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We Are Chattel/Corporations, Traded on the Stock Exchange

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 Thank you for telling the truth about our government in your 2-26-2010 opinion posting.

 I\'ve know about the bonds the government has been writing on everything we do since birth and how all they want to do is throw people in jail so that they can make more money on more bonds. I personally found my social security number and birth certificate number out on the new york stock exchange being traded as a mutual fund! It is all a BIG scam! We are all Chattel to the government which is all controlled by a select few that by the way also control the rest of the world too. We have all been made into corporations so the \"powers that be\" can make money on us and control our very lives to their liking. We all need to wake up and take what our forefathers came to this country for. Freedom, sovereignty. Most don\'t even own our homes and land even after they pay them off to the fraudulent banks and finance companies. The states and feds own them. Some deeds even say that you are a tenant (which by the way are just a \"color\" of law anyway. Will people NEVER wake up!

 Thank you again for printing the truth as you always have!



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