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BONDS: Did You Know That Prisoners Are Bonded & Given A Cusip Number, Which Is Pooled With All The Other Bonds & Traded?

Arthur Cristian

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Did you know that prisoners are bonded and given a cusip number, which is pooled with all the other bonds and traded on the stock market under the name of the bonding warehouse (prison) where they keep the surety (person)?

The cusip number is supposedly made up of the persons government created ID number, either Social Security Number or TFN or whatever.

Have you noticed on Schapelle Corby's prison plate she was holding, it had her all caps person name, then PSL: 78UUNO 22/1997 TGL 10-11-2004

The prisoner is released when the bond matures, and they have finished earning their profits (interest)

It is rumoured (ha ha ha) that a prisoner can be released if a bond is issued to cover the cost and cancel/satisfy the obligation.

We are the self loading baggage in a commercial transaction of international trade and securities exchange when we travel from port to port.

Sea Port, Air Port, And the Trans - Port dept regulates all vehicles including trains.

Here's what happens here in Australia if you don't have a ticket to ride on their vehicle ... the policy enforcers are waiting to take you away.

[Comment: Prison bonds are the biggest racket on the planet and that is why the numbers are increasing in USA cells because its huge business. - Regards - Marko]

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A market in which buyers and sellers of securities (or their agents or brokers) meet in one location to conduct trades

Any organization, association or group which provides or maintains a marketplace where securities, options, futures, or commodities can be traded; or the marketplace itself.

One area subject to 34 Act regulation is the actual securities exchange -- the physical place where people purchase and sell securities (stocks, bonds, notes of debenture).

Some of the more well known exchanges include the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and regional exchanges like the Cincinnati Stock Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange and Pacific Stock Exchange.

At those places, agents of the exchange, or specialists, act as middlemen for the competing interests to buy and sell securities. An important function of the specialist is to inject liquidity and price continuity into the market. Given that people come to the exchange to easily acquire securities or to easily dispose of a portfolio of securities, the specialist's role is important to the exchange.









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