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Judge Anna Von Reitz: Do I Have To Draw You Guys a Picture?

Judge Anna Von Reitz

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Do I Have to Draw You Guys a Picture?
By Anna Von Reitz

March 10th 2018

Addressed to the Oregon Assembly, March 10, 2019:

Do I have to draw you guys a picture?

You are mucking around in THEIR system instead of building your own.

You are going to get into trouble just like the Colorado Nine and for the same reason.

Thomas Deegan spent two years in jail already.

He was released for reasons he doesn't comprehend.

Now he is leading all the rest of you right back into the same trap again.

How many times does this have to happen and how many people have to suffer before you knot heads get it through your thick skulls?

They aren't us.

Repeat: they aren't us.

They never have been.  They still aren't.

Their court system isn't our court system.

US Citizens aren't Americans, even if they were born and bred here in the States.

Ask yourselves --- how could a political status that is literally created by the Constitutions be the same political status creating the Constitutions?

Americans are Parties to the Constitutions.  US Citizens are subject to the Constitutions.

While acting as US Citizens (Federal Employees, Dependents, and Franchisees) you have no rights or guarantees provided by the Constitutions, you have only obligations and duties under the Constitutions.

So if you want to exercise your guarantees and exemptions you have to: (1) reclaim your birthright political status as an American State National/American State Citizen; (2) repopulate your States of the Union; (3) boot up your own court system to enforce the Public Law, including the Constitutions.

Instead of doing what needs to be done, you guys keep on thinking that you are going to use their court system against them.

You think that your Common Law Grand Jury is going to "put them in their place", when in fact all you are going to do is transgress onto their turf and get yourselves into trouble just like the Colorado Nine did.

That's why I drew the line against Bruce Doucette and that's why I am drawing the line against Deegan, Destry, Sun-Tzu, et alia.

You are wasting your time and your energy doing something that: (1) is never going to work; and (2) that needlessly endangers innocent people; and (3) has already been demonstrated as a dead end; and (4) detracts focus and energy away from what actually needs to be done.

If you are all stupid enough to go down that path in view of what I have forthrightly placed in front of you, and despite the demonstrated results of what happened to the Colorado Nine who did the same thing as you are promoting now, then you have only yourselves to blame and you can in no way blame me or take reference to anything I have said or done in your defense.

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