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Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 10:40 AM
Subject: Could this be true?
Dear Reader,

One of the most respected analysts in the country says there is a legitimate way you could pay "ZERO" taxes on a significant amount of your retirement earnings.

It's an interesting idea for anyone who's retired or thinking about retiring anytime soon.
The full story is below...
Good Investing,
Brian Hunt
Editor in Chief, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research
*IMPORTANT NOTE: The authors of this report are Independent Researchers,

and are NOT affiliated with the Social Security Administration in any way.

How to (legally) pay

ZERO taxes on your

Social Security income

Plus 4 more secrets the Administration doesn't

want you to know:

1. Write these instructions on 'Line R' of

your application... and you could qualify for

an extra $12,000 EVERY year

2. Learn the secret of Form '521-B' and get an

interest-free loan for up to $144,000... plus a $6,500 bonus

3. If you have a family, use Form '3881-BK' and you could receive an extra $8,400 per year

4. Time your filing of form 'SSA-25'... and get

an extra $700 per month for 8 years or more

Dear Reader,

Thanks to two insiders at Social Security headquarters, and several University studies...

We have exposed a series of "loopholes" in the Social Security system, which could help you eliminate the taxes you pay on Social Security... and could also help you earn an extra $1,100 or more per month... EVERY year you are retired.

No, not everyone will qualify for this money.

And yes, you must meet certain requirements, and do some legwork to cash in.

But if one of these scenarios applies to you, there's literally tens of thousands of dollars at stake.

In fact, we have identified thousands of Americans across the country who are using these secrets already:

* David McManus is a teacher from Mobile, AL. By taking advantage of a secret embedded in form '3881-BK', he was able to collect a little-known family benefit. As Mr. McManus says: "I went to the Social Security Office and was told... [I] was entitled to $1,068 per month."

McManus also received $40,000 in retroactive benefits, and estimates that over the next 11 years, the added benefits (which he invested for his daughter's college), will be worth about $250,000. "It's almost too good to be true," he says today.

* Jim Roth is a retired hardware store owner who took advantage of a different social security "loophole" involving form '521-b.' It enables Roth and his wife to collect an extra $1,100 per month... every year for the rest of their lives. As Roth told us in an interview: "It's like free money."

* Timothy Westcott of Minneapolis used yet another one of these Social Security secrets. With the help of his wife, Marilyn, and a special instruction they included on 'Line R' of their application, the Westcott's have added nearly $700 a month to their benefits.

As Mr. Westcott said in a recent interview: "I never dreamed that I could draw [this] benefit. I submitted my application, and within 10 days I had received a check for $2,760 retroactive to February 2008... "

Of course, you're probably wondering: Why haven't you heard of these opportunities before?

Well, the answer is pretty simple...

The Social Security Administration is one of the biggest and most inefficient bureaucracies on Earth.

As Kiplinger's Personal Finance recently wrote: "SSA Spokesman Mark Lassiter concedes that many of the agency's more than 30,000 employees may not be familiar with the nuances of some of these strategies to maximize retirement income."

Also, several Social Security rules have changed dramatically in recent years. And even with these changes, the Administration makes it a policy to NOT give 'personal advice.'

The point is: It's up to YOU to make sure you get all the money you deserve. And as Money Magazine wrote: "Don't assume you will be stuck with whatever the government gives you."

In most circumstances, it's possible to legally "rig" the system in your favor, and potentially increase your Social Security payout by as much as $1,000 per month... and increase your lifetime benefit by as much as $100,000 or more.

Remember: Collecting Social Security is a right you have earned through YOUR labor. You have paid into this fund... and you have a right to maximize your benefits.

The problem is, no one from the Social Security Administration is going to call you on the phone and tell you how you could collect an extra $1,000 per month.

But the good news is, I can show you exactly what to do...

