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TRADING WITH THE ENEMY from 'S' (Updated 4/27/09 one link, readable format)


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This is cae'S'ar writing from down south. 
I have attached pdf scan of a certain book that I told you about.  This is still target info that the boys from Brazil et al do not want out.  It goes into the creation of the BIS 1930 (right at time of fed bankruptcy) through WWII right to the time of Bretton Woods 1944.  All of this sets the stage, which I intend to futher elaborate for posting very soon, the US Supreme Court Hooven case, 1945, in which the definition of 'the three United States' was determined.  Everything going on behind and before Bretton Woods was/is a Nazi-American setup, PONZI SCHEME, which we now know much more about.  One need only read the words of Mendall House to Woodrow Wilson about what was going to be come upon the American People to ascertain the clear linkage between the British Monarchy and Bank of England with the BIS-UST-Wall Street cabal.... 
This is definitive research-based writing.  The initial 5000 copies were band and pulled.  Later, was  published by Barnes & Noble in entirety I am told.  Friends have original and reprint copy and they are apparently same.  I have reprint, but original was done in 1983, right at time of Leo Wanta-Reagan-Congress killed the USD/FRN as 'legal tender for all debts public and private' by repeal of HJR-192 of June 5, 1933.  I seriously doubt that the Nations of the world and those 'who should know' or those 'who will want to know' are aware of the FACTS contained in this book.  I do not know exactly what to do with it other than to suggest that:
1.  the 3 scanned pdf parts be 'broken' with some kind of program that cracks pdf's.  Then, combine either by cut/paste or other technical procedure into one coherent pdf document.
2.  in doing the above, clean any footprints as to who did original scan and/or 'save' before being forwarded, esp file properties etc.
3.  once in single doc format, get it to C and Bell immed.  Between you all, you should be able to get it into the hands of the right ppl given the impasse of current international conditions and goings on inside the DISTRICT.
4.  IF Bell and C and you and certain other ppl agree to post, then by all means do so.  As there is no commercial activity involved, but merely educational in nature, I can see no liability issue with posting it as a scanned doc.  If Bell perceives otherwise, I suggest that a call or email could be sent to Barnes & Noble requesting permission or to clarify if permission is needed.  Given the seriousness of the world US/USA situation at present, further delays in getting this out [if at all] could be 'lost opportunity' to bring this to bear at this time.
When taken into account as a major element of "missing time" [by official suppression] removed from the memory of the US/uSA and the world of Nations and People, and when combined with other historical elements now known in time, the orchestrated attack on and usurpation of the American Republic by internal and external forces foreign thereto becomes ever more clear.   By attacking the Repulic and usurping its People and their lawful government, and bringing them into International Law under both occupation and bankruptcy without their even knowing it, has also led to the orchestrated occupation and bankruptcy of other Nations by a power foreign to them.....the same power that is now rooted within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and the several united States of America.   The means of creating Empire by global 'reserve currency' 'debt as money' was the means to the end of the GRAND PONZI SCHEME, all a matter of converting the world into 'Debtor-Borrowers' of 'bank credit', which could never be 'paid', resulting in conversion of same into Debtors-in-perpetuity.
The creation of the Nazi-American controlled BIS, the eventual Bretton Woods Agreement, the Geneva Convention,  as well as other little known or secret treaties [of which Whistleblower is likely aware] is the means of implementation of a 'war plan' to subordinate and assimilate the entire world into the same scheme that was perfected here on American soil...  ie.  to 'convert' the Original Jurisdiction of the United States of America into a DEBTOR NATION, and then to further convert it into an alleged legislative Democracy while under military occupation/rule, whereby it then would become the means of creating and spreading the virulent effluents of an elaborately masked Nazi-Fascist military dictatorship backed by, owned and controlled by Fascist Neo-Feudal Theocrats of ancient 'Eastern' origins.
This book sets the stage and elaborates the means of cunning, deceptions, false disclosures, pretenses, rolling genocides, financing of terrorism and false wars, malicious intent toward the Ameican People and the entire World....a GRAND FRAUD-EXTORTION PONZI ARTIFICE AND SCHEME, brought into 'official acceptance' by orchestrations that defy even the most criminal minds.  
One will need a professional therapist and a pair of sun glasses on to read this stuff.





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