?

Where is the Mayor of D.C.? She called for no military presence. Did that happen?

Why is a flag on the Capitol at full mast?

Why does any of this matter now? What needs to be seen now? What is happening now? Look to God and pray you are in his protection and pray unceasing for the hour of grace and mercy is still in the land. The shofar is sounding…heed the call. In the name of Yeshua……behold the Lion of Judah! Praise him all ye nations.

Dianne Marshall


MOSCOW (REUTERS) – Russian President Vladimir Putin signed new laws on Wednesday December 30, 2020 giving powers to restrict US social media giants, label individuals “foreign agents”, and to crack down on the disclosure of its security officers’ personal data.

The laws also introduce new restrictions for protests, cap a year of constitutional reforms allowing Putin to stand for two more six-year terms in the Kremlin instead of stepping down in 2024 as he had been legally required to do.

Other reforms such as one granting former presidents lifelong immunity from prosecution have kept analysts guessing about his plans as Moscow’s ties with the West have come under new strain over the poisoning of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Read full report here:

THE NEW LAWS enable Russia to block or restrict access to sites that “discriminate” against its media, part of a campaign Putin has initiated to increase Russia’s internet “sovereignty” against the presence of creeping China-style controls. These laws were enacted before the bold move of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to permanently remove President Trump, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and a host of Key constitution loving Americans.

Of course main stream media was silent on this matter and focused on pushing fact checkers on social media sites as accurate amidst a growing one sided censorship for the new China influenced communist party calling itself Democratic.

Perhaps Twitters removal of a USA President was a show of power by social media techs to Russia’s Putin? If it was…they grossly underestimated the Bear as well as the US Military who have sworn an oath to protect enemies both foreign and domestic. It has been long known to those who have researched that the social media tech and all its’ algorithms are controlled by the NSA, CIA and dark hats in the military. The patent for this technology was stolen in the Patent office from Leader Technologies and further developed and put into use. Who does not believe that Putin did not know this? I’m sure many sheep who sleep still believe a kid in college over a two week period created the highly advanced technology. For those who still believe that one…you have been programmed to accept a double mask. Just move along now, nothing here to see. Go back to CNN and let them tell you what they are told to say. Fear or even hate your God fearing conservative neighbor and go back to sleep.

Sleep Crown, Over-The-Head Pillow, Sleep Better, Natural Ways to Sleep

They also failed to consider that President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting social media companies on Thursday, May 28, 2020, just days after Twitter called two of his tweets “potentially misleading. The house and senate failed to act on section 230. But, they also failed to remember the other executive order signed by President Trump on September 12, 2018. Executive Order Reads:


It is now more apparent than ever that social media has committed one sided censorship in a United States Presidential Election, along with interference both domestic and foreign. President Trump’s White House Lawyers have presented their case for voter fraud on deaf ears to the legal system, yet…many believe this is now over after the actions of congress on January 6, 2021.

 There is no time limitations on seditious acts of treason, nor on a coup to overthrow a sovereign government. Those who took part in this deliberate act will not go without consequences. 

WE THE PEOPLE who have watched all of this come down and have been censored are now hearing many evil and wicked threats of what may happen to any who have supported the last president of the United States of America. Because of these threats and many that have already begun such as job losses, book deals canceled, etc. it is imperative that WE THE PEOPLE stay informed and watch the entire debacle play itself out.


This is not a drill. This is not a joke. This is not a movie. This is taking place. This is reality.

Pray for peace and safety for all.

Dianne Marshall


General McInerney stated that the president understands that America is in grave danger and the republics and nations around the world are in grave danger. Freedom and liberty around the world are in peril. We are in full and ready military operation now to remove threats, both people and issues that are a danger to the Republic.

Doug Billings of Rightside stated, The black outs will be caused by the good guys so don’t panic and be fearful. The white hats will cause the blackouts so they can get the bad guys. There may be mass arrests. Some we may see and some we may not. GITMO or Guantanamo Bay may be a busy place.


Doug Billings of Rightside has inside information that he states is accurate. Some of what he has been told are mentioned below. I am writing some key points out,  just in case the video is removed. It is all  mentioned in the video.

