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Repsponse: You're Not a 'Citizen' Under the Internal Revenue Code

Eldon Warman

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Steven is quite correct in his assessment of the issue, except that he has missed the connection between the free will adult man and the legal identity name (person).

One is required to use the legal identity name in all commerce, the name that the State created out of the given and family name of the newborn child (registered with the State), where the family name was changed to a primary, or surname. It is considered to be intellectual property.

The use of the State property is considered to be done voluntarily (without the deception disclosed). That use allows the State to 'assume' that the free will adult man

(male or female) has become an accessory attached to State property. The legal maxim, accessio cedit principali is invoked - an accessory attached to a principal becomes the property of the owner of the principal (principal being property). Thus, the man becomes the property of the State as a part of the State owned legal identity name. This is all done under the property right (of the State), and thus, income tax is a matter of the accounting of State property (filing the IRS 1040) and the collection of State property - the fruits of the attached man's labor. Cases involving income tax are tort actions by the slave owner against the disobedient slave.

Eldon Warman