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The Structure of Law

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God and Goddes --> Man  -->
We are all one with God/Goddess and Creation
Ego Mind of man Creates
| Fiction  --> Government  --> Instituions and Corporations --> Persons (debt slaves)


Our Natural Universe upon creation nothing has a name


Man imagines the Natural Univeers as being inside a box and puts names on everything and then names himself as a person.


When we step outside of the box back into truth man is there again able to create another box if he wants.  The names can change inside the box but the Natural Universe does not, because it is truth.


Truth is not fiction so as much as man tries to change fiction, the truth remains.


Creation does not create fiction it creates from itself for itself and all is equal to each other because it all comes from one Creator one Universal mind as it were.


Thus if we are all created equally there can be no authority in truth as we are all equal.


In fiction we can create stories and hierchy and control structures because nothing is really based upon truth, we simply commit a fraud by pertending that the Natural universe is created in fiction.



Lets say you graduated University and got a Diplomia.  The Diplomia was given to you by a University.  Can that University appear before us and say that it did?  No it can't it must have a actor in fiction a person do it.  A fiction can not create only man can, but man pretends to do it inside the box of fiction.  In truth there is no University in the Natural Universe.  Thus your Diplomia can not be applied to as being a man in truth, because it was not created in the Natural Universe.


The Courts and Law only exist in the box of fiction.  Outside the box all we can point at is a building structure that they call a court, but that is only hearsay, because if we change the name the building structure stays the same.  Thus all thier laws, which are not laws, but codes, rules, Statutes and regulations only exist inside the box and are created by actors in fiction.  The laws do not exist in the Natural Universe because the Court and the Government do not exist there.


All Law comes from Authority.  We are all equal to each other in the Natural Universe.  So they created this box and used extortion and violated our natural authority to the resources of this planet, by using force to control them.  They violated the natural equality of all life to beinfit the few over the many.  Countries exist in fiction not in the Natural Universe.


I can perhaps draw a picture to help you see this more clearly.  I realize that you are viewing your perspective from inside the box as that is all you have known.  You like everyone else has been conditioned to believe that the  living within the box is the norm, when it is the fraud.  This is why in Genesis 1:26-28 we are given dominion over all the earth and over every living "thing" that moveth upon the earth.  A thing is any form of life that has acepted a name or title and thus is operating unnaturally in accordance to the natural creation process.


If I said I was your King and you must obey me.  You would look at me and say, you are just a man, where do you get your authority from?  If I pull out a gun and force you to be my subject or trick you into being my subject, it still does not change the fact that we are both still man created in the Natural Universe by what you want to call the creator.  The universe is made up of energy and we are all constructs of that energy, all equal all one energy.


So let me know if this helps, maybe provide me with some questions and I can help you see this.  I'll maybe draw a diagram if that might help.

April 12, 2010