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Police and People Unite

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"I soon realised that the Police force was not what I thought it was."

Met Police Officer

"I feel embarrassed by the Police, I want out and I feel cheated out of a career"

Suffolk Constabulary Officer

"The level of stress, depression and denial is huge throughout the Police force"

Humberside Officer

"I do not and would not recommend to anyone that they join the Police force, especially if they want to develop as a human being!"

West Midlands Officer

Police Officers have been duped by their employers…and more and more ‘Policy’ Officers (corporate revenue collectors) are waking up to this massive deception every day! This site is for the Police Officers, government agents and people at large who have been, and are continuing to be, deceived into false beliefs. There are many waking up every day to this phenomenal deception, knowing that something is very wrong. So welcome aboard awakening friends and know there are many others like you. This information applies if you are in the UK, U.S, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, and EUROPE and so on!

• Did you know there is no obligation to give the Police your details?

• Did you know that we are currently moving into a planned Police State?

• Did you know that the authorities have no power over you unless you consent to it?

• Did you know that the Crown is not the Monarchy or The Queen? (Click for a Mark Owen report)

• Did you know that the Crown is actually a 677 acre sovereign and independent state known as ‘The City of London’ and does not fall under British jurisdiction?

• Did you know that the Crown (The City of London) actually comprises of a committee of 12 banks (money- changers) and controls the world’s economy, politics and legal authorities?

• Did you know that every single Police force is a run-for-profit organisation that can be found trading on Dun & Bradstreet?

• Did you know that there exist only three general laws that apply to human living souls? These are; 1) do not harm another living soul, 2) do not damage the property of another living soul and 3) do not use fraud or mischief in your contracts.

• Did you know that every other so-called law is actually a statute and does NOT apply to human beings unless we give our consent and/or agreement in someway, and statutes are policies for corporations only?

• Did you know that every court, council, The House of Lords, The Houses of Parliament and The Justice Department etc are operating as run-for-profit organisations and can be found trading on Dun & Bradstreet?

• Did you know that your Birth Certificate and National Insurance (Policy) are the legal fronts to pre-paid trust accounts that you are the beneficiaries of!

• Did you know that your National Insurance Policy is the only insurance that you ever need, and every other insurance is just re-insurance and this amounts to nothing more than bandits getting a piece of the action!

• Did you know that since the 1930’s, nearly every country in the world has been bankrupt and operating under Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction on the land as well as sea? (Watch 'The Occult World of Commerce' for more!)

• Did you know that the Bank Of England, Bank Of Canada, The Federal Reserve and nearly all other central banks are privately owned banks that enslave and control the governments of the world by forcing them to borrow money, at interest, and forcing the governments to keep increasing taxes (through statutes – see later) of the people?

• Did you know that the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank are also privately owned banks that hold governments and nations to ransom?

• Did you know that the elite bankers (money-changers) of this world control the Police, government and authorities and deceive us all into thinking that their corporate statutory rules are our laws?

‘Policy’ Officers have been deceived as much, if not more so, than humanity at large. They are told that they have authority and are there to keep law and order. Yet nothing could be further from the truth! The laws that the Policy Officers, and we in general, are fooled into believing are real laws, are not laws at all, they are statutes and only apply to corporations…and whether you know it or not, this is very much a corporate world! Yet if we take surety (responsibility) for these rules (statutes) because we don’t know the con-trick, we then believe that the so-called authorities can force us to stand under these rules…well, they can’t if you know the game and you don’t give your consent! You are a human being and living soul and equal to everyone else under God, and no-one has power over you unless you give it to them with your agreement. That is the first 'underpinning' real law.

By the way, if you have a Birth Certificate and/or a National Insurance (Social Security) number then a trust account/s exists in your name. This is the legal fiction/corporation that exists to trick you into attaching yourself as surety for, and therefore extracting revenue from you. More on this later and we know this all sounds very weird, mental and dubious at the moment, and that is exactly what the ‘Powers-that-Be’ rely on. Check out the videos from Rob Menard, Winston Shrout and download the free pdf books from Rob Menard and Mary Elizabeth Croft for further detailed information. These can be found on the 'Info Links' page.

