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From: Alcuin Bramerton
To: Bellringer
Sent: Saturday, April 12, 2008 9:02 AM
Subject:  from Alcuin Bramerton

Dear Mr Bellringer,

An anonymous poster has left the following comment on my blog. If it seems useful, I wonder whether you might run it past 'S' or Allan Cantwell and enquire whether it accords with their understanding of things. Thank you for your consideration.

"Several years ago I was doing legal research on the Statute at Large for the United States of America. The Congress beginning in 1873 to 1875 devoted their entire sessions on creating a new country called the "UNITED STATES". All U.S.of A laws are published in the Statutes at Large for the united States of America which covers all work done by congress for that session. All volumes are clearly marked on the spine and front of each volume. From 1873 to 1875 when Congress created the "UNITED STATES", all of the new laws for that country were published in the Statute at Large for the UNITED STATES not the United States of America. Prior to 1873 all laws were published in the Statutes at Large for the U.S.of A and all laws after 1875 were published in the Statutes at Large for the U.S.of A. The 1873 to 1875 statutes was the beginning of the U.S.Code, the code they use as the law even to this day. This is how they circumvent the real Constitution by using the U.S. Code and claiming it conforms to the Constitution, but they do not even come close. All Congress has to do is amend one of the U.S. Codes and call it good, it never gets published in the Statutes at Large for the U.S.of A. Very clever how the minions of Satan can get around the laws that are there to protect the people from the very thing they are doing."

With every good wish,

Yours sincerely,

Alcuin Bramerton

(Response from "S")

----- Original Message -----
From: "S"
Sent: Saturday, April 12, 2008 3:54 PM

Dear Patrick and Casper:

Alcuin B received a well crafted msg by a researcher on the pre-1873 and post 1875 Congresses and their ‘law making’ for the ‘nation’.  [as ‘sovereign’].  Everything reads fine to me in that message, except for the following, which I believe to be unintentional error by that messenger:

Prior to 1873 all laws were published in the Statutes at Large for the U.S.of A and all laws after 1875 were published in the Statutes at Large for the U.S.of A.”

Given the context of the preceeding and subsequent lines to that same message, I believe the writer intended to say:

“Prior to 1873 all laws were published in the Statutes at Large for the U.S.of A and all laws after 1875 were published in the Statutes at Large for the U.S.

Can Patrick contact Alcuin and request that messenger comment per the above?  I believe it must be an error as it does not comport with my information.


This is point of major FACT, where the ‘DUPLICATION’ scheme arose, and which Mr. W and everyone else in the world not a party to the internal affairs of our nation would likely never have cause to research.  Once the new nation, k/a ‘UNITED STATES’, was created by Congress, within an unlawfully incorporated ‘District’ of ten square miles, that became the situs of power for the new sovereign, ‘within the District of Columbia’.   It took on a name which duplicated and sounded like the name of the sovereign nation republic, which had temporarily fractured in 1861-63 under Lincoln, but which Lincoln and Johnson refused to acknowledge as permanently or irrevocably fractured.  Johnson didn’t last long, from what I remember, as I think he was impeached.  But it is a fact of record that Johnson made a historical effort to issue a Declaration of Peace to ‘reinstate’ the original construct and operations of the nation, and was disregarded.  Some other influence had taken root within the operations of politics, commerce, etc. and the Executive, as well the Legislature of the northern states, having ‘resolved’ to ‘reinstate’ the southern states without penalty or diminution of original status and standing, were disregarded.  Now, pray tell, under what conditions did that happen?

What followed 1865 is absolutely critical to what has been going on secretly on the Earth within the many power centers, institutions, families, and resultant ‘nations’ of the world.  What is written to Alcuin’s blog is but a critical insight into when the ‘duplication’ scheme was orchestrated, but a ‘Congress assembled’ that was not ‘lawful’ or ‘de jure’.  It was an remains an ‘occupational’ Congress.  Please re-read the Lieber Code posted to FW’s.  That will tell you everything.  The ‘Code’ establishes the premise for secrecy, non-disclosure, expediency, necessity, self interest, and legal cause for/of claims of ‘law authority’, even if the ‘law’ is Military or Martial in nature.  In time, if the same causes to set into motion a ‘likeness’ or ‘chimera’ or a ‘simulation’ of lawful government, operations, constructions, undertakings, within and without itself, it must first have a place and ‘body’ of ‘selfness’ to build a fiction corpus and appearance or image as to what the ‘sovereign’ [new nation] is in fact.  Hence, DOC, became a front or STRAWMAN for forces and powers behind its creation.  Congress assembled began building a legislative District as the House and Body of the new nation or ‘sovereign’. The Congress ceased making laws for the organic Republic and began making laws for their new sovereign, UNITED STATES, and then some time later created another DUPLICATION called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to supplant and bury the organic republic, united States of America, or United States of America [plurality intended].

