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I have attached new docs which go ‘to the quick’ of what we have been dealing with.  These are intended to supplement docs sent you the other day, Affidavit Re: Bankruptcy of the United States,  the Walker Todd affidavit, etc. 

I have additional docs in follow up to these.  All go to the ‘core’ of the CORPORATION, and will give all of the folks in DC and elsewhere some meaningful reading.   Most of these are what I call ‘working documents’, and are not just an elaboration of subject matter for educational purposes.  If you read these docs per their intended uses in specific situations dealing with the CORPORATION,  their relevance, force and effect will make much more sense.  The issues elaborated in earlier postings are now ‘particular’ to how one relates to and  within or ‘without’ the Babylon System once the lights have been turned on.

THIS ALL TIES IN TO THE BANKRUPTCY OF THE UNITED STATES, 1933, AND THE SUBSEQUENT LEGISLATION, EXECUTIVE ORDERS, JUDICIAL DECICIONS, AND INTERNATIONAL TREATIES AND ACCORDS.  The Bretton Woods Agreement Act of 1944-45 was passed and ‘amended’ the Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913.  Remember, 1945 is when the U.S. Supreme Court also determined three different definitions of “United States”.  Only the CORPORATION was bankrupt and insolvent in 1933, and only the corporation was deeded or quit claimed to the IMF in 1945, which brought the IMF, World Bank, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, right into our living room, without our even knowing it.   

From then on, it was all downhill.  On June 20, 1948 the 8th Congress assembled left DoC  for recess until the end of the ‘session’ at year’s end.  On June

25, 1948 that same Congress assembled is alleged to have lawfully enacted Titles 3, 18, 28, and Federal Magistrate Act.  How did that transpire, ‘lawfully’  within Constitutional ‘muster’, when the Congress was not ‘assembled’?.  Unless of course, under the Articles of Confederation, which had never been included within the organic Constitution, nor adopted, was ‘in effect’ at the time, and the ‘Committee of the States’ was actually the ‘Congress assembled’ under the former construct of the “Confederation”?

A little known or understood provision of the Articles of Confederation, was that a special ‘Committee of the States’ would be created to be ‘assembled’ at all times present whenever the normal or usual body of States delegates could not meet in assembly.  Hence, the provision granted ‘full authority’ to the “Committee” to act for the States as “Congress assembled”.  Thing is, the “Committee” is comprised of 13, one delegate from each State, but only 9 had to be present in assembly to act with full authority of Congress assembled as the “Committee”.

My POINT?:  If that is the ‘body politic’ and ‘law authority’ in operation today, under color and false flag operation as the ‘UNITED STATES’ post 1791, it would only take a total of 9 State delegates to make ‘law’ for the ‘United States’, and no one else would be any the wiser.  I am no law academic or scholar, but if that is the case, it is reasonable to assume that the Committee of the States is comprised of only the 13 original States party to the Confederation;, and 9 of their chosen delegates at any given time have full legislative authority under that Confederation rules.  This, then, would suffice to ‘fill the void’ space of the bankrupt-insolvent having no ‘general common law’ Constitution to operate by/within, by ‘falling back’ into the former construct of the Confederation, pre-1787/1791.

I believe this may be how secret legislation has been ‘passed’, adopted, and enabled by a “Congress assembled”, which is a simulated ‘U.S. Congress’, but not under the organic Constitution for the united States of America; rather under and within virtue of the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION, which pre-existed the American Union up to 1791.  I will re-verify the Articles of Confederation and post the provision described.. 

When in 1933 the American people failed to protest loss of their national/state lawful money standard and subsequent loss of political-law form, there ‘resulted’ an ‘implied trust’ or ‘resultant trust’, which was not the same as the ‘express trust’ of the united States of America.  The resultant implied trust, in equity, had no ‘charter’, therefore no foundation at/in law authority to exist as a sovereign amongst the nations of the world.  From what I understand, this caused the construct of the entity then called “UNITED STATES” or ‘United States’, to revert back to the ‘United States’ under the Articles of Confederation, of the original thirteen States.  Hence, Erie Railroad v. Thompkins confirmed this premise, 1948, wherein ‘there is no longer any general common law’ but only ‘special common law’ which shall be administrated within the States.  What ‘States’ might that be?  Under what ‘law authority’ founded by what charter document or what ‘constitution’?







 UNREGISTERED FOREIGN AGENTS Collecting Information & Contributions for a Foreign Power is a Highly Restricted Activity REQUIRING A FOREIGN AGENT REGISTRATION. Officers of the court [judges, clerks, and attorneys] have acted in collusion as unregistered foreign agents, 18 USC §951, serving the interests of foreign powers, attempting to collect information and contributions while acting on behalf of INTERPOL, the International Monetary Fund [IMF], and the Middle Temple of the Crown.