Social Security Secret #1:

"The $900-a-month family boost"

Right now, according to a recent report, more than 500,000 Americans are taking advantage of a little-known provision in the Social Security system, which enables certain retirees with children to add as much as $1,068 per month to their social security benefits.

This is how David McManus (who I mentioned earlier) received $40,000 in retroactive benefits--and stands to get about $140,000 more in the years to come.

And McManus is not the only one...

Bill Jameson from Austin, TX found out he and his family are eligible for similar payouts. He estimates he'll collect a total of about $108,000, thanks to what is essentially a retirement "gift."

Nancy Grayson from Little Rock, AK is doing the same...

Just before collecting her first Social Security check, Grayson learned she would be eligible or an extra $964-a-month "family" benefit... which she estimates will pay her a total of around $23,000.

As she said recently: "I was astounded! I had no idea [we'd receive these extra] social security benefits. I'm certain there are a lot of people in my situation who have no idea [they are] eligible... "

The point is, if you are retired... and you have children, by using form '3881-BK', you could qualify.

And if you don't, you might want to try...

Social Security Secret #2: "The Spousal Benefit"

You have to be married for this "loophole" to work.

In essence, it's a way for you and your spouse to start receiving Social Security benefits as soon as you are eligible.

Then, using something known as the "Spousal Benefits" provision... to claim a lot MORE MONEY a few years later.

It all has to do with the timing and implementation of form 'SSA-25'.

In fact, this little-known provision is so potentially lucrative, it was the subject of a study done by the Boston College Center for Retirement Research, called: Strange But True: Claim Social Security Now, Claim More Later.

The report estimates that as more Americans figure out this secret, the Social Security Administration could be paying out an additional $9.5 BILLION PER YEAR in benefits.

Financial columnist Mary Beth Franklin estimates this "loophole" can boost your income from Social Security by more than 30% above and beyond the standard means of collecting.

Minneapolis resident Timothy Westcott used this strategy recently and it translates into nearly $700 a month in extra income. Since filing the proper forms, Mr. Westcott and his wife also got a retroactive check for past benefits worth $2,670.

And here's another secret you can use if you are married...

Social Security Secret #3: "The Triple-Boost"

This one is a twist on the Secret above.

While the above secret is great for couples in which both people have significant work history... this one is ideal if you have one primary breadwinner.

If you are married, this secret allows you to start collecting Social Security when you are first eligible. Then... allows you to collect even more money as you get older... and to potentially boost your spouses income a third time as well.

It's all made possible by a little-known law passed by President Bush in 2000, which effectively changed the rules on who could collect social security... how much you could collect... and when you'll receive your money. George Bennet and his wife, of Ft. Lauderdale, for example, used this secret to boost their household income by about $12,000 per year.

This "loophole" has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger's Personal Finance... and was even the subject of a 2008 Wharton School of Business study.

The Boston College Center for Retirement Research confirms that this little-known provision "allows individuals to increase their level of dependable income in the future."

The Center also concludes that this provision could force the Social Security Administration to pay out an estimated extra $1 BILLION PER YEAR to American retirees.

And James Mahaney, of Prudential Financial, says, "If you don't [use this 'loophole'], you're leaving money on the table."

The problem, of course, as with each of the opportunities I've described, is that most people (including most financial planners and accountants) don't have a clue about how this secret works.

Well... that's what I'm trying to do... make folks aware of a series of "loopholes" in the Social Security system, which could add a lot of extra money to your retirement in the coming years.

To take advantage of this income-booster, you'll have to write a special instruction on "Line R" of your Application for Social Security. I can show you exactly what to do (details in a minute).

But first, let me tell you about what might just be the biggest Social Security "loophole" of them all...

Social Security Secret #4: "The 'free loan'. . .

with a $6,000 Reward"

There's another great "loophole" in the Social Security system. It might be the grand-daddy of them all... and allows you to:

1) Get a totally interest-free "loan" from the government for more than $90,000

2) Collect more than $6,000 in "free" money for your efforts...

