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An Open Letter To Lew Rockwell, William Anderson, Paul Craig Roberts, Tom DiLorenzo...


...Tom Woods, Robert Higgs, Ray McGovern, Jon Rappoport, Chuck Baldwin, Justin Raimondo, Bruce Fein, Alex Newman, Karen Kwiatkowski, G. Edward Griffin, Glenn Greenwald, Kris Anne Hall, Sheryl Attkisson, John Whitehead, Radley Balko, L. Neil Smith, Stephen Lendman, James Corbett, Philip Giraldi and Ron Unz.

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An Open Letter To Lew Rockwell, William Anderson, Paul Craig Roberts, Tom DiLorenzo...

...Tom Woods, Robert Higgs, Ray McGovern, Jon Rappoport, Chuck Baldwin, Justin Raimondo, Bruce Fein, Alex Newman, Karen Kwiatkowski, G. Edward Griffin, Glenn Greenwald, Kris Anne Hall, Sheryl Attkisson, John Whitehead, Radley Balko, L. Neil Smith, Stephen Lendman, James Corbett, Philip Giraldi and Ron Unz.

And by "open letter" I mean a letter from me that I'm counting on YOU to send to each and every one of these folks, from whom I have been getting nothing but crickets, and who I must suspect, therefore, are being blocked somehow from getting my emails...

Just click on a name above, which should launch your email client with the recipient you have chosen in the "To" field. Copy the whole letter below and paste it into the message field, checking to be sure the formatting and links came through intact. Then fill in the name, put in whatever you think will be an effective, attention-getting subject-line (and an introduction, as well, if you wish*), and hit send.


Mr. ______________,

FOR MONTHS, IF NOT YEARS, I have diligently struggled to draw your attention to a hugely-important body of facts and an unprecedented series of related events over the past 15 years, all thoroughly-documented. I email you every week. You may even have gotten snail-mail from me in my effort to get noticed.

What I am struggling to show you is the one path that can be taken by American citizens to regain control of their government, shut down the hugely dangerous empire and restore the republic, liberty and the real rule of law.

This unique and thoroughly-proven path invokes all individual Americans' acute self-interest and resolute participation, as well as their justified sense of outrage. It is immune to the foibles and weaknesses of the political process and requires no approval or cooperation of any official.

Your persistent silence in response is extremely disheartening. It is also allowing to slip from America's fingers a unique opportunity to halt and reverse our slide into darkness.

PLEASE read the following summary, explanation and entreaty. I have to believe that somehow everything I have sent to you before has just been pooh-poohed away without examination, as an exercise in the economy of pigeon-holing things based on what we imagine they must be.

I understand the necessity of the pigeon-holing practice, as inundated as we all are by constant competition for our attention. But in this case it is disastrously misapplied.

In hopes of getting you to forego it this time and give me a chance, please open the one-page .pdf here showing one recent event. Upon opening it you will see a $97,000 federal refund of everything-- FICA and all-- secured last month by a couple of good folks after an unusual amount of IRS vetting, with about $1,000 in interest added on for the extra two months of delay in its issuance while that extra vetting was done.

You will also find links to the return which produced that complete refund; to documentation of the vetting that it underwent; and to about 1,300 other such examples I have posted on my website, as a representative sampling of the 250,000 such events, totaling $billions, over the past 15 years-- to the fact of which the DoJ and IRS have admitted in court, as you will see.

NOW THAT I MIGHT HAVE your attention for at least a bit, I am going to summarize what I have sent you previously and then do my best to make clear why I believe it will (or should) matter to you, once fairly taken in.

  • I have provided you with indisputable proof that I HAVE uncovered and laid out an 80-year-old scheme to misrepresent the income tax to the American people and exploit the resulting misunderstanding to the tune of $trillions in improperly extracted funds. It is those $trillions which have grown and maintained the Leviathan state.

  • I have shown you the true legal nature of the income tax, along with specific examples of its misrepresentation by both the IRS and certain members of the US judiciary, in an easily-read, easily-understood seven-page document.

  • I have shown you proof of the immediate IRS and DOJ efforts to enjoin from publication the book in which I first revealed the truth about tax, beginning the week it was first published in 2003.

  • I have shown you proof that within four months of that publication I became the first American in history to receive a 100% refund of EVERYTHING withheld from me under the income tax and given to the feds-- including Social security and Medicare taxes.

  • I have shown you proof that since I first published the truth about tax, tens of thousands of other Americans have themselves recovered everything from both the feds and more than 36 different state and local governments, on hundreds of thousands of occasions now, totaling $billions.

  • I have shown you proof that after the failure of those initial efforts by a very nervous Leviathan to enjoin publication of my work-- knowledge of which which was already spreading rapidly into the "tax honesty" activist community (and which was already being pirated and distributed in unknown numbers in the form of unauthorized .pdfs of my first book)-- the IRS and DOJ co-opted a federal judge into signing fraudulent "summary" rulings written by the DOJ. The summary ruling "found" that:

  1. my book makes ridiculous arguments about the law which it does not (the judge later admitted to never having read the book)-- a fraud obviously committed because the government CANNOT dispute the arguments I DO make;

  2. that the first-ever refund (and the next one I secured the following year) were issued by the IRS by mistake (relying on an unsigned "informal examination report" produced by an anonymous purported IRS examiner who admitted to never having actually done an examination)-- a fraud committed because those refunds were NOT mistakes, and CANNOT be honestly and legitimately challenged in their legal and technical propriety; and that

  3. those two refunds were secured by returns which my wife and I did not believe to be true, despite our repeated sworn affirmation of the content of those returns; despite the government having never produced the contrary returns of its own which are mandated by law if it believes filed returns to be false; and despite the judge who signed the ruling having never laid eyes on a human being throughout the entire proceeding, and thus being in no position to conclude anything about anyone's beliefs or sincerity in any event.

