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Hal Turner

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Wall Street is slamming the lid shut on the coffers of its corporate political action committees and threatening pro-Trump politicians on Capitol Hill with blacklisting.

Following a week in which major social media companies cut of President Donald Trump and began excluding some of his biggest advocates in the wake of the Capitol Hill riot, some of the nation’s largest financial institutions have announced that they are halting donations to their political action committees and considering permanently cutting off politicians accused of attempting to “overturn” the 2020 election.

J.P. Morgan Chase, the nation’s biggest bank by assets and market capitalization, said it is halting donations through its PAC for six months. Citigroup, the third-largest U.S. bank by assets, is reportedly pressing pause on political donations for the first quarter of 2020.

Goldman Sachs put the kibosh on donations pending a review of “how people acted during this period,” according to the New York Times, with the likely result that it will exclude Republican politicians who challenged the 2020 election results. Morgan Stanley also said it is stopping political contributions. It is considering withdrawing support for any politicians who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s electoral college win.

Bank of American and Wells Fargo are still considering their response but are likely to follow the path chosen by their competitors.

Typically, bank contributions to political action committees and politicians are considered by the Americana public some of the worst intersections of money and politics. The current situation has given the banks a rare opportunity to pose as do-gooders, even while implicitly pressuring politicians to win back their favor by adopting pro-Wall Street stances.

Corporate America is also freezing donations. So far, Marriott, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Boston Scientific have said they will close their political purse strings.

The reaction to the Capitol Hill riot by supporters of President Trump stands in stark contrast to the response of banks and corporations to the Black Lives Matter anti-police riots and protests of last year. In response to those events, corporations pledged over a billion in support of Black Lives Matter and related causes.

STRIPE Cuts-Off Credit Cards to Trump Campaign

Online payment processing service Stripe has reportedly cut all ties with President Trump’s campaign and shut down the campaign’s payment processing services. This prevents the Trump campaign from accepting donations by credit card.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the payment processing service Stripe will no longer process payments for President Trump’s campaign website following last week’s events at the Capitol. The financial-tech company handles credit card payments for millions of online business and e-commerce platforms. President Trump’s campaign used the service for processing donations to the campaign. Stripe is a private company valued at $36 billion founded by brothers Patrick and John Collison, who remain citizens of Ireland.

Stripe alleges that President Trump violated the company’s policies against “encouraging violence,” following his reaction events at Capitol Hill. Stripe asks that users agree that they won’t accept payments for “high risk” activities which include any business or group that “engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence or physical harm to persons or property.”


Here's How To LAWFULLY Retaliate:

It's been the uber-rich and ultra-wealthy that have been behind most of this nonsense.  Maybe it's time to destroy them and all the ones feeding off them.

What if all 74 Million of us Trump supporters decide to go to the banks and pull ALL our money out to intentionally collapse the banks?  Where do you think all those welfare-recipient Biden voters will go when the banks are ruined?

What if all 74 Million of us decide to pull our I.R.A.'s and 401-K's out starting today, and crush the stock market into bankruptcy?

What if all 74 million of us just stop buying for the next three or four months? You know, stop buying anything. No commerce except maybe food?

Where will all those top CEO's and Boards of Directors who have been screwing around with us via social policy and political donations to implement those policies, run-to when their stock values plummet to zero and their rich stockholder pals all come calling for their money?  When they have to lay off millions of people because nobody is buying anything, so there's no need to make anything because nothing is selling?

All we 74 million have to do is take out OUR money, and the whole country, banking system, and stock market will collapse within days.  

What if all 74 million of us stop making credit card payments, mortgage payments, and loan payments.   Just stop.   Fuck the FICO score.  Fuck the credit reports . . . this is revenge and it's worth it.

You don't get to fuck around with us like this and have no consequences.  

What if we all tell our employer that we are shifting to self-employed contractors who must be paid on a 1099, and then none of us pay any taxes?  No income tax.  No social security.  No property tax.  Deficits skyrocket.  The dollar collapses worldwide from the Federal Reserve printing all the cash (that's worthless).  No revenue coming into government at either the federal or state levels.  How much longer could they sustain themselves if all 74 million of us just shut them all off?

Maybe the uber rich and ultra wealthy could use a dose of that reality.

Maybe it's time to rhetorically burn the whole country down and start over . . . and all we 74 million have to do to achieve that is pull OUR money out of the system starting today and let it collapse.

Biden will get sworn-in to a country that's gone on the 20th.

And all the lairs, cheats, election fraudsters, and politicians presently in power, will find themselves in power over a country that no longer exists.

Get your money out of the banks and IRA/401-K stocks now . . . because as the general public reads this and gets onboard, there won't be much time before it all goes to shit.


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