It is a ‘sovereign’ creation of Congress, not of the American states or the People party to the Compact Constitution as an express trust.  Where did the Congress of 1868 derive authority to amend the 14th if there was not a lawfully assembled and sitting Congress in the first place?  Where did the Congress assembled get authority to diminish or reduce the ten southern states to permanent disenfranchised dispossessed [as to ‘original’  Rights, status, standing, and capacity]  occupied territories of the military authority operating as the Union/uSA, which had pendently collapsed at the time of Lincoln in/around 1861?  If the Organic Constitution was itself adopted in 1787, but ratified only after the amended Bill of Rights in 1791, the delegation of ‘law’ autorities, powers, duties, and limitations on the new Congress at the time of the Federal Convention, 1787, specifically REJECTED any authority delegated to Congress to INCORPORATE.  So, we must determine if the ‘new City’ of ‘Columbia, a Secret Society term, is not but a sovereign unto itself the same as the “City” in London, and the Vatican in Rome, which I believe it is.  Hence, that DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, once created, covered over the organic Union of several states, their lands and law of the land came under water of admiralty-maritime-martial joint ventures with undisclosed partners and principals in conquest.  CONQUEST had been officially determined by the Congress during Lincoln’s time to NOT BE the purpose or conclusion of the Civil War.  But, someone in high places and behind the institutions of the ‘occupier’ compelled and determined otherwise, eventually causing the Peoples of the World and the Peoples of the united States of America, all ‘foreign to’ or ‘without the UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA’, to become ‘enemies of the [that] state’ in 1917, and as amended 1933. 

In point of fact and historical context:  The UNITED STATES was not created by lawful and due deliberative acts of the American People or their extended ‘body politic’ as several states party to the American union, aka united States of America.  The UNITED STATES was created by and for the benefit of foreign principals, hidden behind and within the government structures in DoC.  It is a military order, per the Lieber Code, which operation includes all that is occupied and all that occupies.  In short, the occupation has never been allowed to be formally declared ‘settled’ or ‘rescinded’ per the Code itself.  That Code and the Monetary-Political-Military-Intelligence Powers that have backed it’s ‘adoption’ by Lincoln, and its continuation to-date, are the same that caused the united States of America to go into ‘deep storeage’, ie. buried alive. 

The American People have been genocided and caused to be relocated into the CORPORATION by compelled fiduciary agreements or contracts, offered or induced by federal authority, or misrepresented as ‘law’ without full disclosure of the facts and consequences of applying for federal benefits that the People of the several American states were/are not even ‘entitled’ to in the first place.  I have written about the hidden genocide by political expediency, slight of hand paper games via contract and ‘law’, etc.   And, when the law form of law making changed after 1871-1875, the real united States of America became not but a pawn or tool of those who began to operate within the DOC and the structures of the new UNITED STATES, as tool for EMPIRE BUILDING, primarily by sheer magnitude of its production capacity and its eventual submission thereof to the owners of the non-constitutional, illegal, and fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank.  Once the lawful money standard of the organic Constitution was suspended or abrogated, the original intent of the Founders ceased to be operative, and the carcass of the flat-lined  united States of America was ‘tagged and bagged’ as the new jewel in the various Crowns of those who adore such contrivances.

How this could all have taken place without the various aristocratic and Monarchy Families of the world knowing about it is an absolute Mystery and impossibility.  At least insofar as those Family dynasties and their respective ‘national’ or ‘colonial’ holdings, the uSA was a breakaway nation, where its Founders and People were conclusively acknowledged at Versailles to be “sovereigns without subjects’.  I sent a posting to FW  on this topic. 

We have clashed with the other Family Sovereigns and the Vicar ever since, and the agenteurs and provacateurs thereof, have further eroded the original construct and intent, while serving to assert ‘right of interest’ or ‘claims’ on the People for those who have placed them in motion.  The “commercial lien process” was about the only way the American people could be subjugated and put back into ‘servitude’ in perpetuity….create insurmountable monetary necessity, need for national government spending, overcome productive capacity and redivert peace time production into a constant stream of repetitive wars, drain national reserves, kill off the men of the younger generations, cause an orchestrated monetary meltdown and be on both sides of it so those who set it in motion can profit on both sides while ‘resolving the crisis’…..The ‘dialectic’ approach to FASCISM. It has been orchestrated by those who had both power and resources to do so. 

