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All Cap Revelation

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From: Rod Remelin
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 8:50 PM
Subject: All Cap Revelation
All Cap Revelation
The US Department of Justice admitted in US Supreme court case 07-5674, that the IRS was criminally converting names and creating a 15 USC Section 44 unincorporated corporation, and they were using that 15 USC Section 44 unincorporated corporation to facilitate the theft of property. They also admitted that a US citizen is a fictitious entity, which is why they spell the name in all block capital letters, because at common law a proper name is NEVER spelled in all block capital letters.
You can expect that the members of the US Congress know all about this, and use it to their advantage. Why do you think that they elected a guy born in Africa to the office of President?  It is because there is no such thing as a US citizen, therefore, the constitutional requirement that the president be born in the United States is impossible to fulfill….