It is plain and clear that XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, cannot be lawfully compelled to participate in felonies being executed by unregistered foreign agents acting to secure information and contributions for foreign powers, especially noting the collection of information for the foreign terrorist organization established by the Nazi Gestapo Colonel Otto Steinhausl as per attached exhibit made a part hereof, and known as INTERPOL with former SS officer Paul Dickopf as President 1968-1972, said information being transmitted via Maryland State Police as per page 276 of the 2003/2004 United States Government Manual, while said agents know or should know that being in the service of a foreign power voids citizenship as a matter of law.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, was seized for the purpose of summary collection of information and contributions for a foreign power in violation of 18 USC §951; indeed an armed assault executed by unregistered foreign agents cannot be converted to a crime on the part of living soul XXXXXXXXXXXXXX when he is simply the victim of FRAUD; the persecutors in the courtroom and the tormentors outside the courtroom would have everyone believe they work for the “State of XXXX” or some political subdivision thereof, however they do not work for the “State of XXXX”.  Are they paid in Constitutional gold, NO! Constitutional silver, NO! Warrants or checks, YES!

States are prohibited from emitting bills of credit and warrants or checks are clearly bills of credit. Furthermore, the State cannot do indirectly that which is prohibited directly. Article 1, section 10 of the Constitution for the United States has never been repealed. These characters are in fact and in law, unregistered foreign agents, an activity punishable by ten years in prison plus a seventy-five thousand dollar fine. Indeed, they would have the public believe that they are the “State of XXXX” subsidized by the United States Federal government; however, even the so-called federal agents are paid by the Secretary of the Treasury a/k/a governor of "The Bank" and "The Fund" 22 USC §286 as opposed to the Treasurer of the United States. Henry M. Paulson, Jr. is expatriated, has absolutely no allegiance to the United States of America, as per Mendaro v. World Bank, 717 F.2d 610 C.A.D.C. (1983), and enjoys diplomatic immunity and Ambassador status. Henry M. Paulson, Jr. is not paid by the United States and his agents do not work for the United States, they are working for the receiver in bankruptcy, as per 5 USC §903 Reorganization Plan #26, the alien Corporate Governor of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Monetary Fund 22 USC §286(a). It is axiomatic that these alleged agents cannot serve two masters; reason alone would indicate that the principal is not the United States or any of the states united. The real party of interest is the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for Reconstruction and Development. 22 USC §611a.

Anyone who chooses to go into the service of a foreign power automatically gives up his citizenship as a matter of law, as per 8 USC §1481 and 50 USC §781, verifiable by looking inside a United States passport. It is clear that the entire persecution causing suffering in this matter is a FRAUD in that nowhere has living soul XXXXXXXXXXXXXX been apprised of the true nature and cause of any accusation, the jurisdiction and authority under which unregistered foreign agents are proceeding, thereby prejudicing his defense and violating his perfect immemorial imprescriptible Right. This may raise an issue of 18 USC §951 and much more. It is a clearly established principle of law that a corporation being incorporeal and a creature of the law must be represented by an attorney. An attorney representing an artificial entity must appear with the corporate charter and law in their hand. A person acting as an attorney for a foreign principal must be registered pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act (22 USC §612 et seq.) See Victor Rabinowitz et. al. v. Robert F. Kennedy 376 US 605, 11 L. ed 2d 940, 84 S Ct. 919, and any persecutor and/or associates appearing on behalf of said international agents, failed and neglected to establish authority, and has acted in collusion to prosecute frivolous, false, and sham allegations in what can now be seen as a blatant extortion operation on behalf of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), utilizing abuse of process and whatever nefarious means available without regard to law, on an above the law basis.

The United States/UNITED STATES and the “State(s) of XXXX” are completely and totally bankrupt. There is no Constitutional authority for operating in bankruptcy. The legislative, executive, and judicial branches no longer exist as the alleged government has been dissolved and the entire country has been received in bankruptcy by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) through a series of emergency acts. Indeed, as for the three branches of government, there is a greater likelihood of the existence of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Man in the Moon because the entire operation is owned and operated by a multi-faceted organization whose principal is the IMF and The World Bank.