3) And potentially boost your monthly payments by as much as $1,033 per month... OVER AND ABOVE what you are already collecting.

We interviewed 70-year-old retiree Jim Roth, who used this loophole to boost his Social Security checks by $1,033 per month. When we met Jim in his hometown, he told us: "It's free money from the government."

We also found a fellow named Dan Crowles, of Cumming, GA, who used this "loophole" to pocket an extra $985 a month for he and his wife Sharon.

To check the validity of this "loophole," we also paid a visit to a PhD professor at one of America's best colleges, in Boston. The fellow we interviewed (who prefers that we not use his name) probably knows more about Social Security and this "loophole" than anyone in America.

This guy has testified before Congress 16 times, mainly on issues relating to Social Security, and told us: "This is like finding money on the street... over 10 million people could benefit."

Finally, we interviewed an executive at Social Security Administration (SSA) headquarters, outside of Washington, DC, who said: "It's part of Social Security regulations. We can't deny anyone."

Yet fewer than 500 Americans took advantage of this loophole last year.
That's incredible isn't it?

There is a legal and legitimate way for millions of Americans to dramatically boost the money they collect from Social Security... and fewer than 500 people took advantage of it!

I'd love to give you all the details so you can see if this situation is right for you. There's a lot more involved in this extra benefit that you'll have to consider... and it certainly isn't right for everyone.

But if you are willing to play by the government's rules, and make some serious changes to your finances, the government could give you tens of thousands of extra dollars for retirement.

That's why we've decided to do something to make it easy for you to collect the money you deserve.

Here's what I mean...

It is up to YOU

My name is Mike Palmer.

I'm a Senior Researcher at a small financial firm in Baltimore called Stansberry & Associates Investment Research.

I've written you today to tell you about some extraordinary new work our firm has done on the "overlooked" opportunities available to you in the Social Security System.

This project was headed up by our Senior Analyst, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud.

Dr. Sjuggerud has an MBA... a PhD in Finance... and has worked just about every job under the sun in the financial world: stockbroker, mutual fund Vice President, hedge fund researcher and manager... and boutique analyst.

To put this work together, we have made personal trips to Social Security headquarters outside of Washington, DC... and we have enlisted the help of two insiders who work there.

We have carefully reviewed more than a dozen academic studies on these opportunities (and visited one of the authors in person in Boston)... we have interviewed people who have taken advantage of these opportunities personally... and we have read hundreds of articles in various journals and papers.

That's why I believe our new Research Report, called: Social Security Secrets: How to Collect Thousands of Extra Dollars For Your Retirement, is one of the most valuable retirement publications available.

In short, it covers EVERY single one of the "loopholes," little-known provisions, and strategies I've outlined so far in this letter.

It also includes the full details on:

* How to collect social security at ANY age. I realize this may sound impossible, but there are millions of people in America collecting Social Security who aren't yet retired.
The Social Security Administration (SSA) even admits this in one of its obscure publications:
"Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for Social Security at any age."
We'll show you ALL of the circumstances that could allow you or a loved one to collect social security, even if you are not yet retired.


* How to slash--or even eliminate altogether--the taxes you pay on social security. A Wharton School of Business study showed exactly how this is possible. Yes, it is true... you can legally receive, TAX-FREE, as much as $89,000 a year from Social Security. (Please note: This secret does not eliminate taxes on your other retirement income, just social security.)

* And the ONE THING you must do to ensure your legal rights when you file (it can mean a difference of tens of thousands of dollars if you don't "apply" the correct way)... and more.

Again, it's all included in our new Research Report called: Social Security Secrets: How to Collect Thousands of Extra Dollars For Your Retirement.

"These new strategies bring public attention to the fact that Social Security is truly valuable and that there are ways to make it even more worthwhile."

  – Mary Jane Yarrington,

The National Committee

to Preserve Social Security

The way I look at it is: Collecting Social Security is a right you have earned through your labor.

