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Charles Miller

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“ Governments are instituted among Men “

by Charles Miller


Original National Security Issue.

False Identification v Proper Identification.

Major Premise

When the governments instituted by Men fail or refuse to recognize their creators, the good People, properly, National Security is impossible as it serves others rather than the People.

[ For all you revisionist attempting to change the past from the present please recognize the fatal defects in your positions. Women now have the vote and semi equal opportunity and pay. Open slavery is no longer a fact of our culture. Old white men recognized the wrongs of the then cultural structures and changed them. No one else could. ]

Minor Premises

We are misidentified as United States citizens. This alleged, presumed citizenship is a legal, political and commercial impossibility! The United States is the administrative body operating the powers of our federal government, United States ofAmerica. No matter its structure the United States entity holds no authority to have citizens. The United States of America is a nation among nations. Nations as political bodies, all do in fact have authority to recognize Citizens, that is the recognition by which nations identify them selves in the family of nations. Not only is the citizenship recognized, it is required so the whole world knows and each country knows the legal obligations required when dealing with foreigners.

All powers of the United States of America and its administrative agent United States come from the People who never authorized the United States of America nor its administrative body, the United States, to create a subject class of citizens.

Citizenship recognizes individuals exercising their loyalty to a political body, National identity and proper identification. True citizen standing can never be forced nor achieved by deception.

The States of America as Confederated created the Union of States. Each State had citizens before the creation of our federal government under Confederation and Constitution. The States never surrendered the identity of, nor duties to its citizens to the national government either under Confederation nor Constitution. Thus, the United States of America is absolutely required to recognize State Citizens.

The proof of these statements is contained on the face of every passport. The name of the nation issuing the passport is, United States of America, not United States.

This one statement then proves the passport application is a fraudulent presentment, an enticement to slavery via false citizenship to a non existent nation. Further poof is the glaring fact that citizenship in or of the United States of America the issuing country, is not represented any where on the form. Yet, the United States is represented as having citizens.

It is well established fact of law that the states are independent nations as they have been from day one, July 4, 1776. Yet the passports as issued lists country of birth as a United States vassal entity of unknown source and not the real country of birth, a Union State. Union States are identified by Constitution as originally issued and have never been changed by the good People. The legal identity of Wyoming for instance is separate and different than the legal identity of WYOMING.

When the United States of America issues an identification document that refuses to recognize the original political jurisdiction belonging to the passport applicant a very high form of identity theft takes place. The word ‘belonging’ is the correct application. When some creates something they own it. The good People created governments. The good People never transferred in any manner their personal property, Political Will, to the entities created to serve as government. We merely loaned our personal property in order to legalize force to protect us as the lender and Creditor to all governmental powers. Thus, governments belong to us, the good People, as a right of property and property right.

States venue is defined by exterior boundaries. The United States venue is defined by the Constitution. The same Constitution creating the United States of America and its administration of national powers operating under the name United States defines United States venue as a specific limited area gifted to the nation by the Union States of Virginia and Maryland, and other places gifted by other states for forts, magazines, arsenals and other needful buildings.

This constitutional fact has never been altered.

Jurisdiction may be waived.

Venue can never be waived.

The United States venue being so limited is then incapable, even if the entity it’s self was capable of having citizens, of extending citizenship to any one other than those born on its venue. To exceed the venue limits by extending the limited powers of the United States into the Union States and claiming citizens, then becomes an invasion by a foreign party to the Union States. This is in fact and deed a badge of slavery perpetrated by the United States in direct contravention to its self admitted bar against slavery. Further the mere claim that United States has citizens born in and on one of the Union States admits a false statement and deception at the very least

When the People are misidentified in such an amateurish circumvention of common sense and logic, by alleged government actors claiming to be employed by the United States, it is an impossibility that these same alleged public servants could ever provide National Security to the People.

It is absurd to induce reliance on government actors, the good guys allegedly, hiding in notoriously corrupted Secretary of State, Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation ect. ect. If there were actually good guys, white hats, in these and other departments they would be known and honored. NSA, No Such Actors, certainly appears to apply. See Public Servants Pledge and Letter published prior.