I deny the false and fraudulent allegation that the de jure “State of XXXX” is the real party in interest, and note for the record that the “State of XXXX” as used by any unregistered foreign agent attorney or associates, is the alter ego of The Fund and The Bank, and as a voting share stockholder and corporator, 22 USC §286 (e), and while under numerous disabilities, and in fraud and contravention of and to the Supreme Law of the Land and forum State, has waived and relinquished sovereign character, see The Bank Of USA v. Planter's Bank Of Georgia, 6 L. ed 244.

De facto foreign agents while acting under false and fraudulent pretenses and colors of authority were and are soliciting and collecting information, contributions, loans, money, or other things of value for or in the interest of their foreign principals (see Multilateral Economic Assistance Act of 1992, Public Law 102-391, 106 Stat. 1633), and being directly or indirectly subsidized, directed, controlled, or financed by said foreign powers, and while deceitfully and covinously agreeing to conceal their true character and principal were and are engaged in promoting and furthering the principles and doctrines of One World Government in direct violation of Public Law 471 Chapter 456, section 109: "None of the funds appropriated in this title shall be used: (1) to pay the United States contribution to any international organization which engages in the direct or indirect promotion of One World Government or One World Citizenship; (2) for the promotion, direct or indirect, of the principle or doctrine of One World Government or One World Citizenship." Respondent/accusers, if in fact officers or employees of the de jure “State of XXXX”, are required to obey the law of the land and are liable to criminal prosecution for criminal violation of the aforesaid laws of the United States Of America and Public Law 471 Chapter 456 Title VI  §601. The witnesses and evidence I have available in an offer of proof, including but not limited to all exculpatory evidence, is applicable due to information, constitutions of foreign organizations, secret agreements, rules, regulations and documents which will vindicate the accused and prove the unlawful acts and omissions of the respondent/accusers both preceding and during the commencement of this malicious persecution. See Constitution for the United States of America, Amendments IV, V, VI, VIII, IX, and X.



Meet The IRS – America's Enemy Within

[Especially after you’ve just paid’em]

(Forwarded to me by Contributor, Ben Grayden)

By: D. J. Logan

The IRS is not who you think they are. IRS agents are neither trained nor paid by the United States Government.

Pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 92, the IRS is trained under the direction of the Division of Human Resources United Nations (U.N.) and the Commissioner (INTERNATIONAL), by the office of Personnel Management.

In the 1979 edition of 22 USCA 278, “The United Nations,” you will find Executive Order 10422. The Office of Personnel Management is under the direction of the Secretary of the United Nations.

Pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 91, the IRS entered into a “Service Agreement” with the US Treasury Department (See Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5967, Reorganization (BANKRUPTCY!!!) Plan No. 26) and the Agency for International Development. This agency is an international paramilitary operation and, according to

the Department of the Army Field manual (1969) 41-10, pgs 1-4, Sec. 1-7 (b) & 1-6. Sec. 1-10 (7) (c)(1), and 22 USCA 284, includes such activities as, “Assumption of full or partial executive, legislative, and judicial authority over a country or area.”

The IRS is also an agency/member of a 169 nation pact called the International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL, found at 22 USCA 263a. The memorandum of Understanding, (MOU), between the Secretary of Treasury, AKA the corporate governor of “The Fund” and “The Bank” (International Monetary Fund, and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development), indicated that the Attorney General and her associates are soliciting and collecting information for foreign principals; the international organizations, corporations, and associations, exemplified by 22 USCA 286f.

According to the 1994 US Government Manual, at page 390, the Attorney General is the permanent representative to INTERPOL, and the Secretary of Treasury is the alternate member. Under Article 30 of the INTERPOL constitution, these individuals must expatriate their citizenship. They serve no allegiance to the United States of America. The IRS is paid by “The Fund” and “The Bank.”

Thus it appears from the documentary evidence that the Internal Revenue Service agents are “Agents of a Foreign Principle” within the meaning and intent of the “Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938" for private, not public, gain.

The IRS is directed and controlled by the corporate Governor of “The Fund” and “The Bank.” The Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS collection agency are both privately owned and operated under private statutes. The IRS operates under public policy, not Constitutional Law, and in the interest of our nations foreign creditors.

The Constitution only permits Congress to lay and collect taxes. It does not authorize Congress to delegate the tax collection power to a private

corporation, which collects our taxes for a private bank, the Federal Reserve, who then deposits it into the Treasury of the IMF.

The IRS is not allowed to state that they collect taxes for the United States Treasury. They only refer to “The Treasury.”

PC magazine reported that the Clinton Administration lawyers are preparing executive orders to connect ALL private bank accounts and banking cards directly to the IRS, Treasury and Federal Reserve Computers.

“A society of sheep must, in time, beget a government of wolves.”  -- Bertrand de Juvenal.