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Join a CLASS ACTION lawsuit for Land Patent enforcement? - STOP property tax, PREVENT foreclosure

Alan Kreglow

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April 24, 2012

Those of us involved in the Republic Land Patent process are considering group Land Patent enforcement in the form of a CLASS ACTION lawsuit to STOP property tax, PREVENT foreclosure and generally enforce absolute ownership of Land afforded by possession of the Land Patent.  Let me know if you are interested. 


To participate, you will need to be in possession of the Land Patent or other Grant of absolute ownership of the Land that was granted to the first owner, his heirs and assigns, forever.  "Land", as understood in the law of land, is the empty space within the boundaries of your property from the center of the Earth out to the heavens.  Without ownership of the Land, you can own the physical Real Estate but this still leaves you as but a tenant with respect to the Land. 


I can help you obtain possession of the land patent. 


For those not familiar with the Land Patent, before I attempt to describe our recent thinking on Land Patent enforcement, please allow me to provide a little background on the history of the land patent.

As many of you know, the original Land Patent was a grant of absolute ownership (= allodial title) from the U.S. government to the original owner of the Land.  In the original 13 Colonies, the King of England was often the source of the original Grant of absolute ownership of Land.  Such grants were made to the original owner, "his heirs and assigns, forever". 


Today this means that if you are in the line of succession of heirs and assigns of the original grantee of the land that includes your property, you are an intended beneficiary of the original contract between the U.S. government (or the King) and the original owner.  However, only if you accept and bring forward the contract of land patent/ grant for your benefit do you own your land absolutely, just as the original grantee did.  Without accepting and taking possession of the land patent, you do NOT own the Land and legally you are just a tenant on your property.  For example, a deed to husband and wife will often describe them as "tenants in common".


Additional background on land patents is available at <-- best viewed in any browser OTHER THAN Internet Explorer so the site will display properly.

BENEFITS OF LAND OWNERSHIP via possession of a Land Patent/ Grant of absolute ownership:
* A Deed does not convey ownership – you are a tenant on the land, not a land owner.
* A Land Patent is the conveyance of land from one sovereign (the President, Governor, King) to another sovereign.
* Only sovereigns can update and bring forward a Land Patent. Only Sovereigns can own land.
* A lawful Land Patent is the highest form and proof of ownership.
* Only land owners are electors and only land owners can vote for the President.
* A lawful Land Patent has never been defeated in court.
* The Federal District Court must uphold all lawful Land Patents.
* A Land Patent exempts the land from property taxes.
* A bank cannot repossess land that has a lawfully updated Land Patent.
* A City or County does not have legal authority to enforce codes on land that has a lawful Land Patent in place.
* A City or County does not have the lawful authority to confiscate and sell land for taxes if the owner has a lawful Land Patent.
* Land Patents never expire. Land Patents last forever. Land Patents do not need to be renewed.
* An owner cannot transfer a Land Patent to someone else. It must be brought forward by the new owner.
  A. Contact your certified Land Patent processor such as myself, Alan Kreglow.
  Q. Why do I need a Certified Land Patent Processor?
  A. A Certified Land Patent Processor is Trained and Certified by Dominion ServicesSM and is trained to guide you through the process. You will have a better understanding of the Positive Law pertaining to Land Patents and the history of the Land Patent. You can avoid the pitfalls.
Only a Certified Land Processor can arrange for registration of your perfected Land Patent with Republic Records Bureau of the Republic for the united States and remove that land from the county tax base so you no longer pay taxes on that property.
Now, with that understanding, I can get to what I want to tell you, namely our latest thoughts on land patent enforcement - A CLASS ACTION lawsuit.
In the Republic Land Patent process we are coming to a time when there will be hundreds and thousands of us who have either obtained possession of the land patent on our property, or who have begun the process.  


We want to create an inexpensive way to gain enforcement of our rights, so we can all be in absolute possession of our land, free from unlawful interference by a foreclosing bank, by county officials who want to impose unlawful property taxes on land for which we possess the land patent, or by a City or County or a State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), for example, that wants to enforce its codes, hunting restrictions, etc. on our Land.

We are thinking of arranging a CLASS ACTION lawsuit to obtain inexpensive enforcement as a group.  If enough people participate, the cost could be as low as $2000 or so.
If you are in an urgent situation - for example if you need to stop a foreclosure NOW, this CLASS ACTION may not be quick enough for you. 


For anyone facing foreclosure I have found an experienced paralegal who will analyze the paperwork sent to you and filed in court in connection with a foreclosure.  He will prepare paperwork to effectively challenge the foreclosure in Federal Court.  This challenge can include a Bloomberg forensic audit to document whether the foreclosing entity has possession of the original note.  If your mortgage note was securitized, they do NOT possess the original note.  In other words, they do not have "holder in due course" status, which means it is illegal for them to foreclose.  Foreclosing on a copy of the original note is as if they were trying to cash a Xerox copy of a check.  To foreclose, they need the original note with your wet ink signature, not a copy.  I can connect you with this paralegal if you want his help.

It will most likely be necessary to enforce our land patent rights in Federal Court.  If you would like to join together with a large number of similarly situated people around the country who want enforcement of their rights to enjoy absolute ownership of their land, I hope you will contact me and let me know of your interest so I can communicate your interest to those who want to organize a land patent CLASS ACTION lawsuit so we can all gain enforcement of our rights.  
Please let me know if you are interested in the CLASS ACTION suit, or if you want to prevent foreclosure or stop property tax. 
-- Alan

Alan Kreglow

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Keep your home - Ask me how!

Through a land patent process I can help a landowner secure absolute ownership of land via possession of the land patent, so regardless of what may happen to personal, national, or global  financial circumstances or ability to pay mortgage, property taxes, etc., you can not lawfully be removed from your home.  

The land patent is the strongest title to land known in established law, superior to even attempted government taking, and is enforceable in Federal Court. 
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