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From: GP
To: 'Bellringer'
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2009 7:40 AM


The federal government is trying to use the argument that if the govt. can force one to get insurance for their motor vehicle, they can force a “person” to get insurance for themselves. Little do they know, the government agents, are beginning to let the “cat out of the bag”. The reason they can force one to get insurance for a motor vehicle is because it is a vehicle in commerce. Though a Class D license and vehicle does not exist in the statutory code, people agree that it exists with the license they voluntarily agree to and carry with them. We no longer have private automobiles. We convert our private automobiles into a commercial jurisdiction by turning it into a “motor vehicle” through the registration process. We then accept a license that is classified as Class D which means it is a commercial license. The same process is applicable to what we believe to be “private property” that was converted to “real estate” through the registration process. It is all part of the scheme to have everything in our lives classified in commerce and removing all transactions from the “private” realm. It makes everything a creation of government. That is exactly what is going on with health care. The government wants to control all aspects of our lives. Real freedom and liberty, eh!

Is the government now admitting the legal fiction they have created, with our names and our implied acceptance, a commercial vessel that can be used with legal force against our will? In other words, by using private script and debt/credit as “money” and voluntarily entering into contractual agreements, with government assigned numbers in a corporate world, we are no longer considered to be normal people created by God. Rather, we agree that we are artificial commercial entities created by the government giving them the authority to control our lives without having the freedom and liberty we claim as a basis for our “private” lives.