“The Democratic party does not exist anymore. They are no longer an American Political party. You are not an American party if you want to destruct America and make it socialism and communism.

“Many of the republican party joined in the path to destruct America and hand it over to the socialists and communists.

“Trump signed an executive order forbidding US companies to do business with China. China has considered that an act of war.

“General  McInerney  said if China crosses border they will be immediately eliminated for they are waiting at the borders. The visit to the wall was a signal to China that we take it serious about their troops and we know this is not a drill.

“The Mayor of Oklahoma City was notified that the insurrection act was activated and that arrests will begin in that city. That is the first of more cities in which arrests will take place. Why Oklahoma City? Because  there are enemies planning on planting ‘DIRTY BOMBS’ in cities across America and Oklahoma happens to be one of those cities. General McInerney made it clear to NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT YOU SEE IN THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA. It is optics or out right lies/disinformation.

“Trump is using the Art of War and one of the tenets in that is to get the enemy to reveal himself. To demonstrate that, take a look at what has been going on over the last few weeks.  Take a look at all the traitors to the president. Take a look at all of the ones that are disloyal who have been revealed either by their actions or by a forced hand by President Trump or they simply came forward themselves and admitted they are no longer aligned with the President.  For example those who were once favorable with auditing the election changed their alliance such as Kelly Loeffler , Lindsey Graham, Marsha Blackburn, just to name a few.  “Yes we’re going to audit. Then the mob happens and they change their mind.”

Soring bill advocates blame Blackburn, McConnell for lack of action |  Tuesday's Horse

It is very sad to see their true colors, especially in Blackburn, as she knows the mob was not Trump supporters. They all know this. So why did they change their stance?  Were their lives threatened, the lives of their families? Perhaps, maybe someday we will know and it is difficult to say what we would do if someone was threatening our children? Either way, whether threats were made or not, they indeed were faint of heart and sold America’s valuable right to elect their leaders down the drain. Some were always on the side of so doing. Lyndsey Graham was involved in Ukraine and Isis misdoings, he is afraid of being found out for his real crimes. McConnell has gotten wealthy off of China we can go down the list and find as many deceivers on the right as there are on the left.

Xi Jinping, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein,  Cory Gardner, Dan Sullivan | |

If anyone believes that the same voting system that stole this election is left alone and remains in tact, that in so doing it will secure their right to any future free elections…they are most miserably brain washed and have no sense of critical thinking. They are lost to propaganda and very much in the dark.

All who opposed came forward and the world saw who the “self -revealed” traitors  were to the constitution and the president. Many of them we expected for they already had exposed themselves, but on the 6th of January, 2021 – we saw a new wave of weakness and those unfit to serve.

Remember the evidence of cyber warfare interference in the 2020 election did not go away. No matter how much they would like to dismiss it and act like the truth is within their corrupt halls…they can never make a lie become a truth. What they did was reveal their own willingness to partake in corruption and treason to the American people.  They failed to uphold the constitution and they went along with those who plotted a coup, making their own selves an accomplice to treasonous acts. That is what the world witnessed and there is no undoing what has been done.

President Trump signed an executive order in 2018. All in congress and the senate partaking in the vote knew what was in the executive order, and for some strange reason, they all believed they would have no consequences by going against the constitution and making their own new set of laws as they went along with the charade. 

They have proof of China moving votes from Trump to Biden, they have proof of other nations also involved with the foreign interference. It is no longer a domestic issue, it is an attack by a foreign country and they who supported this committed a treasonous act.  How foolish they were to underestimate the power of One Nation Under God; We The People;  the president; the military; and true justice.  They will all reap what they have sown. For this is not just a US constitutional issue alone, this is a national and world-wide security issue.

General McInerney also stated that COVID was used to shut down economies and wreck them and to incite economic fear and instability. COVID was rolled out by China to help push the mail in ballot debacle that allowed the corrupt election.  It was a man-made virus that was purposely released upon the entire world by China.  The entire citizenry of the world has been affected by this.  They had to increase the death counts for there weren’t enough, and that is why we saw every death as a COVID death.

This certainly appears to have all the hallmark makings of an act of war directed at all of humanity world wide.  And who was with China in this attack?

