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Bob Minarik

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by Bob Minarik

October 30th 2018



"An elimination of the IRS and the income tax would inspire more productivity in the free market." ~Bob Minarik, Patriots for Liberty, Rochester, Indiana


I'm hearing a lot of chatter in the news about the IRS being sickly because of lack of funding and low morale within its ranks.


The IRS is sick all right, but that isn't good enough. This agency should be left to die or be killed. Its death would be a benefit. Credibility would be added to an ethics starved government and the most vile, the most contemptible, the most reprehensible agency in existence in the U.S.A. today, would be eliminated.


Even now, the bleeding hearts -- who worship big government as their savior of mankind -- are crying for more funding and pleading that we can't survive without an increase in the Gestapo and fear tactics that the IRS now uses to steal from the American people. "But such is utter hogwash."


An elimination of the IRS, and the income tax, would not only inspire more productivity in the free market, it would inspire an economic boom that would eliminate the present need for government subsidies and give-a-ways. Ironically, those give-a-ways equal the exact 43% of the expenditures of the proposed national budget for 1991 that is collected from the American people as an income tax.


Other benefits of a dead IRS and no income tax, would be free and fairer elections where the IRS could no longer intimidate with threats, audits or criminal investigations the people who donate to candidates. Even Judges -- both Federal and State -- would have one less agency to black-mail them to stay within the agency determined parameters when deciding cases.


"The rights of people would also be enhanced 1000%."  The people would once again be secure in their personal papers, privacy and effects. They would no longer be compelled to be a witness against themselves or required to take an oath against their will. Much fear and private waste attempting to comply with an intentionally complicated Revenue Code would be flat out eliminated. And thousands of lawyers, accountants and tax preparers would have to become givers of production instead of takers of it.


Yes, it's past time to let this thieving agency die. For certain, few would mourn it's death. To the contrary, celebration would abound as the cause of liberty would once again take a giant step forward.


Bob Minarik

5288 N. 1000 W. Rochester, Indiana 46975


ph. 574-542-9065