You have paid into this fund... and you have a right to maximize your benefit. The problem is, the people who work at the Social Security office are not going to tell you how these "loopholes" work.

In fact, they are not allowed to give you any "personal" advice (as they told us this on one of our interviews).

And while the folks who work the claims desks of the Social Security offices around the country are generally good people... they are pretty much clueless about how these secrets work.

In other words: It's totally up to YOU to get the money you deserve.
If you know these secrets, there's a very good chance you will be able to collect more money than the people who don't.

You know... none of us have a choice as far as paying INTO social security... but we most certainly do have a choice about how much money we take out, and when.

So if you plan to eventually collect social security... you need this Report. If you are already collecting social security, you DEFINITELY need this report. If you have a friend or relative collecting social security or soon to be doing so... please do them a favor and get this report.

In fact, this Research Report is so critical to getting more money for retirement, we would like to give you immediate access to it, free of charge.

Here's what I mean...

The Secrets of Social Security... Revealed

As I mentioned, the guy who headed up this research project is the analyst I work for, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud.

I've been in this business for nearly two decades now, and I can tell you without hesitation that there is no one on the planet as good as Dr. Sjuggerud at finding unique and extremely safe ways to pay for retirement.

Of course, nothing could be safer than increasing the amount of money you can collect from the government... and that is why Dr. Sjuggerud recommends that anyone who is retired or thinking about retirement soon make this your first step.

That's why we would like to give you this report, Social Security Secrets: How to Collect Thousands of Extra Dollars For Your Retirement, immediately.

In fact, it will be the among the first things we will give you access to if you accept our invitation to take a no-risk trial look at Dr. Sjuggerud's research service called True Wealth.

In short, what Dr. Sjuggerud does in True Wealth is search for unique, simple, and extremely safe ways to help you pay for retirement. His motto, as he's told me countless times over the past few years is simple:

You don't have to take big risks to make big gains.
Believe me, this is not your "typical" stock tout sheet... not by a long shot. Dr. Sjuggerud does a completely different type of research from anyone else I know of in this business.

He continuously turns up one incredible opportunity after another, which I can pretty much guarantee you won't hear about anywhere else.

For example, do you know about...

U.S. Government Gold That

Could Pay You 1,195%

In March of this year, when the stock market looked like it was in a free fall, Dr. Sjuggerud urged his readers to buy stocks, and said specifically: "Stocks could rise 50% in the next 18 months."

Well... actually instead of 18 months... we've seen a 50% rise in stocks in just 5 months. EVERYTHING in Dr. Sjuggerud's portfolio is showing significant gains.

But now, Dr. Sjuggerud believes stocks have gone up so far, so fast, that it's time to look elsewhere for the easy money.

Specifically, for example, he has found a unique gold investment, inadvertently created by a "glitch" in the U.S. government's currency system.

This unique investment has a history of safely paying MORE than gold bullion... and as much as gold stocks... with just a fraction of the risk.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that our government is printing money and inflating our currency at an unprecedented, off-the-charts rate.

When this happens, gold is one of the few safe, buy-and-hold investments in the world.

And now that you can profit thanks to an investment that comes straight from the U.S. government... well... there's simply no better way to make money from gold in the coming years.

Dr. Sjuggerud first uncovered this investment several years ago, and showed some of his readers how to get in...

** Tony Scott, from New Haven, CT, took advantage of this opportunity recently and told us: "My initial purchases have doubled. These purchases have outperformed anything else in my portfolio."
** Larry Carr, from Dover, DE took advantage of the situation as well and said: "Way better than the stock market."

** And Darren Underwood, from Santa Fe, NM wrote in to tell me: "I can honestly say that I would have never invested in this if it had not been for Steve. I had not even thought about it before (up about 94%)."