US Capitol Police officer dies from injuries in riot by Trump supporters |  World News,The Indian Express

Nancy Pelosi Orchestrated The Riot At The Capitol …

Doug Billings stated the attack on the capitol was pre-planned and the attackers were ANTIFA, BLM, and those who planned it were from both parties. Both Democrats and Republicans were involved with the planning of it and the execution of it. He said that he had just heard that Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the riot at the capitol along with her colleagues and that is what the conference call discussed and he was just sharing information. Billings added , “All you haters and trolls shouting that’s just conspiracy theory….I’m just sharing information. If you are intellectually mature enough, you can do more research on your own of that topic. Do your research with multiple competing sources of your information and draw your own adult conclusions. Don’t rail on my channels, and on my youtube, and my pages that I won’t believe it until I see it. The same is true for me, I’m simply sharing information.”

Nancy Pelosi’s laptop is telling a big juicy story.  She now has female US Marshalls escorting her every where she goes inside the capitol building. You tell me why? It sure does appear she is under house arrest.

There are executive orders for state of emergency in the following states: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Utah and Louisiana declaring them states of emergency and possible disaster.

This gave them permission to move into these states. The situation may become hot around the 18th or 19th of January 2021.

Billings added, “I’m going to say four words, don’t let them freak you out. THIS IS A WAR. And you need to be comfortable saying that. Now it’s an information war, a freedom of speech war. If you have been censored on social media you are a part of that war. As Lin Wood said, all lies will be revealed and it will be glorious.”

20 Eccentric Images From The Rothschild Surrealist Ball
From The Rothschilds Surrealist Ball 1972 They seem to hold a lot of them. Why?
Lessons We Can Learn From The Rothschild Surrealist Ball | AnOther
From the 2015 Rothschilds Surrealist Ball.
Weird symbolism from 1972 Rothschild ball Video (Author: Alexia Brue)

In regards to finances around the world, Billings stated that the General said this is also about going back to the gold standard to get our financial house back in order. To remove the Rothschilds and others in power who have monopolized for decades the world banks and finances around this planet. This is not just a United States issue.

The Rothschild Surrealist Ball is filled with strange delicacies. I ask you why would a table be set to dine among such elite dignataries that run the world with such themes? Why would they partake in such things? Are they really that bored?

How many are aware of human and child trafficking?

Cynthia von Buhler: The Surrealist Behind "The Illuminati Ball"
Cynthia von Buhler Invites You to The Illuminati Ball - WWAC
I’ve heard of giving thanks before a meal…but this ???
Elite Spirit Cooking Dinners are all just normal…right?Kirby Sommers author, feminist, sex slave survivor on Twitter: "#Epstein  #Maxwell #Wexner #Rothschild #Surrealists #CIA #Illuminati 1972 Rothschild  Surrealist Ball.… "

This is another serious issue that will be coming out, so brace yourselves. These things are not mere fun for bored elite. These are serious celebrations and not to God almighty. They follow another most foul. These are the ones who own the swamp and these are the ones who the White Hats are standing up against. These are the ones that are fighting for their very existance and you will learn why real soon.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tested the satellite emergency broadcast system last Monday during a speech that he made at the Voice of America Symposium.  When his speech was delivered to all 209 members of that organization, it was sent out and translated into all of those native country languages. It had never been done before in that way. He did it to see how many of those member nations would broadcast his speech. And not one of them did.  (You heard it here same day on the Marshall Report, smile).  So now he knows that the emergency broadcast has to be used.

Bill ended with a final statement, “When you see God’s divine providence working through your life amidst adversity, amidst tragedy, in the challenges and in the joy and the wonder and the meaning and the victories in your life, you become grateful and grateful people are the happiest people on the planet. That’s the difference between you and me and the commie socialists in the world. We see the individuality that we possess and developed it and that’s how we make our countries, our neighborhoods, our churches our synagogues better. Because we develop our individuality, we become the best version of ourselves. The commie socialists and those folks would thrust their politics upon us because that’s how they think they improve the world, but they’re wrong and we know it so continue to pray and I ask that you pray for me and the show.”

Pray for America and the World for the sea of humanity cries out and their voices have reached into the heavens. Let your voice be among them!