The legislature cannot and does not legislate to the American People in/on the land of the several de jure republic States of the united States of America or United States of America under their/our Constitution for the United States of America.  Title 4 USC, clearly limits the operations of the UNITED STATES to the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, which now extends over, [as an overlay] ‘territory’ atop the land of the de jure republic states, in the MATRIX construct of commercial fiction incorporated States.  Congress is our servant, yet there are no longer any valid Congressmen or Senators of our Republic.  Our Republic ‘offices’ are vacant, our courts are vacant, and we are host to an occupation that compels our ‘association’ by adherence to coerced contracts or agreements to ‘comply’ with ‘statute’ laws that are not ours, but only apply to the DOC and the ‘federal States and territories’ under Articles II and IV of their Constitution, but not under Article III of ours.  The municipality of the DISTRICT is now spreading its poison via its commercial contracts and Treaties with the FRB and its owners.

This goes to the point made by Mr. Whistleblower.  The FRBS and the owners may often times act on two sides of the same issue, apparently not in synch.  The FRBS is/was a front for those who own and control it, correct?   But, in law and commerce, it is its own ‘sovereign’ or distinct ‘person’ at law.  Why would the Fed act officially one way, and its owners act by mutual agreement behind the issue another? 

Now, the Fed has polluted the world in ‘exhausted’ FRN’s, and no one can say that this was all known and intended to have run with mathematical precision.  Debt needs to be serviced.  Debt financing created huge expansions in productivity, and apparent wealth, but now look at where the Debt is heaped, and where the wealth is buried??  The People of the World are not and never were improved or ‘stabilized’ nor protected from degrading wars, and all manner of other manmade causes.  Those who gained control of monetary systems realized in advance, as did the patriarch of the Rothschild Dynasty, that if he could control the creation of ‘money’ or ‘wealth’ of a nation, he could control the nation.  The principal is axiomatic, and remains as true today as then.  Those who apparently were intent on providing humanity a safer, more stable, more improved world for humanity to experience, and who sanctioned the FRB under Aldrich, and Rhodes, should have known what THEY were up to.  They, would have had to perceive themselves in some alter ego state, image, or sense of themselves as not being at the bottom of some of the most horrific human catastrophes in human history.  What the owners and controllers of their power structures have done is to create a repetitive cycle of warring, genocide, and destruction, reconstruction, expansion of the ‘money supply’ as ‘debt’, and heaped more indebtedness on the Peoples of the world to ‘work off’ via their intellect or labor for those who own and control the debt.   Swamping the world with credit instruments and eliminating lawful money is a clear and certain attack on sovereign nations and people.  That was known at the time of the Founders, and that is the reason why private bank credit was not going to operate within the Union as a specie of ‘money’!@!

NOW, IT HAS LAERGELY BEEN DONE BY THE OWNERS OF THE FRB AND THE OTHER CARTEL BANKS that moved the world to ‘fiat’, saw that their creation ‘was good’ and kept creating more and more of it.  Those ‘owners’ are all families, and those who are Royal have roots right in the midst as well.  The imminent collapse of the monetary system is not first and foremost of major consequence to the People, who are canon fodder, ‘waste produce’, ‘useless eaters’ ‘expendable resources’; but it is of consequence to the owners of the heirarchial power centers, institutions, commercial cartels, conglomerates etc……IT IS ALL ONE BIG COMMERCIAL DEBT MACHINE and those who hold the debt as ‘Holders’ in interest, equity, or have ‘possession’ are the ones who stand to loose the most.  They have all the marbles, and they have won their game against the People, except now that their game is found out and the People will not remain idle or ignorant, or buy the next round of Fulbright or Rhodes Scholar bullshit that comes along, they are scrambling to ‘secure’ their future……..not ours. 

I can say this with all fortitude and conviction:  THEY who control all of this wealth, via their institutions, fronts, sovereign ‘Cities’ etc. are going to implode on themselves if they think they can wage a war of ‘control’ over Nature and Life and the ordinary People of the Earth.  It is interesting that We became ‘dis enfranchised’ or ‘disconnected’ or dislocated from our unalienable Rights and original jurisdiction, only to become ‘enfranchised’ incorporations of the UNITED STATES and its FRB to pay off obligations by ‘pledges’ that were not ours in the first place, and which obligations are designed to continue in perpetuity, giving rise to the curren political law monetary form that plagues the very institutions that are now at risk of collapse!!  IRONIC??

