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Male Bovine Feces

Larry Becraft

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Most do not have the contact with the "system" that I do: they don't go "there" all the time. In contrast, I do, and I go into court with clients where trashy "patriot mythology" arguments come up. These arguments are utterly baseless and do immeasurable damage to our cause.
I examine and study various "patriot mythology" arguments. The authors of these arguments make them sound good, but sounding good does not make them non-fiction or even true. To demonstrate my point, let me invent an

argument: using square paper for pleadings and motions gives a court jurisdiction over a defendant, and thus if you want to destroy jurisdiction, use round paper for your motions and pleadings. This invented argument is utterly without merit and would make anybody asserting that argument look like a damn fool.

There have been lots of books and websites that have promoted "patriot mythology". That book, "Cracking the Code" published by Victor Varjabedian and Jordan Maxwell, "educated" people that copyrighting your name was a "tried and true" method for defeating the govt. How do you copyright a name?!?! Others have, and still do, sell that trash about "names in CAPS." The below note had as an attachment a pleading drafted by a madman in Texas, Robert Fox, who persuaded a defendant to "resign"

his "trusteeship" and the ALL CAPS named defendant. I have encountered Jimmy Holden promoting "bankruptcy discharges criminal cases" when the bankruptcy code itself has a section stating that bankruptcy does not affect criminal cases. Trash like this does not help anybody, and makes matters far worse.

Those who know little about the law will fall for virtually anything; when these innocents accept legal arguments that have no substance, the argument certainly will not help, and assuredly will harm. This activity will never attract more Americans to our cause.
Please help stamp out trashy "patriot mythology".

Maury Jones wrote:
Many of us have been abused by arguments put forth which really sound logical and good, but have no proof that they are correct or, if  correct, that they get you anywhere but in trouble. Do your due diligence and don't look at the arguments through rose colored  glasses. We wish and hope so badly that "this is the silver bullet" that we spend hard-earned money on junk. On the other hand, if you have any proof that the below is incorrect, please bring it out so we can find the truth.

Subject: Male Bovine Feces
I have one final point to make before I walk out the door to go home for this holiday weekend. Here is a quote from guru Sam Kennedy:
"ALL CAPS legal person v. the lawful being
"Just who is the full caps person, i.e. JOHN JAMES SMITH? He's the legal fiction the government created to take the place of the real being, i.e. John James Smith. The lawful name of birthright has been substituted by a legal fiction created by the government. If

the lawful Christian name answers as the legal person, the two are recognized as being one and the same. However, if the lawful being

refuses to accept the legal fiction, the two are separated.

Therein lies the simple solution: Refusal by the lawful person to accept or answer for the legal person.
"How did this happen? A result of the federal government bankruptcies was their creation of a legal fiction known as THE     UNITED STATES as a part of their legal reorganization. Each STATE was also converted to their respective fictional legal person,

i.e. THE STATE OF IDAHO. Legal fictions can create further legal fictions, such as corporations or any other fictional person easily identified by being written with ALL CAPS."

This argument has been around for at least 15 years and has only served to get people into trouble. The BEST briefs I have read  regarding this issue are all trash and nobody cites any legal authority to demonstrate that this is a valid argument. In fact, quite  a number of people have raised this issue and gotten nowhere. I  address this silly argument here:
This page quotes several cases where judges have responded in  published decisions to this argument. I invite you to read this page 

over the weekend and it will not take much time. Along with the "copyright your name" argument, this is the stupidest argument I have ever seen.

Further, I attach hereto the birth certificate of defendant Mike Mason, which he submitted in his case in the federal court in Memphis.

Why does this birth certificate lack a name in CAPS?

Kennedy has also stated as follows:
"Two weeks ago I reported a story about a man I’m proud to call my friend who managed to arrange a release on his own recognizance despite being arrested for failure to appear and a prosecutor in the background screaming for a cash bond. I reported on his release the same day once they had his consent on an appearance bond, which is all they need and all they care about. Last week I

told you of his arrest by a twelve marshal swat team and the fascinating story of his holding court in the Federal temple. I reported on his issuing orders for the arrest of two judges, the arrest of a bailiff, warrants for the arrest of the actor’s bonds, a covenant of peace which two of the marshals signed rather than confess that he was public property, and I reported on his use of a lien and threats to hold a yard sale at that courthouse which resulted in the removal of one of the judges in fiction. I also reported that the chief judge a few minutes later popping his head into the theater to dismiss the entire case.

All charges and those big bad sealed indictments that they had threatened him with, all mysteriously vanished like a puff of smoke. From dust to dust. All of Ramsey’s religious trappings, the actors, the pagan laws, the false idols, all of them brought to their knees by a lone determined shepherd. I told you of ten marshals begging his forgiveness after the fact and judges praying to him for salvation    as the hallowed Federal Hall of Horrors collapsed under its own weight in its own hot air leaving us with nothing more than theLast Chance Café and Dinner Theater."

This is nothing but insanity and utterly false. Proof of this  contention would be documents from some actual case, but then again 

Kennedy asserts that docket sheets vanish into thin air. Virtually the same thing was attempted by Robert Fox, a madman from north Texas who entered his appearance in the case of US v. Clifford Kidd. Kidd attempted to resign his trusteeship of the ALL CAPS guy, his "alter ego," and almost got thrown back into jail, but for the intervention of a public defender.

I also provide on the below page some indictments of people for tendering "bills of exchange":
Remember, that this trash is not being invented by anybody but the gurus, and certainly not lawyers. The lawyers are trying to inform 

people to watch out for the male bovine feces sold by the gurus, who are selling "break into jail" tickets.

Larry Becraft