Dianne Marshall


It’s not over for there is so much more to do. Stand strong, be patient, let the military do their job and let us do our job and that job is to pray for our Government and our Guardians in Combat at home and abroad.


God Bless America and God Bless WE THE PEOPLE!


Stand tall, be proud and pray. People need your caring and support now more than ever. We are not alone.

Together our hearts beat and beat and soon they will thunder so loud….the enemy shall flee!

Dianne Marshall


JANUARY 15, 2021

Judiciary Committee Releases Transcripts of Interviews Conducted During Oversight of Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

WASHINGTON – The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), today released transcripts of interviews conducted during its inquiry into the origins and aftermath of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation.

graham headshot

It’s too bad Senator Lyndsey Graham sat on all of this and did not reveal ANY OF THE FINDINGS PRIOR TO THE ELECTIONS. I doubt no one would have ever seen these if President Trump had not ordered them to be released. Senator Graham now comes out and acts like he has done the hard task of going over the documents and determined them to be as he states, “…one of the most incomptetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI and DOJ,” is another one of his yellow belly ways of trying to act like he is on the side of Justice. The truth is, his withholding the information until after the voter fraud election is one of the most foul things he has done in Washington, and he has done many foul things.

Grahams press release states:

“I consider the Crossfire Hurricane investigation a massive system failure by senior leadership, but not representative of the dedicated, hardworking patriots who protect our nation every day at Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice.

“As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I have decided to release all transcripts of depositions involving the committee’s oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. We have released as much material as possible, but some classified material has still been withheld.

“I appreciate all those who participated in the depositions and their candor. They have charted a path to allow us to reform the system.

“I believe that Crossfire Hurricane was one of the most incompetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI and DOJ.

“The FISA court was lied to. Exculpatory information was withheld on those being investigated. The investigators, with some notable exceptions, were incredibly biased and used the powers of law enforcement for political purposes. The subjects of the investigation had their lives turned upside down. It is my hope that counterintelligence investigations will be reined in and this never happens again in America.

“The leadership of the FBI under Comey and McCabe was either grossly incompetent or they knowingly allowed tremendous misdeeds. There was a blind eye turned toward any explanation other than the Trump campaign was colluding with foreign powers. At every turn the FBI and DOJ ran stop signs that were in abundance regarding exculpatory information.

“The FISA warrant applications against Carter Page were a travesty, and those who signed them have acknowledged that if they knew then what they know now, they would not have signed it.

“It is hard to believe that the senior officials at the FBI did not know that the Steele Dossier had been disavowed by the Russian subsource. It is equally hard to believe that the warnings from the CIA and other agencies about the reliability of Christopher Steele and the dossier were not known to senior leadership. It is my hope that the Durham report will hold those accountable for the travesty called Crossfire Hurricane.

“There was no ‘there’ there. The investigation was pushed when it should have been stopped and the only logical explanation is that the investigators wanted an outcome because of their bias.


“Former FBI Director Comey and his deputy Mr. McCabe, through their incompetence and bias, have done a great disservice to the FBI and DOJ, and the senior DOJ leadership who signed off on the work product called the Crossfire Hurricane investigation have created a stain on the department’s reputation that can only be erased by true reform.

“I hope that the media will look closely at what happened and examine these documents, but I am not holding my breath.

“I appreciate the hard work of Inspector General Horowitz who uncovered the massive abuses of Crossfire Hurricane. His team should be proud of the work they did, as it will be used over time to reform the DOJ and FBI.

“I’m proud of the Judiciary staff and the work product produced by the Senate Judiciary Committee. I am disappointed that Democrats did not take it more seriously, but I do believe what the committee did will pave the way for much-needed reforms regarding future investigations.

“I will be pursuing reforms of counterintelligence investigations and warrant applications, and hope that my Democratic and Republican colleagues can find common ground on these matters. I also hope and expect that FBI Director Wray will continue the reforms he has started. It is hard to believe that something like Crossfire Hurricane could have happened in America.

“The bottom line is that going forward we must have more checks and balances when it comes to political investigations. We must have more meaningful sign-offs on warrant applications, and we need to restore the trust to the American people in this system.”