Statutes, Acts, By-laws, Orders, Notices etc are NOT laws. Look up the meaning of the word statute in a world recognised Law Dictionary such as Blacks Law Dictionary, and this is what you will find;

Statute = a legislated rule of society given the force of law by the consent of the governed.

Society = a number of people joined by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal.

Your consent (agreement) is required for any statute to have the force of law, and they are easy to spot as they will have words like ‘Act’ in the title; i.e. The Road Traffic Act 1988.

One of the most highly regarded and well quoted editions of Blacks Law Dictionary is the 4th. More recent editions are watered down, so our recommendation would be the 4th or 5th edition & then prepare to learn much!

Look on any letter or correspondence sent to you by any government agency, bank and/or legal party, and notice that most of the time the name will be in ALL CAPITAL letters (which implies CORPORATION), yet far more important and telling is the fact that a legal appellation/title always appears first, i.e. Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, Madam or Sir etc. This means that the correspondence/presentation is addressed to a legal fiction, a corporation that was set-up under Admiralty Law jurisdictions using the deception and fraud of Birth Certificates and National Insurance (Social Security) Policies…there is that word again, remember Police Officers enforce Policies and not laws!

Have you ever heard of a language called Legalese? It is the language of the legal profession, not the law profession but legal profession…sounds strange, yet these are two completely different things! It is this very language (legalese) that has been introduced to keep the vast majority of people, including Policy Officers (corporate revenue collectors) ignorant to the true meaning of many words and their definitions when used within the legal (corporate) framework. For example ‘Submission', 'Application' and 'Registration’ and their true legal meaning is how the authorities have been gaining control over us. All the power the authorities have is because we have put our signatures on documents that have 1, 2 or all 3 of these words on it...& therefore we have consented!

Let’s go to the Law Dictionaries again.

Application: Means to beg, plead, petition, implore, entreat or request.’ Look at the assumptions these words create.

Must: Legally can be synonymous with ‘May’. Has two senses; Imperative or a directive. One creates obligations, the other defines conditions. Always a ‘directive’ when used with ‘apply’.

Submit: To agree to another’s will or to leave to another’s discretion; a form of surrender. Always voluntary, implies lawful right to fight.

Registration: To sign over for safe keeping. Always voluntary, abandons complete ownership for partial.

Person: Legal fiction, legal title, corporation.

Registration is a very interesting word. It comes from the Latin ‘rex, regis’ etc and meaning regal. So when you register something, you are handing over legal title over to the Crown; i.e. the elite bankers of the world. Look at the implications of registering your child, or being registered yourself when your parents were coerced into registering you on a Birth Certificate with the word ‘must’.

So by ‘submitting’ an ‘application’ for ‘registration’ what is actually happening legally is that we are requesting and pleading to surrender our will and decision making and to hand over our child to the Crown/elite bankers.

Now look on your genuine certified copy of your Birth Certificate (by the way, humans don’t give birth, they are born…ships birth/berth! Remember we are under Admiralty jurisdiction and in Admiralty everything is backed by bonds/insurance policies) and you will see a number, and this number will probably be printed in red, although not necessarily. This number is proof that a trust account was set-up and value was put into this account. This account is what’s known as a ‘Foreign Situs’ account or offshore account. This trust account was added (pooled) to all the others from the bankrupt corporation known as the UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED STATES, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, and/or AUSTRALIA etc (depending on where you are) and then used as collateral. This is how governments manage to borrow money from the privately owned world banks; they use us and our children as collateral, our sweat and labour is averaged out and a price is put upon every individual! The B/C is also printed on Bond paper = valuable!

By the way, if someone gets charged with smoking cannabis for example, the real reason why the corporate authorities call this an offence is because that person (legal title/corporation) didn’t ask the legal owner of the body (vessel) for their permission before inhaling the cannabis! Hard to believe? Wait until you really start to grasp what is going on here!

