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Walter Burien

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The TRFA National headquarters is being developed.


"Started as of 2015, and will complete when full funding is achieved."


The TRFA will consult with local governments to establish under the "fiduciary trust" principle to meet operating budgets having the objective that Taxation can be phased out and then eliminated. The return from the fiduciary trust "replaces taxation". The way it can be, and the way it should be!


Keep in mind the 16-trillion dollar retirement trusts that government already established for themselves. They had no problem doing that FOR THEMSELVES!


The TRFA will be working towards the People's Retirement Accounts, to Retire Taxation


TRFA National Headquarters - 24.5 acres secured - Location: MAP


BOTTOM LINE: The TRFA is looking to raise 12-million dollars through four-participants within a private offering to complete the job. If you are interested in participating to get the job completed, with a good rate of return secured for yourself in doing so, please call Walter Burien at (928) 458-5854


As far as ethics and a good purpose, this is not the oppertunity of a lifetime for you to participate in, it is an oppertunity of all lifetimes for those who truly assist.


The 1st venture in history to start the process of ending taxation and creating a very prosperous economy of no equal from the past or currently that exists at the present.


For the last 20-years from when CAFR1-WJB started the first steps in this venture, disclosure, articles published, close to a thousand radio programs done, that and everything else has been in true perspective easy.


That aspect did not require substantial working capital to get the job done. Building, staffing, and getting the National Headquarters up and running with a pr-established operating budget to carry through for three years is the difficult part.


But with your help (if you actually have the ability to do so) 1, 2, 3 the job is done and for the 1st time in history on this planet, an association "for the people" is under way and operating to end taxation.


A National Association that has the objective to be pushing forward the "People's retirement account", to retire taxation for all time to come.  The ultimate benefit for the people now and a thousand generations to come.


The funds needed to be raised to bring forward a very presentable association is actually very small compared to the billions of dollars of investment capital changing hands every-day in this country.  Here we have the oppertunity to have positive impact for all of the people, an impact for the people of no equal from at any point throughout history!


Want to help make it happen and can honestly do so? Then please don't hesitate to call me and you will get a complete brief if I determine your intent is sincere.


Want to see how much wealth changes hands each year and how much wealth is held and by whom?


The consolidated wealth held by group:

The link of the definitions in the Z.1. report "L." groupings:


TRFA National US Trademark:


Sent FYI and in consideration of you or you associates being an investor through private offering with the TRFA from,


Walter Burien - Manager TRFA

P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854



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