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Bob Minarik

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The Standard for the Power to Tax


by Bob Minarik

October 30th 2018    


Hello fellow Americans


This is the coming season of the tax con man, and a warning is in order!!   I don't tell people not to file tax returns.   I try to tell them what they need to do if they decide not to file.   So many people have just enough information that they are dangerous to themselves and to their families.


In addition, there are so many wild ass theories floating through the tax patriot movement, and so many hustlers are charging unbelievable amounts when selling those theories, that during this April Fool season,  I want to share with you the basis of my position for not filing income tax returns and what I consider the best issue on which you as a non-filer should stake your claim.


I have not filed a federal income or a state income tax return for the last 35 years.   The issue of any obligation to submit forms to the government under penalty of perjury is a master v. servant issue.   It is a rights v. authority issue.  The government has been granted the authority under the Constitution to tax its subjects to the point of destruction.


That is the plenary power of taxation that the sovereign has over its subjects.   Former Chief Justice John Marshall said it best, and said it literally, in the early landmark Supreme Court case of McCulloch v. Maryland, (4 Wheat 418, 431, 1819)  "That the power to tax is the power to destroy..."


My rights are supreme.  Government did not grant those rights.  Government was created to protect those rights.   I can claim them or I can waive them.   But once I claim them, government has no lawful authority to take those rights from me without due process of law. I am not a servant or a subject of government.   I am not subject to any tax law that requires the waiver of fundamental rights.   I have no obligation to involve myself into any taxing statute that requires a waiver of those rights.  In that same case of McCulloch v. Maryland (page 429) ,  John Marshall expressed the standard to determine whom the government can tax out of existence.   Here are his words for you to use as a measure in establishing whether you are one subject to the point of destruction.


"All subjects over which the sovereign power of a state extends, are objects of taxation;  but those over which it does not extend,  are upon the soundest principles, exempt from taxation. This proposition may almost be pronounced self evident..."


"The sovereignty of a State extends to every thing which exists by its own authority, or is introduced by its permission;..." (4 Wheat 418, 429, 1819)


Chief Justice Marshall expressed succinctly the limitation of government authority to its plenary power of taxation.   He also expressed the foundation of our liberty, that when it comes to fundamental rights,  we are the masters of government and government is the servant.   When you stand on this standard, you are "on point" in defending the purpose of our federal and state Republics, as well as your liberty and property.


In addition, you can make the claim yourself.   It doesn't cost you an arm and a leg payable to some tax avoidance hustler to stand on this position that your rights are supreme and those fundamental rights cannot be taken from you without due process of law under any set of circumstances!!!!


Bob Minarik

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