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Sent: Monday, October 05, 2009 7:53 AM
Subject: FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  Benjamin Fulford
DATE:  Oct. 5, 2009
SUBJECT:  Question
Dear Benjamin Fulford:
    Can you help us understand the meaning behind your recent statement that Oct. 7 and Oct. 27 were very important dates?
    Is it true that the U.S. has agreed to go on the gold standard by October 7, so China continues to pay for U.S. government operations from tax escrow money for October?
    The attached article suggests a major financial upset could occur on October 25.  Does this have any validity?
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick :H. Bellringer
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From: JR
Sent: Sunday, October 04, 2009 9:56 PM
Subject: WEBBOTS RED ALERT! Banks Closing OCT 25
My mother has a loan at Wells Fargo and they told her that she had to make her payment BEFORE October 25 because they are closing the bank until early November.

They say it's to incorporate the Wachovia customers... from the merging.

They said until early Wells Fargo will be closed at least a week.

This stinks.

And I'm not talking only about her local bank, but all branches in the US...

Please people, inquire at the others banks... Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan...if you have an account there...

To clarifies. The BANK SYSTEM will be closed for at least a week. For the physical closing of the bank, im not sure...but since the entire electronic system won't work... why would it be open?

Cliff High has become quite popular with his ability to predict upcoming events with his data mining process.  If this "red alert" is true, it is better to be prepared just in case.
Posted By: J <Send E-Mail>

Date: Saturday3-Oct-2009 15:28:56

        Urgent Web Bot Update Ref: 10/25
        The following in from Clif at on Saturday - changes somewhat our expectation for the way things will be working out both in markets and in the defense world over the next month:
        "Heads up! Reality Change Ahead!
        In running our MOM (model of modelspace) cleanup of the lexicon prior to tuning, it became apparent that October 25 turn in emotions globally will be dominated by a [lock down/implosion] of the [planetary financial/banking system]. The data suggests that such things a [currency trading] and [commodities trading] as well as many other [digital trading forms] will be [suspended]. Some will never resume, or if they do, they will be in entirely different forms. There may be a [banking lock up] in many countries emanating from the USofA outward. There may be [inter bank lock downs] in which [central banks] and [wealth storage clearing houses] will not be able to function. There are data sets suggesting that the rapid shift into building tension language on the 25th originates from and is propelled by the [financial system implosion] that then morphs over into [dollar rejected by all] a mere 10/ten days (more or less) later. There may be shut downs of all kinds of banking activity within the USofA and the rest of the anglosphere.
        The [sudden/urgent travel] of the [administration (obama et al) minions] in early November, under this MOM background load shows up as being about [desperately trying] to get the rest of the [planet] to [loan] the actual [resources/wealth] to [restart] the [USofA banking system].
        This MOM data set can be wrong in a way that the larger modelspace can not. The MOM set is so small that if it is wrong it is usually widely so. However, the data sets here are so focused, and bring in such crisp emotional shifts relative to the same days (10-25-2009)that it made sense to prepare this note.
        If correct, this is the beginning of "The Big One" relative to the dollar and the central banking system. Everything else in the modern world depends on this it will be a big one throughout all of the social infrastructure.
        If MOM is correct, then the [dollar death] will be way more dramatic and waaaay shorter than I had first thought. MOM is showing very dramatic language shifts (albeit against a much smaller background) for not only October 25but also in a very sharp crocodile tooth pattern from November 4 through December 10th indicating a very very emotionally choppy time.
        So, heads up! Reality shift (time/event bump) just ahead. If MOM is correct, there will be some additional levels of [visibility] on October 10th through the 15th that will put a focus on the 'trigger' that will show on October 25th and beyond.
        Masa Katsu! Pie up now, panic later.
        Clif and Cathy and Igor.
        If they're wrong, at least you've upped your preparedness...
        ...I'm betting they're not.
        If you are in the stock market-get out. If you are a risk taker that can act fast then short the stock market then get your winnings out really fast-before the 25th-and buy physical silver, gold, heirloom seeds, ammunition: essentials.
        Get your money out of the bank. Just do it. Convert that cash into essentials.
        IF you have credit cards-essentials. Repudiate the debt later and screw the banksters back.
        If you have a survival circle(I do)then be ready with an evac plan or whatever plan you got. Doesn't mean that things go to hell immediately but if the webbots are accurate enough the dollar's about to get burnt to a crisp. The debt based economy will seize up.
        This means goods will rapidly run out! Have food, fuel-essentials.
        In a few weeks after the 25th(if the webbots are right)America will start looking like Mad Max. In a couple months it will look like Dawn of the Dead-but with starving Americans instead of undead Americans.
        I'd prepare anyway. Right now, consider this an exercise opportunity.
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Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 9:26 PM
Dear Patrick,

What I am hearing is that most of the dollars in the world are now backed by gold at the rate of 1/28 of a gram per dollar. The problem is that the owners of the dollar and Euro printing presses have been pumping out ever more ridiculous amounts of fake dollars and euros. These fakes (anything printed by the Feds after September 2008) are being isolated from the rest of the financial system. It is a game of cat and mouse that has been going on since then. However, as of September 30th, any banks that are not Basel 2 compliant will be cut off from the rest of the financial system. What that means is that all banks must no longer keep two sets of books. In other words the owners of the Fed will be forced to put all their Cayman Island, etc. junk on their books or be isolated. If they put them on their books, they will be bankrupt. October 7th is a negotiation deadline and October 27th is when an actual blockade of the US could in theory begin.  They will be cut off from all internatinal trade unless they agree to cooperate in the campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and develop the forbidden technology for the benefit of all.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558