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Constitutional Courts vs. Statute Courts

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This is a quick and easy distinction......just look at the flag in the Courtroom.  Constitutional Courts (Federal or State) do NOT have a fringe around the flag.....Statute Courts have a fringe.

If you enter a Stature Court you must understand that you are under statute law NOT Constitutional Law or Common Law, thus you have NO STANDING concerning Constitutional Rights.....period.  A Statute Court can only rule based on statute laws that have been passed by Congress or State Legislatures and thus disregard all other Constitutional or Common Law issues as being irrelevant with no "locus standai".  Simply you ain't gotta leg to stand on....and thus they boot you out or toss you in jail.

There are, of course, several major problems having a legal system with two heads.  Dick Eastman was correct in the first instance when he said that we should arrest all the judges (and prosecutors) for treason primarily because in their Oath of Office they have sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America (and also their own States).  Treason in the time of war is also a summary judgment with immediate dispatch.

But the bigger problem lies in Americans (and other common people of the world) understanding of the difference in the two forms of judicial presence and the fact that all Courts can only act against a "STRAWMAN" and not against a REAL MAN, as all courts are by definition a fiction and a fiction can only deal with another fiction.  Since you and I are REAL MEN and WOMEN the courts try to make you accept that the STRAWMAN FICTION that governments have created in YOUR NAME is really you.  And if you accept that it is.....then you come under that court's jurisdiction, whether constitutional or statute.

The trick here is thus being able to choose what law you wish to be judged under.....constitutional or statute. 

The Constitutional Courts were usurped by FDR and others when the United States of America Incorporated, Washington DC was officially formed in 1933 and took over (falsely) governing Americans.  This was a major power grab that meant that the Federal government could write into law just about anything that they could ever want and enslave the population "legally".  This has now reached a point where "corporations" are legally recognized by the Statute Courts as being "legal persons" (just like you and me.....strawpeople), with the same strawpeople Rights.....well maybe MORE rights because they have more money to bribe the statute judges.  But do note that this is a matter of "fictions vs fictions" according to statute laws that when passed are often more favorable to one party over the other (ie., big business vs the common man).  Simply, the common man cannot win based on statute laws.....the Statute Courts merely rule based on the laws that are on the books regardless of constitutionality or fairness (Common Law).

My solution has been to choose "legally" what system of Law you wish to be governed by.....Constitutional or Statute.  Should you choose Constitutional (Common Law) you should legally SIGN and NOTARIZE an official copy of the Constitution or the United States of America and the Amendments thereto.  A copy should be filed with both the Federal and State governments and keep plenty of copies for yourself as you may need them when it comes time to refuse to pay your illegal income taxes (prohibited by the Constitution) and when you refuse to comply to other unfair statute laws. 

Of course the fun will come in when THEY try to prosecute you and you march into THEIR Statute Courts and present your official credentials as being an American Citizen and official signatory to the Constitution, and then demanding that the bailiff arrest the judge and prosecutor for High Treason in the time of war and violation of their Oath of Office (check their Oaths first as these vary per State and Federal areas).

And if you are will get a whole bunch of friends to sign the Constitution with you and the whole gang can appear in a Statute Court and make a real "WhoooHaaa!"

It is time to be informed and stand up.  Choose the system of government that YOU WANT, not one that has been imposed upon you without your knowledge or consent.

I can't sign for you.  


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