BELOW are the 11 transcripts of interviews conducted during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiry into the origins and aftermath of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation. RELEASED BY CHAIRMAN GRAHAM.

FISA Abuse Investigation

January 15, 2021

Chairman Graham released 11 transcripts of interviews conducted during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiry into the origins and aftermath of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation.  (press release)

Handling Agent 1: Interviewed on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 (Transcript)

Michael B. Steinbach: Interviewed on Friday, June 12, 2020 (Transcript)

Stephen C. Laycock: Interviewed on Monday, June 15, 2020 (Transcript)

Dana J. Boente: Interviewed on Monday, June 22, 2020 (Transcript)

Bruce Ohr: Interviewed on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 (Transcript)

Stuart Evans: Interviewed on Friday, July 31, 2020 (Transcript)

Supervisory Special Agent 1: Thursday, August 27, 2020 (Transcript)

Jonathan Moffa: Interviewed on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 (Transcript)

Deputy Chief, Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, Justice Department: Interviewed on Friday, September 18, 2020 (Transcript)

Case Agent 1: Interviewed on Friday, September 25, 2020 (Transcript)

Supervisory Intelligence Analyst: Interviewed on Thursday, October 29, 2020 (Transcript)

September 29, 2020

Chairman Graham released a letter from Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe. DNI Ratcliffe responded to Graham’s request for intelligence community information regarding the FBI’s handling of Crossfire Hurricane.  (document) (press release)

September 24, 2020

Chairman Lindsey Graham released a letter from Attorney General William Barr and a declassified summary from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that indicate Christopher Steele’s Primary Sub-source was a likely Russian agent and had previously been the subject of an FBI counterintelligence investigation. (document) (press release)

August 23, 2020

Chairman Graham released newly declassified FBI documents and communications demonstrating the Bureau’s double standard when it came to the Clinton and Trump campaigns. (document) (press release)

August 9, 2020

Chairman Graham released a newly declassified FBI document that indicates the Bureau misled the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2018 about the Steele dossier’s Primary Sub-source and therefore, the reliability of the Steele dossier.  (document) (press release)

July 17, 2020

Chairman Graham secured the release of two recently declassified documents that significantly undercut the reliability of the Steele dossier and the accuracy and reliability of many of the factual assertions in the Carter Page FISA applications. (document 1) (document 2) (press release)

June 11, 2020

The Committee authorized Chairman Graham to issue subpoenas related to oversight of the FISA process and the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.  (press release)

June 3, 2020

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing titled, “Oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation: Day 1” with former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as a witness.  (hearing)

May 27, 2020

Chairman Graham announced that former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would testify before the committee at a hearing titled, “Oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation: Day 1.”  (press release)

May 19, 2020

Chairman Graham sent a letter to Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell and Attorney General William Barr to ask that the Committee be provided with the names of any official who made a request to unmask the identity of individuals associated with the Trump campaign or transition team.  (press release)

May 18, 2020

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced that the Committee would debate and vote on a subpoena authorization related to the FISA abuse investigation and oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.  (press release)

May 6, 2020

The Senate Judiciary Committee released a memo from Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to Special Counsel Robert Mueller regarding “The Scope of Investigation and Definition of Authority”. (memo)

May 6, 2020

The Senate Judiciary Committee released an additional declassified transcript between George Papadopoulos and an FBI confidential human source (declassified on May 5, 2020). (document)

April 27, 2020

The Senate Judiciary Committee released an additional declassified transcript between George Papadopoulos and an FBI confidential human source (declassified on April 24, 2020). (document)

April 27, 2020

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) wrote to Attorney General William Barr asking the Department of Justice (DOJ) to produce a number of documents related to information from Christopher Steele’s primary source who ultimately contradicted Steele’s reporting. (press releaseletter)

April 16, 2020

The Senate Judiciary Committee released three categories of material:

  1. Declassified DOJ materials related to the Crossfire Hurricane operation.
  2. Timeline of correspondence sent or received by Chairman Graham and Committee activity regarding the FISA abuse investigation.
  3. Corrective actions taken by DOJ and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court as a result of the FISA abuse investigation.

