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Not just a return to the Deutschmark. German Ostpolitik could have a Russian/German-led Eurasian Union in place by 2015.

Alcuin Bramerton

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Not just a return to the Deutschmark. German Ostpolitik could have a Russian/German-led Eurasian Union in place by 2015. Élite Nazi-continuum trading platforms shut down. International banking system poised for gold-backed re-boot. Rothschild EuroZone project dead in the water.

The covert trading platforms of the Illuminati, sequestered in Western Rothschild-controlled banks, have now been closed down in preparation for the gold-backed re-boot of the global financial system. In the middle of October 2011, an attempt by the London Crown Temple (lead signatories Elizabeth Windsor and Edward, Duke of Kent) to steal $1.6 trillion from the Mitsui-Sumitomo bank in Japan, via one of these covert platforms, was blocked.

Meanwhile, new disclosures continue to tumble out as legal due process pursues the Western criminal élite old order. Zvonko Berdik (Belgium), the Duke of Kent (UK) and Alan Barr (Foundation X) are receiving negative mentions in dispatches. And curious coordinates in the Western Nazi-continuum story are coming to light. Adolf Hitler, it is said, was a Rockefeller syndicate operator, who lived under Rockefeller protection in Argentina until 1967. Hitler himself was a son of the English King George V, and Angela Merkel (current German Head of State) is Hitler's daughter.

The Nazi-continuum bona fides of the Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bush syndicate in the US are often articulated. But until recently, the English connection has been kept under close wraps. After all, the UK was at war with Nazi Germany between 1939 and 1945 wasn't it? However, it turns out that Queen Elizabeth II of England's privileged bloodline family, now called The House of Windsor, was actively in touch with leading Nazis throughout the Second World War hostilities.

The Duke of Windsor, for example, operated in close collaboration with the Nazis in Spain and Portugal to foment a revolution in wartime Britain. The plan was to topple the Winston Churchill government, depose the Duke's brother, King George VI, and allow the Duke to regain the English throne, with Queen Wallis (Simpson, the American divorcée, for whom he abdicated the throne) at his side. Explicit correspondence germane to this plot was lodged at Kronberg Castle in Germany.

In June 1945, King George VI, dispatched the MI5 officer (and soon-to-be Knight of Malta and Surveyor of the King's Pictures) Anthony Blunt, to gather up the incriminating correspondence. These papers are now thought to be held at Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, the Jesuit's English HQ.

Later on in 1978 and 1979, when the syndicate behind the emerging UK Thatcher government was fitting up Anthony Blunt as the "fourth man" in the Cambridge spy ring, Queen Elizabeth II insisted that there should be no interrogation of Blunt about his secret German trip to Kronberg Castle. More here.

Fast forward to 2011, and a slow-motion train crash is now openly visible in Europe. Extreme Unction has been pronounced. Greece, it transpires, has quietly made its desire to leave the EuroZone known to the French and the Germans. It will ditch the Euro, and reintroduce the Drachma. Greece is weary of international interference in its internal affairs and knows that no EuroZone-brokered solution to its sovereign debt problem could possibly work without banking the country back into the Stone Age and igniting ruinous popular revolution. Latvia and the Baltic States have come to similar views about their own situations.

And as reported further down this page, Germany is currently in the middle of advanced arrangements to return to the Deutschmark. Despite public posturing to the contrary in Berlin, the EuroZone is now viewed as being dead in the water. Angela Merkel has been resolutely pursuing an Ostpolitik with Russia which was originally initiated by Willy Brandt in the 1960s. It is thought that a Russian/German-led Eurasian Union could be in place by 2015.

In excess of one hundred sovereign nations, outside the G5 fiat-paper banking cabal (UK, US, Germany, France & Italy), are now reported to be subscribed to the new global asset-backed financial system. This means that forty three additional nations have committed to the arrangements since the Monaco Colloquium put the final proposals into executive form in August 2011.