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Warning About Increased Vermin Activity


By Anna Von Reitz

February 22nd 2018


Warning About Increased Vermin Activity


They are swarming now. Just visualize all the rats running from the ships down "rat-lines"--- big ropes -- willy-nilly into the water and onto the docks, and then back onto the ships and then mashing about with all the cockroaches that have similarly been disturbed..... its mass confusion.


You will hear many queer rumors and offers and there will be know-nothing quacks all over the internet seeking to sell you Shinola. Have none of it.


You must be very careful about signing anything now and vigilant about people making "offers" of any kind--- including "summons" to courts, "Notices of Liens" and other such veiled offers to contract that appear to be demands or obligations.


A summons to a court is not an obligation of yours, so long as you timely object to it. A "Notice of Lien" is not a lien, and anyone enforcing a presumed lien on the basis of such a Notice is engaged in fraud and racketeering that needs to be reported to the local police and magistrates. This includes banks that are in the habit of using NOL's as an excuse to let their own IRS Bill Collectors pillage ACCOUNTS in their behalf instead of requiring an actual Court Order.


A summons to "Jury Duty" as part of a jury pool you don't naturally belong to, such as a jury for a Territorial or MUNICIPAL COURT, is not only moot, you would be committing a crime to answer it, beyond replying that you are not a "voter" and not a "US citizen".


Same thing with filing 1040 Forms which require you to swear under penalty of perjury that you are a "Withholding Agent"--- a warrant officer in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service. Once you know what a "Withholding Agent" is, you can't very well claim to be one, can you?


Your signature is in many ways your most precious possession, so guard it well. Always copyright it by using a "by-line" when you sign anything--that is, write it like this: by: James Allen Jones (c)

-and you can also use the "c" enclosed by a circle after your signature to indicate that you own the copyright.


This prevents or provides for punishment of the vermin if they then use your signature in any inappropriate way, such as making false claims against your assets.


Be on your guard, people, and follow along with the logic of things so that you aren't taken unaware or sucked into something that merely appears to have authority or merely appears to be a good deal.



Jenny WileyFebruary 22, 2018 at 6:27 PM


I know this statement is true: "A "Notice of Lien" is not a lien, and anyone enforcing a presumed lien on the basis of such a Notice is engaged in fraud and racketeering that needs to be reported to the local police and magistrates." But has anyone ever succeeded in getting the police or magistrates to do anything about it? Seems to me they are just as ignorant as the rest of the population. I still have these notices filed in 1998 in the county court against my property, then 10 years later, they were refiled, and just recently, 10 years after that, refiled for the second time. (Note that I had contacted my congressional representatives and senators, but they just turned my complaint over to the IRS, and nothing ever became of it). complaint. I will be abandoning my home next month because I am unable to sell it for enough to pay off these fake "liens" and the mortgage on the house. I have tried using the "Lucretia advice" route Anna specified, and it didn't work either to have the lien notices removed, then I went online and complained to the Trump White House, and it seems they must have sent some communication to the IRS because the IRS send me a 'give us 45 more days to research this' form letter. That 45 days expires at the end of February, though. And the lien notices are still there in the county court.


The IRS Revenue Officer told me 20 years ago he was going to tie me up for the rest of my life because I wouldn't admit to having (nonexistent) offshore bank accounts. So last week I just make the decision to abandon my home and move. NOTHING will ever be bought in my name ever again. So, while the truth about these notices of liens is out there, in this hard reality, it doesn't mean a thing.