You cannot eat gold bullion or ‘currency’, nor can you grow a seed next year from the hybrid seed that fell to Earth this year.  THEY are contaminating the Earth, and they shall have their last days hanging out in their underground bunkers and holes in the ground hoping to sustain through the ‘passing’ and the cleansing effect of Wormwood, Nibiru, Planet X, the Dark Star…..whatever. 

That is why this writer, and We People now can see the real intent or the consequential intent of  the makers, protectors, ‘custodians’, and trustees of the Debt Facility Assets.  They turned over ‘use’ to one of the most vile and corrupt conspiratorial groups of men in the history of mankind and didn’t have the teeth to protect and hold accountable the assets?  

I perceive there is no intent to use them as intended.  This should be obvious.  The statement of intent may or may not even be valid.  Those who seek power and consolidation of power say and do many things which are not acted upon or supported in fact.  If the nations, Sovereign Royals, Dynastic Families gave one twit, they’d be educating the masses and making disclosures about everything, allowing for the use of new technologies, encourage innovation, encourage ‘release’ rather than acquisition.  And, they’d be telling the People to get ready for the Harvest and go find a hold in some high ground, put up supplies, and be prepared to meet your maker, cause their ‘sacred’ or ‘secret’ 2012 event is coming up fast.  Have any of these Families come forth or banded together to disclose anything?  NO.  They have huddled and determined to let the general population endure the changes, die off, get tagged or chipped before they all go underground, and seek refuge in their special places.  That is completely incongruent with the ideas reiterated by Mr. Clinton’s ‘Global Initiative’, or any other great undertaking of the UNITED NATIONS, TRI-LATS, CFR’S ETC. ETC. Only the elite care about the elite, and I see nothing at work within the present context of Basel II and global banking to change my mental state or attitude.

If the American Republic is not brought back to original ‘state’, then it is dead.   NESARA is conceivably  the only questionable means to do so. Even still, it will take years to reverse the long-term trauma and effect of 135 years of malfeasance, intentional frauds, TREASON, high crimes, tyranny by genocide etc.  NESARA will be a foundation, but only a start.  And, We Need it NOW.



 ----- Original Message -----
From: S
To: Bellringer
Sent: Monday, April 14, 2008 12:04 PM
Subject: RE:email from Alcuin Bramerton
Dear Patrick:          

I think it would be a good idea to forward the below msg as well to Mr. W with particular note to the following error, which I believe to be unintentional: 

"Prior to 1873 all laws were published in the Statutes at Large for the U.S.of A and all laws after 1875 were published in the Statutes at Large for the U.S.of A." 

The underscore "U.S.of A." should read "U.S.", which is consistent with my understanding and further consistent with the body of the msg. itself.  After 1875 "Congress assembled" appeared to make law for the United States of America as published Statutes at Large.  One must remember, however, that from 1865-68 and thereafter, the Congress was a Lieber Code 'civil authority' under Military Occupation Authority, and has never come out from under it.  Even though "Congress assembled" is the same word art, this is one more chink in the obvious but subtle 'duplication' de facto government coming about.  The Congress assembled under the Articles of Confederation Sept. 14, 1787, clearly determined on/for the record that the new 'Congress assembled' under the new organic Constitution for the United States of America, 1787/1789/1791 had NO DELEGATION of authority to incorporate.  The vote is a matter of archive record for the Federal Convention, Committtee on Stiles, at Fn15 or thereabouts.  The Confederation Congressional delegates of the several de jure states attending were concerned with a new Congress having authority to incorporate, because they were well aware of past history on the Euro continent with the abuse of power and law making as related to corporations and incorporation being used to create and/or grant official or unofficial government sponsored MERCANTILEMONOPOLIES.   This is precisely what the new 'UNITED STATES' of 18711873/1875 was intended to morph into……a simulation or DUPLICATION appearing as an 'original' but not being bona fide 'legit'.  It maintained structural appearances and organizational operations similar or even same, but only to a certain level.  The deeper undisclosed level, the new level, was what was not widely known or understood… the LIEBER CODE OCCUPATION AUTHORITY was the real 'law authority' as the nation had never been allowed to return to 'de jure' status amongst the nations and peoples of the world or united States of America.  As a result, the DUPLICATION SCHEME using same sounding word art, fabricated a military operation via 'civil' authorities, which we now know much more about given 'U.S. territorial' law, and takeovers.  Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan, or even Pakistan…..they are puppet provisional governments, although Pak is alittle different as it is primarily a Company intell op and asset.  Congress assembled of 1875 is not Congress assembled as 1871, or of 1868, or of 1865, or 1860, yet alone of 1791 (when organic Constitution, now amended with Bill of Rights, was finally fully ratified by all states).  The draft version was adopted for ratification by the states in 1787, but because there were no constitutionally protected rights for the People of the states contained within, it took a period of a couple years to draft, circulate, and then finally ratify. 

