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Sent: Friday, May 09, 2008 1:41 PM
Subject: corporate a little defind

 However xxxx is on a signature bond and they have not proved jurisdiction and they are trying to assume jurisdiction by fraud.

1.) Article IV section 31 (lst) says that ;they are prohibited from changing a persons name in law. Placing ones name into all capitals is changing one’s name? All corporate names are in all capital letters. So they have created a “straw man” , ( a dummy). Their scheme is (bait and switch). They use the law school ;system by presenting a mock trail!!

So in as law dictionary it says that all schemes, tricks, and devices are a species of fraud, tricks, and under fraud, it does not go to the jurisdiction of the court.

2.) The plaintiff is the “State of Wisconsin”. In Am Jur 2nd It says that the “Plaintiff” is the real Party in interest. There has to be several things performed here.

a. A sworn complaint by the Plaintiff.

b. the Plaintiff has to appear in the courtroom

3) A Bill of Particulars is to be presented showing completely ;how the prosecution attains jurisdiction a. proof of the prosecution attorney having filed his/her being retained to process for the plaintiff

b. we question the statement by the D.A. that the complaint is sworn to and the affidavit is being maintained in the D.A.’s file? Why not in the court File? Because it is made by a party without first hand knowledge

c. when Mark requested for a “Bill of Particulars” the judge denied the Bill of Particulars and at that point the D.A. dropped out of prosecuting the case. Now the judge started prosecuting the case. Now the judge is prosecuting the case. Now the judge is practicing law from the bench. Also in the “Bill of Particulars” they would have (judge and D.A.) to produce on the record ;their bond and Oath. If they have a bond it would have to be purchased in gold or silver coin or they are not in office?

Now in AM Jur under Plaintiff, it shows a court case that says “It is in contempt of court to suit in the name of a fiction plaintiff. “State of Wisconsin” is a fiction, if the case was made “The People of Wisconsin”, the people are real. At a point of time the People were dropped thus it appears the Corporate state took over. It may have been when been when the government went into total bankruptcy? Off of gold and silver coin.

In the law, Dictionary you will find Real money defined and it says gold or silver coin.

If you research the Mint Act and the Coinage Act passed by Congress in the 1800’s you will find a clause “If anyone debases the coin is guilty of a felony and the Penalty for that crime is DEATH!! That is why they refuse to take up the money issue in the courtroom. Title 18 USC 2, 4, 7 and 10 will give you that answer.

Where people are being scammed by the court system is this. When words are spoken in the courtroom one does not know if the words spoken are in all caps or not. Only after the court reporter prints the after report does one find that they have been fraud or a victim of fraud.

So when a complaint is not sworn by a party with first hand knowledge it is hearsay and may not go forward in a court of law, unless as an example the plaintiff was murdered. However then they have to produce the body as evidence. Where is the body i.e. United States or State of Wisconsin. If it is the People and you are one of the people, can you lawfully suit as plaintiff and defendant at the same time? If the plaintiff cannot show physical injury, there cannot be any injury?

What law requires are to participate in fraud or corporate fraud? A law Dictionary defines a corporation to be an artificial person in law. What is an artificial Person? It cannot do anything, there is a definition in a law dictionary “Piercing the Corporate veil”: the corporate scheme is exposed it has to die. As an example there is a difference between “The United States of America”. The first is the corporate government and the other is the people. The World Court said this when congress wanted to enter the World Court Hage Netherlands in the Name of United States of America. The World Court would not allow them into the court in that name because the people are not bankrupt the corporate government is. So they went in the name of “United States” so now you know the truth about word control.

Xxxx signed signature bond, which is believed to be a Swindle and a Fraud, because the term “dollar”” is not defined.