The point is, you want to own some gold in the current economic climate... for sure. And there's simply no better way to do it than the investment Dr. Sjuggerud has found:

  During similar economic times (from 1972 to 1974), this little-known gov't-created gold currency vehicle shot up an incredible 348%.
It happened again from 1976 to 1980, the Gov't-created gold investment I want to tell you about gained 1,195%.
  And it happened again from 1987 to 1989, the price of this Gov't currency vehicle shot up an incredible 665%.

Now it's happening all over again. I've taken advantage of this investment myself on Dr. Sjuggerud's recommendation, and have already seen gains of more than 50%. But that, as Dr. Sjuggerud says... is just the very beginning.

Please... do yourself a favor and take advantage of this situation as soon as possible.

It could turn out to be the safest and most profitable investment you make over the next five years or so... and I can just about guarantee you will NOT hear about it anywhere else.

If you would like, I can make sure you get a copy of Dr. Sjuggerud's Research Report, which explains the entire situation. It's called: The U.S. Government's Secret Gold Glitch That Can Make You 665%.

Again, you will receive this research free of charge when you try a subscription to Dr. Steve Sjuggerud's True Wealth.

Is Dr. Sjuggerud's work for you?

You'll have to make a decision for yourself... but here are a few things you should consider before giving it a try...

Please read this first...

As I mentioned, Dr. Sjuggerud started out in the financial world as a stock broker, worked his way up to become Vice President of an international mutual fund... then managed a hedge fund, and later headed up an independent research firm.

But about 7 years ago, he quit and left all of that behind, to start True Wealth, a private investment research service.

I've been working as a researcher for Dr. Sjuggerud ever since, and in that time he has been a lifesaver for Americans concerned about their retirement. For example...

** When everyone else was recommending all kinds of risky stocks, he recommended gold, which has paid investors safe gains of more than 100% so far, with much more to come.

** He found another super-safe, and very lucrative way to invest in, of all things, timberland. Historically, this has been one of the safest and best investments you could ever make. Readers have had the chance to make as much as 64% in capital gains... and could have received dividends of an incredible 18%.

** Over the past 7 years, Dr. Sjuggerud has built one of the most successful advisory newsletters in America. He has found more than 50 safe investment recommendations that have gained double-digits or more. (Keep in mind, since the beginning of 2002, the S&P 500 stock market average is actually DOWN 11%... so he's helped folks safely make money while most people are getting crushed.)

Right now (September 2009), Dr. Sjuggerud has 17 recommendations in his portfolio. EVERY SINGLE ONE IS MAKING MONEY.

And remember, Dr. Sjuggerud's #1 objective is to help you make large gains... without taking big risks.

He does this year in and year out... by finding investments you are very unlikely to hear about anywhere else...

For example, recently he's uncovered:

200% Thanks to the Federal Government. With the fall of the housing and mortgage markets, the U.S. government had to step in. And they did in a big way... investing hundreds of billions of dollars.

But what most investors don't realize is that there's a way you could "cash in" on this intervention, thanks to a vehicle made up of U.S. government-backed and Government-Sponsored Entity-backed securities. It's available on the stock market... is super safe and easy to buy and sell... and has a history of paying as much as 200% gains when the government makes it available at these rates.

This is still an incredible opportunity today, and you can take advantage of it immediately if you know how. Dr. Sjuggerud will explain everything to you as soon as you try his research...

Bond Investments that pay more than stocks. There's an extremely unique bond investment available today that has a history of being SAFER and more PROFITABLE than the stock market.

Since Dr. Sjuggerud uncovered this investment, it has helped his readers make a safe 47%... while stocks have lost more than 10%. This investment is also a great deal RIGHT NOW, and you'll learn how to take advantage of it as soon as you become a True Wealth subscriber.

"Guaranteed Retirement Contracts" Pay for Life. Few investors realize that there are about 100 U.S. firms out there that will pay you via something we call a "Guaranteed Retirement Contract."