So when we reach the age of 16 the government comes to us with a new package deal. It promises to provide us with protection in the shape of an Army, Police force, Health Service, Fire Service, Social Security etc, and all we have to do to get all this is sign and ‘submit’ an ‘application’ for ‘registration’ to receive a National Insurance (Social Security) number. Now this number is a 9 digit code which means that it can be traded internationally! What can be traded internationally I hear you ask? Well in the land of bonds/insurance policies which exist in Maritime & Admiralty law, after we reach the age of 16 we all have a bond and insurance policy of unlimited value which was set up so we could still be involved in commerce after nearly all the worlds nations agreed to go bankrupt in the 1930’s, and therefore by removing all the money of substance (backed by gold, silver etc) out of circulation, they still had to leave us a way of operating in commerce; this was meant to be by pre-pay accounts, known as bonds/insurance policies. It is these bonds and insurance policies, evidenced by the 9 digit international code and the code on the Birth Certificates that offers the face and title to these very valuable trust accounts.

The National Insurance Policy (Social Security or whatever your particular corporate country calls theirs) is your insurance policy which is meant to enable us to pay for everything we need with just our signature…we all have pre-paid accounts in this bankrupt world, it’s just we have never been informed of the truth because the corrupt world bankers wouldn’t be able to control us if the truth was known! How can you ever pay when there is NO money? Easy, use Insurance Policies and we all have them!

Notice how many times the word ‘Policy’ has sprung up? It is in the world of corporate policies that a Police Force (Policy Force) would be needed. Look on your National Insurance card and notice that the name/legal title appears in ALL CAPITALS. This is because it is a legal fiction, a title, a person and just a corporation. It is NOT a human being living soul. Now when a Police Officer asks you for your name (legal fiction/person/strawman/corporation), they, like you, presume that you, the human being, has an obligation to give that information. You do not!

If you are a Police Officer reading this, then please try your best to find where in your rule books a ‘real’ man or woman is obligated to give you their details? You will fail miserably although you will probably be under the assumption that you have that authority. If a Police Officer asks you for your name, be very warm and caring, and then maybe ask them what name they are after…the legal or lawful name? If they say legal name, then ask them for proof of your obligation to give them that? You won’t ever see it because it doesn’t exist. For some great info on this very matter, click on the Anti-Terrorist link on the 'Info Links' page and watch this peaceful protester inform you of how to interact with Police appropriately and with respect. Remember the vast majority of Police are totally unaware of this information & how they are being manipulated, so treat them with warmth and respect.

If you are a Police Officer reading this, then we suggest that you read through all your training manuals and guidelines etc, and notice how all the so-called laws are actually entitled ‘Acts’. This is because they are not real, they are merely statutes and only truly apply to corporations…not ‘real’ men and women! You will be amazed and shocked to discover who your bosses really are! The rules that you are enforcing are corporate statutes that have been stamped on humanity using deception, fear and force. This is one of the main reasons so many people and Police feel so oppressed, and have a deep feeling of ‘wrongness’ about the world! So Officer, the next time you talk to another human being or joke about people you've ‘nicked’, or using force and/or tasers on men and women, just remember how you ended up with your belief system…it was given to you through manipulation, conditioning and conformity; and your ultimate bosses really do not care about you at all. They are using you blindly!

Do you know how governments use legislation to create revenue? They come up with a new statute and work out how much they believe that particular so-called law would raise in revenue per year. Then they take these projections to the open market and sell the rights of this statute to the highest bidder. Then they use the Police, Judges and Courts etc to collect the revenue. There is always new legislation moving through parliament, and most of it is just another way to collect more and more revenue and to offer more and more control of the sheople!

Wake up and join the growing consciousness. The links on this website will provide you with loads of information and research into this whole arena. Do not worry if it is from the UK, Canada or the U.S etc, as we all operate under the Uniform Commercial Code and you will notice that the same applies to nearly every country in the world, and the UNITED KINGDOM is leading the way in the 'Big Brother' Police State!

Help get the word out to Police Officers, other authorities and more and more people in general. Print the website address details out and hand them to Police Officers and whoever you like, as everyone deserves the chance to wake up! We have provided them in Word doc format and pdf.