The ruling also attempted to "workaround" the government's shortfalls by ordering my wife and I to repudiate our sworn returns and replace them with returns containing content dictated by the government, which we were to swear was our own testimony, with no indication of coercion permitted. We were also ordered to not file returns in the future based on the arguments falsely ascribed to my book, in support of the pretense that our filed returns were based on these frivolous positions. See both orders here. Despite all this baloney, no assessments of tax have ever been made against my wife and me for the years involved.

  • I have shown you proof that when no one was fooled by the outcome of the fraudulent civil suit described above, and complete refunds continued to be demanded and issued at an ever-increasing pace, I was made the victim of an engineered conviction two years later on criminal charges of having filed returns I allegedly did not believe true. The conviction was secured in part by the presiding judge refusing to let the jury to see the actual text of relevant statutes (even after its own request) and requiring it to deliberate with prosecution-written "substitutes" instead, and the presentation to the jury of the fraudulent civil suit ruling as "evidence" against me, without any associated witness or other opportunity to reveal the background on the ruling outlined above.

  • I have shown you proof that when even my "conviction" didn't stop anyone who had studied my research from securing complete refunds based on that work, the increasingly-desperate government began assaulting my wife. This good woman was charged with "criminal contempt of court" for refusing to make the false tax returns ordered in the civil case "ruling", and for having allegedly made another return based on the arguments falsely ascribed to her husband's book (which the IRS promptly and correctly honored with a complete refund).

In order to get a conviction after the first trial ended in a hung jury, prosecutor and judge lied to the jury in open court about the contents of a relevant statute even while holding the text of the statute in their hands; admitted false evidence into the record; and instructed the jury to deliberate under an instruction that the unlawfulness or unconstitutionality of an order is not a defense to a charge of contempt for refusing to obey it, among much else.

ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE?! What I have revealed about the income tax is UNDISPUTEDLY CORRECT. The income tax REALLY DOESN'T fall on most people's earnings!! The government knows this, admits this, and honors this. Its only recourse in defense of its 80-year-old scheme to conceal this people-liberating, state-restraining truth and exploit the resulting ignorance is in pretense and corruption.

I'm sure you see the significance of all this. Anyone who learns what I have revealed can and will STOP FINANCING THE EMPIRE, and thereby SHUT DOWN THE EMPIRE. With the law on his/her side!

That is, anyone who learns what I have revealed will shrink the external behemoth which terrorizes and destabilizes the rest of the world. They will also shrink the internal police state that has more people imprisoned than any other nation on the planet; spies on everyone in violation of the law; dictates what size toilet everyone must buy; imposes regulations by which competitors of favored cronies are kept out of business; insulates sclerotic barnacles from the just consequences of their bad practices at the expense of what otherwise would be a truly healthy and vigorous economy; and on and on.

In short, this revelation invokes every single American's INDIVIDUAL SELF-INTEREST (an immediate ~40% boost in earnings) ON BEHALF OF CRUSHING LEVIATHAN.

This revelation also invokes every American's SENSE OF OUTRAGE (at having been ripped off for vast amounts of wealth over his or her entire working life) ON BEHALF OF CRUSHING LEVIATHAN.

Nothing can stop that crushing from happening-- as long as enough Americans become aware of the truth about the tax.

Further, this revelation, more than anything else possible, awakens everyone learning it to a mature understanding of the true relationship between citizen and state, with corresponding political benefits to complement the practical realities of a state much diminished in power and influence due to the fiscal effects of the revelation.

BUT THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to leverage this knowledge and transform America back to her roots as a small-government Constitutional republic is short-lived. The beneficiaries of the long-running "ignorance tax" scheme are not going to let it end without a struggle, as long as it is only known to too few Americans to force their hand.

While they can, those beneficiaries will strive to hedge their lies about, further and further, with actually inapt or fraudulently-based judicial outcomes designed to mislead the uninformed and to be difficult to penetrate and expose.

They will strive to perfect and expand intimidatory and disinformational artifacts they are struggling to develop as defenses against the truth, such as the bogus "frivolous positions" list discussed above and the myriad lie-riddled troll sites scattered across the internet and designed to pop up in search engine results whenever information is sought about me or my work.


I SO much hope you have made it this far. I hope you now understand why I have been knocking on your door (so to speak) for so long.

All that is needed to transform this country as you and I both long to do is to inform enough Americans of the truth about the tax. You have a big enough voice to do this, either alone or in combination with others like yourself.

FINALLY, let me endeavor to forestall cognitive sticking points that long experience has shown me often arise in the minds of those being exposed to all this.

My work has nothing to do with Irwin Schiff or anyone else. All such theorists, as good-hearted as many have been and as well-known, in some cases, have also been wrong in their notions, one way or another.

The same is true of all notions currently flogged in the tax honesty community, some of which you may have encountered, including things like the notion that tax is citizenship- or residency-based in some way, or is unconstitutional, or arises because of filing returns, or only applies to certain kinds of people, etc., etc..

A collection of debunks of many of these flawed notions (ranging from sort-of-forgivable misunderstandings to bat-sh*t crazy gibberish the peddlers themselves have to know are false) can be found here, if you are interested.

But I beg you to not let yourself be distracted by any exploration of that sort at this point. PLEASE let me know you got this, and PLEASE step up and help me get this liberating information out in the biggest way possible, to the enormous benefit of us all.


-Pete Hendrickson