Dianne Marshall


This word has been given to me to say to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I am not a prophet, but I have been blessed to have the Lord guide me through the Holy Spirit and it was laid on my heart to share this to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

President Trump has given up his life, his privacy, his fortune, and his brand in order to stand as a gap between a wall of evil and WE GOD’S PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD. Not just in the United States but throughout the entire world. For it will be done without argument nor debate.

We have all watched the media, the congress, senate, and even members of his own cabinet bear false witness against him and drag his name through the mire, the crap, the streets, and proclaim falsehood after falsehood from the house tops for the entire world to see and hear. They have lied to the people and shamefully loved every minute of it.

They shamefully spent the last four years in congress and the senate doing nothing for the people that would heal wounds, and unite. Instead they gathered in secret and devised wicked plans to rid the nation of its President elected by the people. They tried to assassinate him numerous times, they tried to impeach him, now twice! They have treated Melania worse most horribly.  They mocked the son Baron and still do every chance they think they can get away with it. They have stolen the vote of the people, corrupted the courts in the land, and the SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts of the most highest court – the Supreme Court is led by the nose doing the bidding of wicked men and women.

These same have stolen children from families legally through Child Protective Services and sent them off to slaughter through underground tunnels leading into the secret chambers of the White House. They have stolen children and sold them to those doing sacrifices to Baal in rituals that are utter abomination to man, let alone kindle the anger and wrath of God almighty!  They have trafficked humans and children for sacrifices of blood drinking it! Gluttons for more blood they continue to torture and extract 10cc’s of adrenaline from necks of children and babes for future manufacture of adrenochrome.  They have partaken of these unclean acts on a world scale. Do you not know that God created the entire world and all his people fill it?

What part of this evil has God blessed? NONE OF IT!  And yet, there are many that shout,  “What about me? What about me?” They shout, I am tired of nothing happening. I grow weary waiting. Yet, they sit in their homes protected. They have not had their names spit on, nor wealth stripped. They have not been made a public mockery nor attempt of assassination on their lives. They go to work, eat well, and sleep soundly at night only to rise and point fingers at those called by my name and appointed by me saith the Lord of Hosts.

In the hour of my anointed that I have sent to lead you, where are my people called by my name that have said yes we believe and we must also stand for what is right in the eyes of God? Why have many of you abandoned my words? Where is your faith? Do not abandoned my son  Yeshua in the days of the great sacrifice.  I have hidden A LEADER for a little while because many have foolishly looked to men and not to me? Awake people and behold before it is too late for the Lord’s wrath is kindled and it is fomenting.

The Trumpets are Blowing! |

Thus saith the Lord, I shall end this evil and bring the oppression and my wrath down upon their own heads. The heads of those who seek to oppress my people I shall smite them all from the greatest to the smallest! There will be no escaping for I the Lord hath said it and it shall not be annulled! Search now the words of my prophets of old and know the hour is at hand that I shall shake the earth exceedingly and it is now even shaking.

But to my people called by my name, I say to you, stand still and watch the salvation of the Lord. For you were not appointed to the great wrath of the Lord God Almighty. I will send forth justice throughout the world, for the sins of the wicked ones have reached into the heavens and I am not mocked, saith the Lord of Hosts!

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 I have already unleashed my angelic army to guard my anointed and to unleash my fury out on those who desire to oppress and to devour my word, and my people! What they do in the dark shall be brought out into the light and they shall be found naked and shamed. There will be no escaping for what they thought to do to my people shall be heaped upon their own heads. Stand still and behold the coming of the great army of angelic host!

Dianne Marshall










I’m sure there is a story behind this and not what it appears to be. Perhaps it is just that the ragged old flag has seen its’ better days? Perhaps its just one of those that belong in the garbage? Perhaps it will get burned in the trash? Whatever the story is…I suspect it will wave again. Maybe not that one…and maybe it was just exposed to the virus? THE REAL VIRUS IS NOT COVID….they are releasing a load of documents today that will explain the real virus. I’m waiting to see all of that. I’ve had enough of watching the crap show. Anyone else?









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Dear Lord, in these trying days please give your remnant comfort, patience, courage, strength, wisdom, and reknew their faith. May we all keep our eyes focused on you for evil is at every turn. Let us not look at what man can do, but let us look to what GOD WILL DO! In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Dianne Marshall