If the People cannot identify loyal and honest government servants, it is idiocy to believe honest properly functioning within delegated authority governments exist!

There is no nation to secure when the government servants misidentify so openly the People each servant allegedly promised to serve and protect.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Barr, are required to insure that We the boni fide Americans that you promised to serve are properly identified, or, you will be creating a certified public record that the United States of America for all practical purposes does not exist.

The error of misidentification is an identity theft. Our identity as State Citizens first and then Citizens of the United States of America has been stolen. The proof of the charge, a massive Constitutional Tort, is the passport application and the issued passport. The ultimate theft is the perversion of the People’s law of Constitution and the detention of the Peoples laws from open public access. The result is SLAVERY to a never identified entity operated by crooks managing human capital for private profit.

The errors founding the fraud of United States citizen being on any government document is only resolved by the admission of mistake. Then correcting the mistake by proper action.

Mr Trump as President and Mr. Barr as Attorney General are required to decide right now. Mistake or intent to defraud, deceive while enticing to involuntary servitude the good People to a nil tiel, void, non existent jurisdiction of United States citizen.

We the People are not responsible nor required to correct the errors or mistakes of the United State or the United States of America, every government servant is.

We the People are not required to do our servants jobs. Our job is to inform you of what Beneficiaries require. It is the public servants job to fill out government forms. That’s what they are paid to do. Government forms belong to and bind the government not the People.

The good People are the exclusive Beneficiaries of all governmental acts because We are its creators under intent to serve our need exclusively.

We will not be coerced into using misleading fraudulent government forms in order to receive proper recognition by the country We created. The passport application is a fraudulent document issued by the the United States. The First and Highest National Security Issue is proper identification of Citizens.

If Mr. Trump and Mr. Barr choose to keep their word then it is required you order your Secretary of State to contact each of us and clear the misidentification up by issuing proper identification documents in the form of Passport. Further every data base that has us misidentified us must receive a correction document. We will direct your Secretary of States Office on how to achieve these results. Thirty (30) days should be adequate for completion of this task, particularly considering the duly served proof of contract documents received September 18, 2019.

The Passport Book itself is a fraud. The cover identifies the nation among nations as United States of America, the issuer. The first page identifies the nation’s Secretary of State as the issuing agency authority. On the second page the fraud and misidentification begins in a blatant manner. The signature of the identified Citizen is required to validate the Passport. The validation is on the first page. All signatures of live flesh and blood beings are upper lower case. Artificial entities are not identified in this manner. Yet each artificial person requires the signature of a live being to be present to move that constructed personalty.

The second page at the top declares UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. United States of America and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are completely different legal entities. Both are proper names. Each identifies a legal construct of one sort or another. Neither one is recognized in the Passport Application form provided by UNITED STATES or United States.

The individual citizen identified is ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, which is, even according to the governments own Style Manual, a different legal capacity than the flesh and blood signer under the penalties of perjury.

The Union State created by the People is not identified. Again the ALL CAPITAL STATE is recognized as the original venue of the signer. Wyoming being a separate and different legal personality from WYOMING admits the fraud.

The artificial STATE nor the artificial PERSON represent the true identity of the People’s original State nor the individual American.

The Passport Application and the Passport itself are misleading, improperly identifying the parties of State Citizen, political body of the State created by the People, and country United States of America. In short a fraud in fact, deed, execution resulting in identity theft and detention of the Citizen to a foreign never disclosed jurisdiction with no venue identified.


A few questions invite real Americans to come to our own conclusions.

  1.     If our government misidentifies We the People, do we have a government or is what is called government something else?
  2.     If self professed Public Servants refuse to properly identify the good People as the source of authority to be served, first last and always, is that a badge of slavery?
  3.     If an American allows the government We created to misidentify us individually or collectively, did We admit and confess to being subject servants to government?

Now, what are you Mr. and Mz. American going to do????


Until the American People demand our alleged public servants properly identify We the People, there is no hope of honest government.

Any thing that starts in a fraud, misconstruction or with misidentification will always be what it started as !