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goes to an Einstein quote that “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one”. I have been researching many of these topics for 20 years and it continues to amaze me how much there is to learn about the infrastructure of our government. Many times I read articles posted and share them with my legal beagle friends and it seems when I make comments about specifics within an article, inside a day or two 4Winds is posting an article directly related to the comments. A perfect example is the article on “presumption”, from, which, in my opinion, is the basis of the battle for the mind/spirit. It was only a couple days before the article appeared that I made comments to my friends how imperative it is to break the presumption of “operating” in commerce that is the basis of government intrusion into our lives. This is where the UCC is thrust upon us in an attempt to make us “operate” in commerce rather than “live” in a private capacity or status. I think one of the terms that we need to use in the courts along with “strawman” is “legal fiction”. I have a very prophetic and lengthy treatise on Legal Fictions written by a law professor at Northwestern Law School in the 1930’s. This is when the application of the “Legal Fiction” to the truth spirit filled man accelerated into high gear. The New World Odor goal is to have us unite under “their” commercial code rather than under truth.

Bob Taft had a very interesting article on the Founding Scoundrel’s. He is dead on point of the shenanigans that took place with a group wanting to replace the Articles of Confederation as the framework for the government for the several states united.  A point that should be made is the differences between the anti-Federalists and Federalists. What he discusses in the article is a fairly accurate portrayal of how the anti-Federalists felt. One of the most prolific anti-Federalist’s was Patrick Henry. This was pointed out by JB Campbell in .The anti-Federalists predicted that the new Constitutional document of 1789 would support promoting a too strong central government. Hamilton was one who wanted a central bank and a stronger central government and was able to enlist Madison to help write the Federalist Papers. My understanding is that most all of Madison’s original writings are archived except his original writings of the Federalist Papers. Some believe he destroyed them after considering what they promoted and lengthy discussions with Jefferson. It must be remembered that Hamilton often spoke with fork tongue, especially in the Federalist papers. Jefferson, who was in France at the time, abhorred the concept of a central bank and thought the new powers given to the president, appeared to be a poor excuse for a Polish king. Taft’s statement of “Under a government's dominance, there can be no such thing as a ‘sovereign freeman’” is right on point. This should be a clue that understanding how the “law” and “money” are interrelated. The simple mechanics of each and how they correlate with each other should be taught through elementary and high school.

Most people think what is discussed in many of these articles make us doom and gloom type people. On the contrary, I believe most of us are a joyous people who give thanks for being able to share the truth about the deception that runs rampant around us.