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FULFORD: The Japanese Arrested with $134.5 Billion had Papers Signed by Bernanke, and Greenspan With Corrections and Additions

Benjamin Fulford

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July 10, 2009

The Japanese arrested with $134.5 billion had papers signed by Bernanke, and Greenspan:With corrections and additions

The two "Japanese" ( actually both were Filipinos ) arrested in Italy recently reportedly with $134.5 billion worth of F.R.N. s, ( THE AMOUNT WAS IN FACT SOME FIVE HUNDRED BILLION IN CERTIFICATES ) were also  carrying a series of documents signed by the likes of Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke with federal reserve logos and stamps embossed, signed and witnessed . The two were released after proving their credentials,    and were released  because they were carrying genuine diplomatic passports. The Pictures of the documents they carried are attached and we would like to hear some expert opinion on their contents (somebody is preventing us from uploading more than one picture).

According to the official story put out to the corporate media, the Treasuries were forgeries (no doubt they will say the same about the documents pictured here) but if that is the case, why were the people carrying the “forgeries” immediately released, by extreme persons in high places in Italy, who had the power to silence Prime Minister Belosconi ?

The truth is the Treasury certificates they carried were legitimate and are now in the safe hands of a new financial system. The instruments will be used to finance part of a Program at ending war, poverty and environmental destruction. It will also be used to develop previously forbidden technology. We may see some visible changes as early as next week as they carry out the new banking paradigms being incorporated, but, not with out resistance from the old abusive Wall street  guard .

  Bernanke’s latest check has bounced but, as mentioned before, things will drag on to the September 30 secret fiscal year end then all hell will break out as the financial world, takes a ninety degree  down-turn . The information above comes from very highly placed sources. 

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