Mr. W and his people need to understand that the founding charter document of record of the nation, United States of America, [distinct from the U.S. corporate subsidiary, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, or UNITED STATES of America], is the Constitution for the United States of America, 1787/1791. That is our Nation and the Republic.  Once the Lieber Code Congress assembled was loaded with military appointees and compelled players bias to the Controlled Occupation, the DUPLICATION Congress assembled of 1871 incorporated the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA without original Constitutional authority.  So, even then, the original Constitution was being violated and simulated under Occupation, which according to Lieber Code, the Military can 'suspend' and basically do anything it deems necessary.  That's it.

The incorporated UNITED STATES and DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, now codified at 28 USC 3002 and 26 USC 7701, became one/same and pre-existed all Treaties of import to Mr. W.  In fact, they pre-existed 'codification' by unsettled conditions of a perpetual OCCUPATION.  The American 'states' are not the same as the 'federal States', nor are the latter 'within the United States of America', by 28 USC 1746(1).  They are instrumentalities and sub-corp sub-divisions of 'UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA', and are 'within the United States' per 28 USC 3002 and 1746(2).  They enjoy NO diversity distinction or "separation" of powers by 'sovereignty', as do the original de jure republic states of the American union.  There is now only a 'federal' union of federal states insofar as the DUPLICATION side of the operations of the alleged 'government'.

Mr. W will have to cause a disclosure of sometime as to the founding document for any of the Treaties after 1871.  Clearly, the U.S.A. de jure is not the U.S.A. de facto, and the United States, or UNITED STATES  is not the Republic nation.  By the time of the early 1900's the DUPLICATION SCHEME was well underway, and de facto doctrine under color of law and Military expediency prevailed and continues todate.

Thank you for passing this along.  I am pulling docs this week on this subject.

For some reason the latin terms, "no men transcripticium' or "nomina transcriptitia or "nomina villarum"  comes to mind.


(Response from Mr. Whistleblower)

----- Original Message -----
From: Whistleblower
Sent: Monday, April 14, 2008 6:49 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: email from Alcuin Bramerton
Dear Mr Bellringer,

Thank you kindly for forwarding the two messages.

Having read them I find them of great interest and certainly opening up more facts that will assist in any investigations etc.

However, I believe it should be noted that although we will undertake our investigations, it is the responsibility on the United Nations for and on behalf of the Nations of the World to investigate same to its fullest extent and implement the / any necessary amendments conjointly with and in consultation with the Nations of the World.

We will, of course, submit our report containing our findings, which will almost certainly raise eyebrows and prompt the requisite investigations by the UN. It is, and as stated before, the responsibility of the UN as the Collective Body of Nations, and not that of us -- the Institution -- to research, investigate, and motion the Nations of the World for amendments (should they be necessary or required), prior to implementation of any amendments.

It is advised that all persons should be aware of this fact as our constitution does not authorize such powers of amendment. We are authorized only to bring to the attention of the Collective body of the United Nations for, etc  It is also wise for all persons to understand that in most cases, the constitution of any Sovereign Nation, being a member of the United Nations will have the fundamental and pertinent points of its own Constitution embodied within its Charter registered and held within the United Nations. It therefore may assist some people in America to seek out the America Charter within said United Nations.

Although this is generally an internal National problem between the people and the Governing Body, one also has to remember that by association, affiliation, or similar, the International factor does come into the equation and I therefore believe that the International factor might defined to the people of America, how and under what structure (Constitutional or Corporate Constitutional) America, or its Governing Body executed treaties, agreements, or otherwise, of commitment with its allies, and all other Nations of the World.

It is a very interesting and deep rooted scenario, and one totally worthy of full investigation both in our case and the American people and I urge the American people to explore the International factor in addition to their own National factor.

Thank you kindly once again and my sincerest respects to all.

Kindest regards