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Eldon Warman

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May I suggest that you use caution in using 'freeman'.

'Freeman' means a man of slave status granted freedoms (no conversion of status from slave to free) in exchange  for an oath of obedience to the rules of the slave owner, which includes the payment of tribute (taxes).

The term 'citizen' or 'subject' means the same as a 'freeman'.

This from the first Massachusetts charter - Only 'FREEMAN'  had the right to hold public office or vote in town meetings:

The Oath of a FREEMAN, or of a Man to be made free. (1630 AD)


"I, A B, etc., being, by the Almighty's most wise disposition,  become a member of this body, consisting of the Governor,  Deputy Governor, Assistants and a commonalty of the Massachusetts

in New England, do freely and sincerely acknowledge that I am  justly and lawfully subject to the government of the same, and  do accordingly submit my person and estate to be protected,  ordered, and governed by the laws and constitutions thereof,  and do faithfully promise to be from time to time obedient and  conformable thereunto, and to the authority of the said Governor  and Assistants and their successors, and to all such laws,  orders, sentences, and decrees as shall be lawfully made and  published by them or their successors; and I will always  endeavor (as in duty I am bound) to advance the peace and  welfare of this body or commonwealth to my utmost skill and  ability; and I will, to my best power and means, seek to divert  and prevent whatsoever may tend to the ruin or damage thereof,

or of any the said Governor, Deputy Governor, or Assistants,  or any of them or their successors, and will give speedy notice  to them, or some of them, of any sedition, violence, treachery,  or other hurt or evil which I shall know, hear, or vehemently  suspect to be plotted or intended against the said commonwealth, or the said government established; and I will not at any time  suffer or give consent to any counsel or attempt that shall be  done, given, or attempted for the impeachment of the said  government, or making any change alteration of the same,  contrary to the laws and ordinances thereof, but shall do my  utmost endeavor to discover, oppose, and hinder all and every  such counsel and attempt. So help me God."

An oath is a servitude contract. 'Body' means 'incorporated body' - a make-believe ship owned by the Vatican.

'Free man', (2 words) means a 'free will man', our natural status as Children of God.

The original Latin version of the Magna Carta (voided by Pope  Innocent III, used 'liber homo'(free man) in Sections 20 and 39. Later versions, translated into English, use 'freeman', and thus had the approval of the Pope, in his vassal State foreverof the Holy Roman Empire - England, thus indicating servitude of the people of England to the Pope and his vassal Monarch.

Eldon Warman