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COMMENT BY "S" REGARDING: MR. Cantwell article posted Fourwinds April 7_YOU BOND-EXEMPTION-STRAWMAN


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COMMENT BY “S”:    This is a very good description of the way the credit banking and monetary system was supposed to have worked for Americans.  Only thing, only the elite and their ‘A Team’ friends and family members were given the knowledge and shown procedures  ‘how to do it’.  For the rest of the American people, there was nothing but official obfuscation and suppression by ‘policy’ within ‘public policy’ of this information. 

After years of research by real men/women into the ‘private’ vs, ‘public’ side of ‘government’, commerce, the monetary system, ‘Citizenship’ vs. ‘citizenship’, ‘national identity’, ‘original jurisdiction’ etc. determined the “Exemption” for all American nationals had been ‘given’; but, it had been skillfully and subtly buried within the written ‘laws’ of the UNITED STATES since 1933.  What was supposed to be ‘accessible’ to all American nationals of the several states of the American union was intentionally withheld.  Over time, the official and unofficial treatment of such truth warriors was to stigmatize them/us as ‘tax evaders’, ‘tax protestors’, ‘patriot fanatics’, ‘paper terrorists’, ‘extremists’ etc. 

To the degree that the elite, who control the power centers of international “federal” [means ‘corporate’] ‘government’ have denied Americans’ Rights, Interests, and Claims for Exemption, of their lawful status, standing, capacity, and original jurisdiction by constructive frauds via misrepresentation, suppression, and obfuscation, they are all in tort violation of the national Constitution, the federal Constitution, and Title 18 of their own United States Code.  The ‘Right’ to remedy and to ‘protest’ any presumed statutory-administrative duty or obligation to the STATE by any American, which creates any ‘injury in fact’, or may create any injury in the future, may be deemed or construed to be “tort violation” under America’s organic Constitution for the United States of America, and its constitutionally guaranteed Republican form of Government, and constitutionally protected Rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights of 1792.

By creating [constructing] an elaborate “artifice and scheme” and false flag official erroneous mischaracterizations and misrepresentations that the American people are “legally” “enemies of the [their] state”,  the same elite politicians, bankers, corporate executives, agents, employees of the various inter-locking ‘Boards of Directors’ and corporations simulating lawful government are all guilty of Treason and High Crimes.  All American nationals of the several states, are presently classified by the corporate UNITED STATES and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ‘government’, and the Principals, Owners, and Holders of those corporations, “enemies of the state”;  but those Americans who protest or dissent the now defacto ‘doctrine of necessity’ structures and modus operandi of the International CORPORATION, or who try to assert any Right or Claim under their “laws”,  are now reduced and diminished to ‘domestic terrorist’, ‘homegrown terrorist’, ‘national security threat’ etc.

The Sender believes that as the illusory, truly complex, and insidious nature of the International CORPORATION has come to light over time, and brought under scrutiny its workings within America, the greater ‘THE CREATURE’S’ “need” to obfuscate, divert, distract, suppress, and penalize those who chose to expose it….even to degree of ‘extreme prejudice’.  The CREATURE is not limited to operating over Americans, but was intended to operate over the entire world of mankind and all nations.  Another recent post on Four Winds on May 21, 2008 about the Jesuits, Vatican, Knights of Malta etc., ie. “The Order” goes right to the point of this issue.

We are all ‘whistleblowers’, in a sense, if we chose to not accept the tyranny thrust upon us on a daily basis for generations past and present, and by also choosing to disclose the truth and the facts of what has become most obvious. 

What future does one choose?   The present generation cannot live in the past, and the past cannot be undone, except in the present.  The future depends on the present, and each and every present moment.  It is now our time to see all and participate in full disclosure; immediately correct the forces of hidden tyrannies; compel a change of direction, and terminate their momentum. In fact, we must capture and make use of that momentum, not reduce it to a cinder, but correct its character and nature.  No longer over  past generations of exploitation and abuse of ALL LIFE on the Earth by a limited but growing number of ‘super-elite’ who have come to a genetic conclusion that their ‘sacred blood’, ‘pure blood’, and superior intellect gives them Divine Right and Sovereignty over all.  Those would be the ones who have little or no Earthly ‘monkey man’ in their gene code, but have a much higher genetic makeup from reptilian or other off-world ‘alien’ origins.  Hmm.  Even aliens can screw up an entire planet and call it “Divine Intelligence”?

Who or what is one aware of that has always intended to rule the world?  The facts and Truth are ‘out there’, and we are seeing its reprobate, aberrant, and abominable behaviors in the midst of our lives presently.  What is/are the faces of the “Dark Lords”?  Where are their primary abodes?  Would a “Tale of Three Cities” need to be written to clarify it for you?