In short, you get a steady paycheck, every single month, which can go up in value... but never down... and is even insured by the government. As Earl Ranney, a retiree from Fort Lauderdale, who has taken advantage of this situation, recently told us: "I have been retired since 1983, and I have received approximately $1,100 per month since that time. I can say that it has helped a lot in my retirement."

Again, you DON'T have to take big risks to make big gains. All of these investments are great buys as I write... and you can take advantage of them immediately.

I promise, you'll sleep better at night knowing you've got your money in a low-risk investment... with the potential for very big gains.

In short, if you are looking for investment alternatives in this very risky and extremely volatile market, I recommend you take a look at Dr. Sjuggerud's work. Of course, I can't tell you for sure whether or not it will be right for you, but here's what some readers have told us recently...

** Clyde Lafond, 68, from Burbank, CA, wrote recently to tell us:

"I have been following Dr. Sjuggerud's investments for several years. Only wish I had known him early in my life. My $600,000.00 is now worth well over a $1,000,000.00. I think that I am almost ready to retire."

** R. C. Beck, 80, who's a retired cardiac surgeon told us:

"I have been reading Dr. Sjuggerud's reports for over five years. I took my wife's portfolio from her advisor and quadrupled it."

** Raymond Martin, 53, a former news producer at CBS told us:

"Of all the people I follow... Dr. Sjuggerud is, by far, the best at what he does...make me money! I have a 7-figure portfolio with many years of investing acumen. I'm up over 100K on his recommendations (in less than a year). No one else comes close."

It's funny... you know we've even had a lot of people in the financial industry subscribe to Dr. Sjuggerud's service, to find ideas for their clients. For example...

•• Subscriber Gary Munson, who's a Certified Financial Planner and a Senior VP at one of the world's biggest investment firms, told us:

"After being in the investment business for almost 24 years, I feel I'm fairly qualified to evaluate investment recommendations as I am a financial advisor and portfolio manager. Steve's recommendations and the way he thinks are absolutely top-notch.

"His newsletter recommendations have become a major arrow in my quiver that I am able to utilize in my own clients' accounts. I read a lot of newsletters and other literature constantly looking for investment ideas, and Steve's True Wealth ranks at the very top."

•• Subscriber Brian Rose, a full-time equity trader from San Francisco, wrote to say:

"I KNOW I will have much more money for retirement because of Dr. Sjuggerud's True Wealth. It is comforting to know that Steve has no agenda other than to make me money."

•• Andrew Lawson from Charleston, SC, said:

"I was a stockbroker for 19 years. I trained with the 4th largest NYSE member firm at that time. I learned more from Dr. Sjuggerud in the last 8 months about the wide universe of investments than I learned in 19 years as a broker...

"Steve's recommendations are conservative, they make sense, and they regularly make large profits - much more than one would expect from safe investments."

I know... I can only tell you so much. You've got to try Dr. Sjuggerud's work for yourself before you can decide whether or not it's right for you.

So, here's what I propose...

What to do with

your money now

I'd like to give you a free copy of Dr. Sjuggerud's two Research Reports I've described in this letter:

Research Report #1: Social Security Secrets: How to Collect Thousands of Extra Dollars For Your Retirement

Research Report #2: The U.S. Government's Secret Gold Glitch That Could Make You 665%.

These two new Reports will be the first things you should read when you take a trial subscription to Dr. Sjuggerud's monthly investment research service, True Wealth.

Then, over the course of the next year, you'll also receive:

  • True Wealth (12 issues in total over the next year) will be sent to you on the third Friday of each month, first by e-mail, then by regular mail. Each month, Dr. Sjuggerud explains the details on what he's found to be the best investments and retirement strategies in the world... with the least possible risk.

  • We'll also begin sending you DailyWealth: Every day the markets are open, you'll receive an e-mail about the investments we're looking at... updates on what we've already recommended... and details on the best insights from other researchers and analysts around the world. You'll receive DailyWealth first thing in the morning, before the markets open.
Plus, you'll have full access to our online archive... with full details on:

* How to see 200% gains from a company that invests only in vehicles that are fully backed by the Federal government, or a Government Sponsored Entity (GSE).

