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Barrick Gold, Adnan Kashoggi and the Mormons

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There are those that work pretty hard to convince their fellow Mormons to "not ask any questions" and simply obey orders as if their salvation depended upon it. Such men, like Orrin Hatch, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman know that if Utah's faithful actually got a clue, they would ride them out of town on a rail.

Corruption only grows where the light never shines. Gross corruption is only possible when large communities fail to demand any accountability from those that wear their religious credentials like a well worn sheepskin. Utah's problem is that everybody is related to everybody else. To stand up to corruption is to stand up against "family" in many instances. Punishment, if it were ever actually applied, would effect a whole group of ecclesiastical, business and civil leaders that are collectively feeding on the same victims.

In Utah they prefer their victims go down easy, without complaint. Put up a fight and they call in the relatives to help "put you down" through slander, libel, attempted murder, fraud, and malicious harrassment from a variety of sources. "We won't stop until you're dead," is the Mormon Illuminati Motto. They should change it to "Millions Screwed Daily"

In past articles, I have explained how corrupt Mormons have been involved in everything from fraud to grand larceny, even mass murder. In today's article we will talk more about Mormon Illuminati involvement with Adnan Kashoggi and Barrick Gold. Readers will remember that Adnan Kashoggi used his Utah corporation, Triad Development, to steal hundreds of millions from Utah investors. What they don't know, is that Kashoggi purportedly channelled all that dough into the "Iran-Contra" operation:

"Having started his career as an honest businessman, brokering arms deals in the Middle East for Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop-Grumman, and investing in diamond mining in the Central African Empire, Khashoggi became the world's richest man in the 1980s....

However, business wasn't always good.  His Triad Holding Company, for example, went bankrupt after he was indicted for using it to channel money for the Iran-Contra deal.  Fortunately, he made his $4 million bail thanks to his friend, Peter Munk, chairman of Barrick Gold.  Barrick Gold, which was founded by Khashoggi in the first place, is also deep into illegal government activity.  He still held onto his Barrick Gold shares though -- despite them being held as collateral for the arms deal.

Business was good for a while, having helped out his good friend Imelda Marcos hide her gold and assets -- legally according to the verdict.

Having got off that one, Khashoggi started another business, called GenesisIntermedia, a telemarketing company.  This was during the .com boom.

The stock was the best performer in 2000 despite losses of more than $17 million on just $229,000 revenue....

A well known financial commentator, Courtney Smith, helped push this stock on CNBC, Bloomberg, and elsewhere, for a tiny $1.1 million fee.

Having pushed the stock from $1 a share all the way up to $17, Khashoggi paid off some brokers to borrow his stock and lend it to Deutsche Bank Canada to the tune of $130 million.  (Yup, the very same company with internet revenues of less than half a million.)

Under this scheme, Deutsche borrows the stock and pays Khashoggi the value of the shares.  Or, to put it another way, Khashoggi gets the cash for his shares without having to sell them and give away his game.

After 9/11 his stock crashed and he owed Deutsche Bank Canada and other brokerages $130 million.  Naturally, GenesisIntermedia went belly up and Khashoggi made out like a Saudi oil tycoon.  Deutsche Bank and a few securities companies were left holding the baby.  Khashoggi made the $130 million disappear -- cleverly done considering the FBI was watching every international bank transfer at the time! (Source)

It gets even more interesting for Utah Illuminati that like to gloss over their history with the CIA and "covert operations".

"In 1983, the Khashoggi-led group formed the gold  company whose name was soon changed to Barrick Gold Corp. Sheik Kamal Adham was reportedly one of the new company's founding co-owners. Adham, the chief of Saudi intelligence, had coordinated royalist guerrillas in Yemen, with British arms secretly provided through Khashoggi.

Beginning in 1985, Khashoggi borrowed $21 million, using his Barrick stock as collateral, for the covert  transfer of arms to Iran for the Bush-North group, during an official U.S. arms embargo against the Khomeini regime. Khashoggi made Donald Fraser, the Toronto-based businessman who allegedly provided the loan from his Cayman Islands company, president of Khashoggi's Triad American holding company

Khashoggi used the Monte Carlo office of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International to launder money for Iran arms sales. Barrick Gold Corp. co-founder Kamal Adham was later prosecuted for fraud in the BCCI case, and paid a $100 million fine.

Khashoggi's Saudi royal piggybanks also underwrote  George Bush's Central American ``Contras'' adventures, making payments through the Swiss Bank Corp. and a Cayman Islands bank, totalling about $27 million.

When the Iran and Contra scandals blew up in 1986, U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese linked the two scandals in a Nov. 25 public revelation. The next day, Munk announced a shareholders' meeting to decide on an urgent restructuring plan. A new organization emerged, keeping the Khashoggi group in control, but easing Khashoggi out of the limelight and making Munk the sole public figurehead.

Personnel were shifted into the Canada organization out of Khashoggi's Triad operations in Utah. Tariq Kadri, Khashoggi's longtime attorney, was made president of the Horsham holding company that was put over Barrick."  (Source)

Kitco's relationship to Barrick gold and Adnan Kashoggi, a master at fraud and deception, could easily lead to the conclusion that investors in both companies are taking far more risk then they bargained for.

June 14, 2011