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3/9/2021 - IRS Investigating Fraud!

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IRS Investigating Fraud!


March 9, 2021|GCR, Miracles, Stock / Metals, Trump







CNN lost its airport contract.  CNN had this contract for 30 years!!!  

The Shame Game!  Oprah sporting an ankle monitor?




We know the cabal IRS has stolen from America to benefit the Rothchild Central Banks.  We learned that President Trump's version of NESARA under the Republic America is a guideline for Humanity and Republic America has made it its own.  We keep learning new things each and every day about USA being a corporation that is now defunct and laws that were signed under USA Inc.  

Now we are seeing news about the IRS actions which is tells me what our Angel Anon recently shared with us is coming to fruition about the IRS heading under the control of the Treasury. 

If you are a crypto user, information I share to inform you of the news that is out there.  You decide.

The 2020 Individual Tax Return has a new question asking if you received, sold, send, exchange or otherwise acquire financial interest in virtual currency:


Operation Hidden Treasure



Regulation proposal in December 2020 - THEY SEE YOU.



Now, JPM just announced they are cancelling Chase Pay.  Why would they cancel digital pay so suddenly?  



QFS has been through testing stage and it appears it is ready to take Center Stage!  QFS, a highly sophisticated form of payment to do business worldwide!  World Wide instant payments.  QFS is backed by metals backed currency and not vapor.  

Are we going through this transition now?  Our Angel Anon has said that we will know when QFS is active, it is when we our banking has become digital.  We were also told the two BIG BANKS that are a part of the QFS is HSBC and Wells Fargo.  We were told that the transfers to these BIG Banks happens automatically.  I do not know how it will happen for Community Banks.  In Hawaii, the only physical banks are Community Banks and Credit Unions.  Are we transitioning to the QFS?  


What happens when the precious metals contracts expire the end of this month and specifically for Silver, twice in a 3 day span?  What happens when the EmptyVaultGate is exposed?  What happens when the banks cannot fulfill these contracts because they lack the physical metal and just call the Federal Reserve buddies to ask for more money and then...what happens if the Feds then call the US Mint to print the money and the US Mint is closed for Business or cannot fulfill the orders?  How will the banks pay for those contracts?  




We have learned the Rothchild Central Banks have started this mess!  They created the IRS, Federal Reserve, Interest rates, use of fiat dollars and controlled the hundreds of Central Banks around the world.  The BIG Banks are their puppets and benefitted too.  Cabal Central Banks created dollars and the value was set by them.  Who created Crypto Currency?  There are millions of people that use crypto and love it, but was that the cabal's back up plan?  Create a currency that is manipulated by who and what?  

Remember when Zuckerberg wanted to have his own crypto:



Facebook already settled with the state of Illinois for violating facial recognition.  Yet, FB wanted to get into Crypto, a method of payment that makes public your transactions?  SCARY!!!  



Conversely, wouldn't the world be a better place when the currency is backed by a metal that has a certain value.  And the QFS uses that currency in their system. And it is currency that only strengthens in value over time?   

The White Hat undertaking and take down is a massive operation. Saving millions of children's lives; taking down ten/ hundreds of thousands of evil corrupt people / politicians; taking down the root of this evil corruption....the cabal Central Banks!  Once the dirty cabal is down...all else crumbles.  The dirty central bank cabal is the foundation of their evil works, and when you implode the foundation....everything else falls down!


While the White Hats stay anonymous and the military are sworn to secrecy of a massive operation, they will not ever be in the spot light.  While we want to embrace and thank them, they do this because of their love for Humanity.  Think about the self less people that have been involved in these world wide operations...WHILE rolling out a greatness plan.  To me, the take down of the cabal central banks is the Greatness, but the fact that President Trump and his phenomenal team of White Hats and Greatness teams are simultaneously rolling our a plan for Humanity, their version of NESARA (a guideline for Humanity), this is just an added bonus.  

When I thank our Angel Anon, he is incredibly humble.  He takes no credit, yet he and his team works so hard every single day to give us our Greatness. If I had an opportunity to reach out to an Angel Anon from the take down the Cabal teams, I imagine they would be incredibly humble too!  Their love for the people of the World is their pleasure and they do so willingly.  

President Trump willingly GAVE UP his life and lifestyle, only for him and his whole family to be abused, slandered, and mocked daily, while dealing with the dirty Congress, dirty cops, and constant lies from fake news.  No wonder President and Melania Trump were beaming from ear to ear when they left the White House.  They knew they would be out of the spot light (for now) and enjoy a quasi normal life at Mar-A-Lago, without the horrid abuse! 

However long this will take, it is worth the wait.  In retrospect, if all of this evilness and corruption that would never give us a fair shake in getting ahead, happened when we were born, and it is happening right's so worth the wait.

All good things come to those that wait!  

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