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Walter Burien

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Organized Slander and Malignant False Personal attacks is NOT a secured right under the 1st Amendment

by Walter Burien - CAFR1


Cleaning up the organized corruption permeating government is a monument-us and daunting job.


With the organized corruption being so well entrenched throughout all levels of government, and generating such massive wealth for the players from the same, in plain language: "They don't play fair."


The recent Presidential election shook the entrenched gang based on the implied cleanup to purge the corruption. What was their response to protect their well-entrenched syndicate?


ANSWER: The same as they did before the election was maintained and solidified: Organized Slander and Malignant False Personal attacks and what they are doing is "NOT" a secured right under the: 1st Amendment.


What is systematically being done is a showing of just how entrenched the corruption is. The public is not stupid (at least most of them). Now I have watched over the decades the inherently corrupt organized syndicate gang "play" the public as if they were automated stupid drones who could be directed in their thinking through spoon fed malignant contrived information designed to destroy or promote an intended target.


We all have seen this played out before the election and now even a more organized and systematically applied effort by the gang after the election. A gradually intensified masterful presentation frothing the malignant intent to marginalize and damage our president, Mr. Donald Trump and certain key players of his staff.


Now those who do not know what the First Amendment is, they can stop reading this article. They are part of the hopelessly lost sound-bite conditioned drone population, and the time it would take to make them well informed cognitive thinking individuals, in end result would be well after the planed destruction and final looting of our country taking place. This article is exclusively for the informed cognitive thinkers out there.


My personal feelings and sentiments as to what is being done to slander, malign, and personally attack Mr. Trump are as follows.


1. It is a very dangerous game the gang is playing. They weaken the standing the USA has with the global community.  I note also that in this type of environment created by the gang, they also believe they can manipulate the responses from Mr. Trump to actual world events. I say this after watching what I consider a mistake Mr. Trump was baited into making. Notably: The attack on a Syrian military air base.


Those who do not have a short-term memory will recall that several years ago the syndicate gang wanting to attack Syria staged a chemical weapons incident blaming Syria in their attempts to use Military force to attack Syria. Well it almost worked until it was shown that the chemical weapons use was done by insurgents (probably in coordination with a CIA covert op) to falsely justify an attack on Syria.


The covert-op came real close to accomplishing the intent for a military attack but the false assertion backfired through assertive and timely investigation by the international community.


Well, it almost worked once, why not do the same and make it work again by baiting and pushing Mr. Trump into attacking Syria at this time as the gang froths at the mouth with a new presented opportunity to do so. By them utilizing the same routine that almost worked before.. Well, they were successful in motivating Mr. Trump to attack Syria, and to his detriment in the international community.


Currently, the military option is being focused on N. Korea, a very real and dangerous circumstance. The response the USA should give to this circumstance? Well, what I would suggest is a four prong response:


  A.) China is the "Parent" country to N. Korea. China should not tolerate the rhetoric coming out of N. Korea per an attack on the USA combined with long-range missile development. It should be made very clear to China that the threats from the child will bear on having responsibility and consequences to and for the parent.  China can stop N. Korea cold in its tracks and should be required to do so.


  B.) We have spent a few trillion dollars on our Star-Wars missile defense program. Let's not let it go to waste. Make it very openly clear to N. Korea that any further long-range ballistic missile tests they conduct will be without hesitation shot down after launch by the USA.   A little target practice would be a good thing in this circumstance.


  C.) Direct and severe sanctions levied immediately against N. Korea by the USA until N. Korea changes their tune.


  D.) Organize and implement world condemnation against N. Korea for openly and intentionally threatening World Peace. China, Russia, and the USA should be the forerunners in this effort with all and as many other countries joining into the condemnation.


2. The key buzzword the gang is using over and over again as if a promoted dreaded threat is Russia, Russia, and Russia.


RUSSIA is a world power. All and every attempt to have a friendly, open, and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with Russia is a must to be in place.


"How many other countries openly endorsed Mr. Trump", many.. But it appears the gang as the “Buzz Word” has selected Russia.


In my personal opinion, if before the election Vladimir Putin staged an event in the USA in line with his famous picture were to ride his horse from East to West across the USA in a "Ride for Trump", yes that would be "influencing the election" and that event would have been just fine with me.


ANYONE supporting a candidate for public office in the USA, if from the USA or elsewhere "is" a hallmark this country was founded on.


The effect of ANYONE'S support of a candidate will have negative or positive effects that will motivate voters to vote one way or the other.


The event example noted here could not have been done due to security concerns for Mr. Putin. But if it had, I believe that due to the sentiments of the voters wanting to see a friendly, open, and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with Russia, Hillary would have lost the election by another 25 to 30 million votes.


3. Spoon feeding to the US Population selectively contrived half-truth or false information to the population is a well-refined art. An art proven to be very effective over and over again throughout history. The gang and their well-entrenched cooperatives from the syndicated media know this all to well.


If the gang for whatever reason targeted Mother Theresa for jay-walking in NY City as if a capital offense, after a while, with one contrived false story as fact being masterfully presented coming out, and to the detriment of the people of the United States, they would have the useful idiot drones chirping here, there, and everywhere for her execution to the dismay of the majority of the population wondering if this country has gone nuts. Bottom line is that the Gang is very good at their organized and false attacks against anyone. 


4. Read the writing on the wall and remember "who" is participating in the organized and methodical false and contrived attack on Mr. Trump. They are the well-entrenched agents of the syndicate. Let them bear the mark of who and what they are.


5. "If" the corrupt syndicate is to be diminished and perpetually loose their in-place influence over this country, they must be overwhelmed with descent and indignation from a disgusted population in a direct, open, and effective manner. Let those talking heads and especially the directors from ABC, NBC, etc., or any other participant that is cooperating with the contrived, orchestrated, created out of false innuendo, attack against our president, that they are in no uncertain terms, human garbage. If that becomes the "Buzz words" of the day, it will out of their own survival instincts stop their organized venture.


6.  The following comment is directed to Mr. Trump: As noted, Organized Slander and Malignant False Personal attacks and what they are doing is "NOT" a secured right under the First Amendment. It is slander and defamation. Additionally when it is being done systematically as an organized "programmed" venture, for all intents and purposes it crosses the line of racketeering and establishment of a criminal enterprise.


If possible, and I strongly urge, that a multi-billion dollar "class action" law suit be expeditiously implemented against the syndicate players involved. ABC, NBC, CNN, and ALL individuals that have clearly established, proven, and showed they were and are actively involved. I say make it a class action being: Let every individual from the USA; participate in the "Class".


You may just have 80 to 120 million individuals sign up to be a member of the class action.


Many individuals from this country who now know the score are crying to STOP the syndicate that has slithered into the controlling forces over this county.


There is countless evidence now available to establish the malignant and falsely contrived intent of the syndicate operating as an organize racketeering entity in concert with each other, to within a predominance of the evidence, a judgment as requested can be secured on the class-action.


I do not know the over-all limitations on the Office of The President, but if this action is possible, I, and I believe tens of millions of Americans would be a 110% for this to take place, done directly or indirectly in your and this countries behalf.


As the old saying goes: "If you want to give someone an attitude adjustment, hit them in their pocket-book".


A class-action such as this would do just that to where "Fair Play" based on truth becomes the predominate factor and not the exception..


Sent FYI and for sharing / posting / publication with and for all that you know.


Truly Yours,


Walter J. Burien, Jr. - and

P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, AZ 85936