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We the People

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I talked about the word, "People" in my book, The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite.  I stated that the word People was not defined in any law dictionary to mean a human being, a person nor a man or woman, or man created as female or male by God.  Sheessh eh?  The English language practice of using the word people means all of us, but when you capitalize it the way it is in the US Constitution the meaning becomes to mean just specific People, not all people.  The “Founding Fathers” who signed the Constitution were only witnesses too the Constitution.  On the reverse side of the Constitution it had the word witness written for each signature, so I am told.  According to David Icke’s research the original US Constitution hangs on the wall in Temple Bar inside the City of London, a sovereign state inside London, England.  Thus the US Constitution only applies to the People who created it at Temple Bar and I suspect only particular members there in, thus most Bankers, Lawyers, Freemasons and the Illuminati I would think, but there would have to be an association with Temple Bar in some way.  The USA does not exist on the earth, as it is not defined as being on the earth in the US Constitution.  It exists only on paper such as a map of the earth, but not on the earth.  God created the earth and it thus they can’t say that the USA owns the earth, it belongs to God and all of creation.


All Law flows from authority and all law resides inside a fictional world.  Law is simply Rule from an authority.  You do not see the word “Law” mentioned on any of the Codes, Statutes, Regulations, Orders, bylaws etc., do you?  Why?  Because all law comes from man and not from Government or thus a fictions.  A fiction does not exist, so it cannot create.  Thus where does our authority come from to create law?  It comes from Genesis 1:26-28 of the King James Bible, where God gives us dominion over all the earth and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.  Dominion means to Rule.  We have absolute authority to rule and thus create law that affect living things that moveth upon the earth and anyone calling themselves other than a man created as male or female by God is saying that they are a living thing.  Thus the Pope and all the Kings and Emperors of the world of fiction have no authority over God, who has given all man kind dominion.  By us having dominion over all the earth and over every living thing upon the earth, each of us have total authority to create laws and issue orders to those who are pretending to be in the imaginary world.  Law does not exist on the earth, because we all are part of creation and share in our dominion.


What they Government does is they create a fictional entity called a Person and write it down on a piece of paper.  When you go to court they are not talking about you, they are talking about the name on the Birth Certificate or Drivers License, not you.  The problem is most people do not ask the following questions up front:


You do not follow their Order to stand or sit, when the clerk calls out Order in the Court for that gives them Jurisdiction over you and you have not determined what if any court you are in.  In truth they are not courts at all, but a Pirate Ship carrying out Piracy on an imaginary Sea and the Officers of this ship are simply pretending to create summary judgments for profit.  All they want is for you to bow to their authority.  God created all man equal and this is just a fictional situation that is not bound by God or the Queen or any Constitution.  All the laws they pretend to enforce are not applicable to you, because you are on the earth holding dominion over these actors.  So they simply created a box and play lets just pretend we are not on the earth, you bow to them they got you.  This is all run by Lucifarian Masons who are after your soul; they want to keep you off the earth and out of your dominion.



1.    Are you a Judge in Her Majesties Queen Elizabeth II Court and if so did you bring your Oath with you today as I want to verify that you have a signed oath bearing your true allegence to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and that you are operating from this point forward under your Oath?

2.    Is this Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth II Common Law Court upon the earth?

3.    If you cannot establish that the Queen’s Court exists upon the land, then you can say for and on the record there is no court for the name on the docket to appear and it seems very likely we have imposters pretending to be Officers of her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth II Court. 

4.    From this point forward is optional, but something to consider.  Sherriff/Bailiff Arrest those imposters now in the Queen’s Name.

5.    By my dominion as a man created as male/female by God I hearby order all charges withdrawn in this matter and all other charges that in anyway have been implied to mean man created as male or female by God here today.  Further all convictions are to be immediately reversed and all fines paid to be refunded to those who paid them.  Anyone on the docket that is being held in jail is to be released immediately and all fines dismissed.  This is to be done immediately.


If summoned to go to court you should check and see if it states the Jurisdictional Venue.  If it doesn’t, which it probably won’t, write them a letter asking for it as it is unclear to you as to where to show up with a name on a piece of paper for them.  Ultimately you have dominion over the paper as well as it is upon the earth.  You might ask as well if the court exists on the earth as the address does not say it is on the earth.  As a general rule, don’t sign their paperwork and don’t show up in court, send a letter instead full of questions.


For those who think you are in the USA, you might take note that the Judges Oath there states that they have no regard to persons, and yet all they see in their courts are persons, thus you have no protection of the Constitution, because the Judges do not regard you as a person having any rights or freedoms, you are as slave, if you believe you are a person that is.  The Judges end their Oaths with, So help me God.  Thus they do regard God or they would not say it.  That’s your in to make use of your dominion.


The Judge/Magistrate and others in the court will abandon the court if you continue to demand to see their oaths.  In Canada all Judges have false Oaths, because they leave the word, “do” out of their oath.   Either you do or you don’t bear true Allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Now the reason that they must is twofold.  First the Queen was sworn in using the King James Bible and her Religion is based upon the King James Bible.  Thus the Bible is supreme law because it has God’s words in it.  God’s word is limited only to Genesis chapter 1, as it makes specific use of the words, “and God said…”.  There is another point in Genesis where it also makes use of, and God said, but if you read back a bit it is LORD God not God saying this to Moses.  Now MOSES was the fiction that scribed the Bible and bore witness within the world of fiction that a reality of truth exists outside of fiction, which Lucifer, LORD God likes to play with.


The Queen is a fiction being acted out by a man created as female by God.  She chooses to do this because she worships Lucifer and does not want to follow God, but perhaps be at war with God as in Exodus 15:3 MOSES states that LORD God is only a man of War.  A man perhaps possessed by Lucifer here on earth?  This is not necessarily a bad thing; it simply reflects the duality we live within.  Lucifer wants souls and slaves; you want freedom, and then start making use of your dominion upon all the earth.


Here is a real court session where people challenged the Judge and the Jurisdiction of the Court.  It is a real life teaching lesson.


My book is currently being edited for grammar spelling etc, but you can download it to learn more.  It is called, The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite.

You can downlaod my book at:


Love and Light


April 12, 2010