* A safe and simple bond investment that pays more than stocks.

* How to get a "Guaranteed Retirement Contract" from one of about 100 U.S. firms, which will pay you for as long as you are retired, and is even insured by the government.

And get this: For the next 6 months, you can give True Wealth, and everything else I've described here, a look at absolutely no risk.

What I mean is, take the time in your own home to look over all our research, including Dr. Sjuggerud's latest reports on how to get a lot of extra money from the Social Security Administration... how to make a fortune thanks to a unique government gold investment... how to get guaranteed monthly income from one of 100 U.S. firms, no matter what happens in the stock market... and more.

If Dr. Sjuggerud's ideas and recommendations don't sound right for you, no problem. Let me know and we'll send you your money back... all of it. Keep the research you've received.

Believe me, six (6) months will give you plenty of time to make a decision about Dr. Sjuggerud's work.

You may have subscribed to an investment newsletter before, but I guarantee the work you receive from Dr. Sjuggerud will be unlike anything you've seen before.

(Also, keep in mind that should you change your mind after your 6-month trial is up, you can still receive a refund on the remaining portion of your subscription.)

In short, I believe True Wealth is the single best deal in the investment world. I realize that because I work with Dr. Sjuggerud, I am certainly biased.

But I promise you, this is the ideal research service for anyone who wants the opportunity to make great gains... without taking big risks.

Because I work in the industry, I have access to dozens of services... but when my retired father asked me recently what he should do with his money, I sent him Dr. Sjuggerud's work. Now, he's hooked. I did the same for my father in law, my sister... and anyone else who contacts me about what to do with their money.

Of course, you'll have to make a decision for yourself.

So how much does it cost and how can you get started?

Well, before I give you the full details, there's one more thing I'd like to make you aware of...

It's an extraordinary situation Dr. Sjuggerud has uncovered recently...

How to make up to 500%, tax-free,

thanks to your local government

As Dr. Sjuggerud has proven time and time again that the biggest and easiest gains you will ever make occur when you take the initiative to invest after a crisis.

Well, as you certainly know, we've certainly seen one crisis after another in the past year.

The stock market seems to have pulled out of it for the most part, and the banking industry too...

But local governments around the country are now desperately seeking cash and investors. And they have created a very unusual investment that could potentially pay you 500% or more over the next two years (I know of one such investment that just paid a whopping 800%!).

And get this...

There's a "loophole" associated with this investment, which, if you are willing to jump through a few hoops, could pay you these astronomical gains, totally TAX-FREE!

I know of two guys from Pennsylvania, for example, who don't have jobs... they simply make these investments with their local government... and they made OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS in two short years.

The incredible thing is, almost NO ONE is writing about this unique situation (although it's available in EVERY state). And the only place you're likely to see these opportunities written up is on government websites... or in your local newspaper.

What's great is, you need only a few thousand dollars to get started... and these investments are simpler, easier to understand, and we believe safer than just about any stock you can buy right now.

They are also potentially MUCH more lucrative.

In short, we think this could be the investment opportunity of the next decade... which may never occur again in our lifetimes.

We think you have about two years to take advantage of the situation. And it could potentially set you up comfortably financially for the rest of your life.

That's why Dr. Sjuggerud has put together a Research Report explaining the situation in full. It's called, Cashing in on Desperate Times: How to Make a Tax-Free 500%, Thanks to Your Local Government.

I'd like to give you this report free with a subscription to Dr. Sjuggerud's True Wealth investment letter.

True Wealth, by the way, costs only $99 for an entire year.

Why So Cheap?

Well, the truth is, between travel and research expenses, overhead, and salaries, we barely break even when we acquire a new customer.

The only way we stay in business is by providing you with research that is so unique, safe, and profitable, that you'll want to continue your subscription with us, year after year.

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